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  1. Thank you dlmphotag and Martin for prompt, clear and concise instructions, much appreciated Rob
  2. I have a number of pseudonyms created long ago for some unknown reason, I forget now why I created them all. Back then there wasn't a lot of advice available about the way things worked. Anyway. It's come to my notice that one of my pseudonyms, which previously yielded my best sales, has now become my worst performing one. Not only that, this pseudo. is on the last page in the BHZ thingy when in previous years it was right up at the front. So it looks like BHZ could be possibly saying something which is more or less correct. Clearly, from my point of view I need to do something about this now poorly performing pseudonym, which contains some of my best work. Well it would, because initially it was perfoming very well. I really don't have a clue why it dropped so far down the ranking, perhaps someone can explain. I was thinking of moving all the images (1000 or so) from said pseudo to my currently best performing one, but I haven't got a clue how to do that, and even if I can and in one go. And if I could, would it have a positive or negative effect upon the pseudo that I am moving the images to. Rayworth
  3. Looks like a small amount of red fringing on the shoulder of the girl in pink Rob
  4. I am intrigued. The image of the Beatles on the Alamy front page today appears to be a reversed and heavily cropped image taken from the Beatles for Sale Album, released fifty years ago this coming December. I am surprised to see that an image of such poor quality reproduction is being displayed on the Alamy site, given the currently extremely stringent approach being meted out by QC. It is so unsharp throughout, and I could describe it as fuzzy. CA is evident on the hair extremities and there are a number of artefacts displayed which could have been cloned out. There appears to have been no attempt to address any of these issues. How has this image been aloud and what's more, who said this would be a suitable image to be displayed on Alamy's front page? Robray
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