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  1. Interestingly I had an image go through on 28 December but only just got the email telling me about it... Has been on sale for a few days, so clearly Alamy's automatic email system has been having a longer holiday then their QC staff.
  2. With LR, as I'm sure most know, you can zoom to 100%/1:1, hit the "Home" key then PgDn through the image. It automatically takes you from column to column (still at 100%) and guarantees that you don't miss anything.
  3. "THE ONLY LIQUOR SO GOOD THEY NAMED A COLOR AFTER IT", this is what Quentin Tarantino says about Green Chartreuse! There is also a ZZ Top song you may have heard named "CHARTREUSE". This liquor has been made by monks since 1764, following 150 years of research based on a manuscript containing the recipe for an “elixir of long life” donated to the Vauvert Chartreuse monastery in 1605. When an ice cube melts into it, both liquids (liquor and water) blend together. From a distance, it seems that the liquor only becomes turbid, but from a closer point of view, it creates myriads of constantly
  4. Amazing set of images - got to be one of the toughest choices so far. I was a bit confused by the Ice Cubes image though... what is it?
  5. Are your dust spots consistent across a number of photographs? I only use prime lenses so lens spots don't move. Sensor spots shouldn't move for any lens/zoom [for a given sensor]... When I use LR or ACR I copy my spot removal across pictures taken close together (with the same orientation) - I still have to recheck afterwards but tends to be pretty good for a first pass. Sorry if teaching grandmother to suck eggs. Mike
  6. It's escaped them that the UK is not a federation, apparently. One wonders how the US can be in compliance with the Berne Convention. However PETA's case has also been thrown out. Worse than that, there is not such thing as "UK law" (for our non-UK cousins, Scotland has separate law and legal system from England and Wales - in contracts and other legal documents it would be "English Law")
  7. My reading was that you have to include key words from you captions in your keywords - it's not an either/or thing. Sorry if I misunderstood your comment Paulette. 5. Don’t forget keywords If your caption contains important keywords, make sure you add them to the keyword fields too in order for the search engine to find the increased relevancy. Mike
  8. Welcome Davey. One general question re keywords - ANYONE? I notice that Davey has used underline characters in his keywords - I thought you just left spaces e.g. to include "green peas" in your keywords you would use "pods,green peas,veg,etc." or can you use "pods,green_peas,veg,etc." as per Davey's keywords? I know this is not strictly for this forum. [Edit] Meant to say, love the pics. [Another edit] "pigs in blankets" search does not show your image Davey... but "pigs in blanket" does so maybe I am totally wrong to worry about the above.
  9. It's not just the cost of the camera either - what can you do with the output? There's the A0 (larger?) printer which delivers a gamut to justify the camera. That said, I can see the need for one... Camera porn at its best!
  10. Would seem unlikely as they're vectors and the file size has no bearing on maximum resolution/quality of the image. But I've never submitted a vector image so I am just surmising.
  11. Not sure what that means... Ummm... really what it says. I have a digital camera that only takes monochrome photographs - it cannot take any colour photographs (it doesn't have the internal filter that splits the light out into RGB so that the sensor can record colour). It felt like a moment of madness when I bought it but it really works for me. You live and learn. You say that monochrome "works for you"... but will it "work" for potential clients in the stock photo business in 2016?? Here's a black and white digital camera... https://uk.leica-camera.com/Photography/Le
  12. Not sure what that means... Ummm... really what it says. I have a digital camera that only takes monochrome photographs - it cannot take any colour photographs (it doesn't have the internal filter that splits the light out into RGB so that the sensor can record colour). It felt like a moment of madness when I bought it but it really works for me.
  13. Maybe Malta is over photographed? I have family there and spend quite a bit of time there and none of my Malta photographs have generated any interest on Alamy, although I have sold a number of prints privately. Mind you, since I still don't have a colour camera perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised... blue skies and blue water just don't sell as well in grey - you could just stay in England for grey! [Edit] Just realised - not very many Malta shots from me here. Think I'll add some.
  14. One of the Tokyo ones look a little... challenging. Not sure what happens to foreigners who try to take photographs in a public bath house (segregated by gender but still) and those model releases... hmmm... I can almost see the headlines now! Maybe an opportunity to be on my own news feed? Would almost guarantee a sale.
  15. Surely that would also need you to be the architect? Just because I own a particular makeof car I cannot give a property release on it as I do not hold the intellectual property in the design. Surely if they sign a property release ... without having the right to do so but tell you that they do and you have no reason to doubt them, then it becomes their problem? The whole thing is fraught with risk, however you dress it up. Daisy chain of lawsuits... Perhaps a good reason to carry insurance! Does anyone carry insurance against that kind of error? Might not be expensive.
  16. Bryan, understood re the ongoing commitment. Difficult call... you want an "I'm retired" version really. All companies moving to that model and eventually, unless you lose interest very quickly indeed, you're going to get caught up in it. I would question whether it's worth the time and effort of trying to avoid... Leica do give a free copy with a code nowadays. Actually you get 2 licenses with each camera (for life I think). Do you have a local friend who has been mad enough to buy a digital Leica recently?
  17. The Amazon version may be a box on the shelf... so not to be relied on. I thought that it was all CC now. I'm still not clear on what the problem is with CC (6 quid a month?). The upgrades included in the package are fabulous... The LR software you have you don't own anyway, you have a license to use it. Out of curiosity, how much were upgrades?
  18. Forgot I had these... totally bizarre in a derelict area you wouldn't normally find unless your dog got off its lead and ran off!
  19. Isn't it a CYA issue for Alamy? "The building owners are suing and we told you that it couldn't be RF, it's your problem Mr Photographer!" Everything is fine... until the wheels come off.
  20. You are correct. The image must be sold as RM and the box checked that a release needed and the box checked that there is no release. I think that is what Spacecadet said in a different way. Paulette I understood it that way too Paulette. Not Japan specific HDH, just basic "brain fade" on my part. Tokyo is pretty much the same as anywhere else... I think, other than temples and shrines which can never be RF. Thank you again, Mike
  21. Got a release? Of course not! Outcome was what I thought but was going round in mental circles. Brilliant - thank you Mark.
  22. Hi I am getting myself tied up in knots about property releases... again. What can I do with this picture (taken in Tokyo)? RF, RM, requires release/doesn't? Thanks (especially for your patience), Mike
  23. So... if you climb over the wall and avoid the ticket desk then you're fine with the NT? Bit of a quandary if you take a few stock shots while burgling one of their properties ... which crime do you confess to, breach of copyright or burglary? Which is worse? The blog entry is a bit pointed, isn't it?
  24. Mine are the original Windows ones from Windows 1 and up until... not sure when. So that would have been around 1985/6, if I recall correctly. Anyway, all in fun.
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