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  1. Policeman failing to herd the crowd at a festival in Tokyo http://l1.alamy.com/thumbs/4/{BDFDE2FB-7C8B-4F7B-A28B-1217584DB251}/E6JAAD.jpg Struggling with embedding a picture here!
  2. I think that it's a bit of a sign of the times. Thanks to the Internet, a lot of people expect something for nothing... which is not unreasonable as they now often get it! Ultimately services like Alamy and Getty have to adapt their business to a model that works today and those who make their living from those services will have to either adapt as well or go hungry. I'm not offering suggestions as to how one should adapt or the timeframe but the reality is that we are in a very different world from that even ten years ago. In my day job, I occasionally write for a few specialist publ
  3. Being new to Alamy (under a week) I claim no expertise whatsoever in how it operates! However, looking purely at the numbers and what appears obvious (but I may be misinterpreting): Interesting if you start to play with the stats here... if a lot of contributors try to get up to the 0.01% i.e. 50,000 images, then of course the total goes above 50M... and then you have to contribute 51,000... then 52,000 and so on. So you're really on a losing wicket if you try to play the pure numbers game (I love combining those metaphors). What might be more effective is to have some good analysis
  4. Ohhh noooo... We've had the Dead Parrot and now we're on to the Yorkshire men!
  5. Yes you can, if you go via the old version of 'My images'. However the URL might be different once it's gone on sale so it might disappear. This one isn't on sale yet and is linked through 'My Images' (not for the challenge, I've already entered my three). I'll keyword it today and see what happens after the update tomorrow. Great, thanks. As I'm new here I didn't even know there was an old version of 'My Images' but now see the link.
  6. I would be amazed if anyone got that far! It was only your comment that made me try at all. Totally pointless as a selling tool. There are 100s of gallery plugins that would allow you to show the larger image in a more intuitive way... Glad you're getting something else out of it anyway.
  7. Just adding in my tuppence worth - if you keep clicking through the images on the site you do actually get to a full sized image in the end (which look fab)... if you keep clicking through and realise it goes somewhere. Second hand kit really does seem like the only viable option within his budget.
  8. I hear a consistent theme here, thank you all... this will not be contributing to my first QC fail! Point taken Bill - I need to do some test shots with different f/stops. Too keen to get out there and give it a go. Sickening thing is that it might not have taken much to have got it right - 1 or 2 stops wider open, ISO down to 320 (minimum on camera) from 640 and 1/45 instead of 1/30... oh well. DoF is still a major challenge. http://www.maudric.com/blog/a-50-year-old-lens/ I do think that I'll need some ND filters for really sunny days.
  9. In my heart of hearts, that was probably my thinking as well - hence why I asked the question. Maybe it was the impossible shot from that point of view - perhaps 1/45 instead of 1/30 with the ISO up... or maybe the face is out of focus. DoF is paper thin on that lens (made in 1962), even at f/22 (I think it was that) and handheld with a viewfinder is... challenging. Anyway, enough excuses, I shall move on to the next one! Thanks Bill - advice from second set of eyes greatly appreciated. That said, I should probably give up on these canoe shots... but do you think that this one is any b
  10. Hi, I have the following picture (along with a few others) and wanted to get an idea of whether it is likely to be sufficiently sharp/in focus etc. I took it with a 135mm lens stopped right down to get some motion into the water. Anyway, thoughts appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtmd6ken9unv55e/20140816-L1003762.jpg?dl=0 Edited out link as it doesn't seem to work, sorry. Thanks, Mike
  11. The most important thing is the type of drive. If it's a standard desktop drive then you'll find that the MTBF (mean time before failure) is relatively low and they don't particularly like being turned on all of the time. Server drives tend to be better suited to running continually. You really need to look carefully at the numbers on the drives - even within a manufacturer they can be amazingly different. They are more expensive but you do get what you pay for. In terms of manufacturer, Seagate and WD are pretty much of a muchness. I would strongly recommend that you use a multi-dri
  12. OK... well, pictures are finally "on sale", so I'll give this a blast.
  13. Hi - Bit of a newbie question... can you link to a picture before it has gone "on sale"? Although I am in awe of some of the pictures posted so far. Thanks!
  14. I really like your images. However, it would no doubt be a good idea to include colour shots as well. I don't think black and white does very well on Alamy. I've managed sell some black and white prints through print on demand (POD) websites. It usually takes under 24 hours for images to go on sale (if that's what you mean by "indexing") after you have added keywords, etc. This is an automated process, and it seems to happen seven days of the week. Good luck. Thanks for all of the comments and information. Yes, that was what I meant by "indexing", the next batch should be up on
  15. Glad I didn't read this thread before signing up! Was feeling a bit uncertain when I put last two batches in (the first ones following my 4 test shots) but they have gone through. What I'm not clear on is how often the indexing is run and, in particular, is it run over the weekend? I'm dying to know if I'm wasting my time too... will anybody actually want to buy any of my photographs? I realise that only time will tell (and I probably need more than the 50 or so that I've uploaded so far... and possibly a colour camera).
  16. Thanks Dov and York, I'm a bit new to all of this and was probably did have the wrong end of the stick... So, declare the building but don't worry about a release, seems to be the answer. I still can't work out whether I should be using RM or RF... but I know there are umpteen threads on that already, none of which are conclusive. Onwards and upwards!
  17. I'm the same - 16GB cards. The reformatting in the camera (or deleting in the camera), as I understand it, is important to limiting card issues. Lucky those who have a camera that takes 2 cards. I have a QNAP NAS that sits on my network and backs up my computer and external drives while I'm asleep at night. I never reformat cards until I have at least a copy of a photograph on my external drive and on the NAS. Not fool proof but it does mean that all I have to do is watch for any alerts of problems with my NAS. The other critical consideration is to use server-type hard disks. The
  18. No,no. It's just resting. I'm sure I just saw it move! Ian It's all very well so long as nobody follows up with the Lumberjack Song! (which I think was next) Mike
  19. Hi, I've only just had my first four images accepted and am in the process of uploading the next batch. I was wondering what to do about a reflection of a building in ripply water. The reflection is the main subject of the photograph. Do I declare it as a building without a release or is it just a fairly abstract reflection? Is there a logical threshold for when you do and when you don't need to declare buildings? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick entirely? Thanks, Mike
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