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  1. Trying to stay out of the politics, looking at the caption: Yorkville, Ill. 11th Mar, 2016. Donald Trump supporter Birgitt Peterson of Yorkville, Ill., argues with protesters outside the UIC Pavilion after the cancelled rally for the Republican presidential candidate in Chicago on Friday, March 11, 2016. © E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune/TNS/Alamy Live News Maybe the photographer should have said what the protester was doing? It could just be coincidence otherwise... let the readers draw their own conclusions? I presume that when it falls into the general population (out of Live Ne
  2. Hmmm... He was a she but it's funny you ask that... mind you, she was from Lima, not a local indian, so the exception was quite clear.
  3. I remember my guide in Peru telling me not to tip too much or it distorts the local economy too much...
  4. Commas not necessary BUT, if you use commas then Alamy will pick up strings of keywords without commas. e.g. London Bridge,River Thames,water,murky I believe that if you don't use commas then Alamy gives up after the fourth word in the non-comma-separated section. e.g. Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog Would find the connected key words (in order) "Quick Brown Fox Jumps" but not "Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over" as a connected phrase. Of course this is all from what I have read elsewhere on this forum and some experimentation but may be wrong now, even if it was correct in
  5. You can sell an exclusive RM license if the buyer wants it and you agree. It's one of the license options when you upload. As I understand it, if you allow exclusive then Alamy can sell and exclusive license (with limitations) without referring to you. If you don't allow exclusive licenses then Alamy have to come back to you to ask. I have no personal experience of exclusive licenses.
  6. Unless they've been sold on a conflicting exclusive license, of course. Edit: they're still yours but may not be usable for that purpose.
  7. So difficult (I am NOT defending them) - you don't want to put people off reporting what they perceive to be suspicious, however misguided/incompetent they may be. Being more practical, perhaps it's the employer who should really be in trouble for not training them adequately?
  8. It's such a difficult one - the guys from the port obviously handle it extremely badly, totally over the top. However, there are circumstances where they should be vigilant and report odd activity. There are always going to be situations of over reach... Ultimately the balance at the moment probably isn't too bad and won't be so long as photographers keep asserting their rights... and posting the videos on YouTube.
  9. I did go back to my postings and edit to splitting costs. I hated to swing all the way about. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and round up another bucket of pennies. I'm not in the US but you seem to have a very odd attitude - as a buyer I would expect to have to pay the shipping cost. Edit: not meant to sound rude if it comes across that way.
  10. http://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/photos/2016/02/hollywood-retro-diners From Alamy (Neptune's Net, Philippe the Original), Michael Ochs Archives (Monroe). Image ID: BRX80D Copyright: © Sindre Ellingsen / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: C16AXJ Copyright: © Jamie Pham / Alamy Stock Photo
  11. I normally go for 650px on longest side (ppi is irrelevant), just FYI.
  12. So if you have 3 or 4 sets queued up and the first fails then the subsequent ones also fail automatically ... but you don't know for 30 days ... and any others you upload in the 30 days also auto fail? If so, it looks a lot like a suspension of upload ability. Obviously not a suspension of sales.
  13. Not talking about social media particularly but the things I always consider are: All copyright information embedded in JPGs (the metadata) A notice somewhere saying that all images are copyright with all rights reserved, no copying or linking without prior written permission etc. Minimum useful resolution Watermark (copyright notice) where appropriate For social media it's really important to look at the actual license you grant by uploading your images. You also need to watch out for changes in licensing conditions. I'm don't rely on photography for my income, so I am perhaps a littl
  14. Perhaps 46 MP ( I believe) crammed onto an APS-C sensor might be part of the problem. Update: It appears that this camera's 46 MP sensor actually produces 15 MP images (?). Reviewers sound impressed with the IQ. Off the top of my head, maybe the three colours?
  15. fully agree, specially with the blue part - albeit some pepole may define a great photo as pure intent. funnily enough I was talking to a friend about a photo of his that he told me was pure luck and that he hadn't noticed the poster in the background which the two crazy guys in the foreground were mirroring... I suggested a better story around the taking of the picture - no intent->intent and nobody will ever be the wiser... so it's suddenly a brilliant photograph, rather than... well, just a lucky accident? Really? Edit: I think it is a brilliant photograph, full stop.
  16. Another noise example, even if artistic noise... but that's the point isn't it? I'm starting the feel that everything is allowed so long as there's an obvious artistic outcome (intent is unnecessary):
  17. Wow! That PlanIt program (App, whatever) is something else. Incredibly well-thought-out; lots to it. Installing now. Thanks! Yes, installed it - excellent!
  18. Not quite sure I understand your point - nobody has suggested that Alamy is or will be "serving malware".
  19. with TPE -desktop Pure and utter coincidence for the moon not the viewpoint, that was TPE -app. TPE is free for your desktop. (It's free because they want to use Google Maps features.) I use both the app and the desktop version, but mainly for planning. Even like in: many months ahead. I was very impressed by Photo Pills until I saw it was not for Android. Sun Surveyor looked interesting too. I have used or tried to use one like that before, maybe it was Sun Surveyor even: cannot find it anymore, because either I didn't understand it or it didn't work and I deleted it. I remember it
  20. They all look good - TPE not available in Japan, Photo Pills not available for Android... Sun Surveyor works here. Not seen this kind of app before and normally just estimate in my head based on Google maps. Nice toy to have to do away with occasional brain fade.
  21. These things are invariably operating system specific - i.e. Windows or Apple. EDIT: Just to be clear, everything is potentially vulnerable, Windows probably more so than OS X but it is unlikely (not impossible) that any particular malware will work on both. This kind of ransom ware is almost as old as the PC. I remember working with the police (as an independent technical expert) back in the late 1980s on the "Aids Virus" as it was called (it was a lifestyle questionnaire with ransom ware included, a Trojan Horse really)... created by Dr Popp, if I recall correctly, another piece of ranso
  22. 2015, not 15? Edit: Unless it was really, really old...
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