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  1. That's good, but operating that way stinks of Alamy trying to have its cake and eat it. If they can't treat contributors with respect then why would we want to go around the houses to get a good news set to them.
  2. Seems to be the obvious way forward. In reality there's only a handful of newsdesks to email pics to anyway.
  3. Well folks, they say the proof is in the pudding. Check out today's high impact breaking news... https://www.alamy.com/news/newsresults.aspx#BHM=foo%3Dbar%26qt%3D%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D120%26aoa%3D1%26news%3D%26sports%3D%26entmt%3D%26Videos%3D%26bb%3D1%26md%3DOL7943203%26dt%3D%26gid%3D%7B6D5F68E7-941B-4244-9A58-D3242648645E%7D%26destxml%3D%26imglst%3D%26orderby%3DDT%26newsseq%3D%26userid%3D%7BDE1549DC-348A-4C49-858E-7898168D34B5%7D%26rand%3D1554423338431
  4. "they were uploaded as news images. I would not have uploaded them otherwise" This mirrors my experience and is one of many reasons why I'm struggling to get my head around how this can possibly be a good business decision. Presumably Alamy will have looked at the value of secondary sales when coming up with the new rules??! Whilst I can't see the benefit for Alamy, I can definitely see the benefit for the chosen few who will presumably reap the rewards from fewer competing contributors......
  5. I have experienced this on and off today as well, but have managed to log on ok after a couple of attempts. I think it's happened before and I put it down to software updates/development. I don't think there's anything major to be concerned about.
  6. What a great capture Wim. A sea of happy faces but each expression so individual..
  7. This was completely off my radar so a pleasant surprise to see $15 added to my balance! Is there any way of finding out which image/usage it relates to? Thanks Alamy!
  8. Yes there is clearly a debate to be had about quantity vs quality, but I don't really understand your motives for bringing that issue to this thread. The OP has reached a significant milestone and I can't see anything negative about sharing and recognising such an achievement. This forum is one of the few that has managed to maintain a community spirit and is all the better for it. Communities support each other and are not solely motivated by perfectionism. In my opinion at least
  9. I totally understand the frustration but I don't believe Alamy is to blame. It's a competitive market and (in my opinion) Alamy would be foolish to pretend otherwise. Capitalism and economic forces are the real cause. Personally, I would be more concerned if Alamy refused to adapt to evolving market dynamics. After all there is no shortage of names consigned to the corporate graveyard. Alamy earn a ℅ of sales so our interests are fully aligned, and that's good enough for me.
  10. I have the same problem this morning using Chrome. I can type in the search box, but pressing the magnifying glass does nothing.
  11. This is an interesting point. My 8 year old became very familiar with another stock agency name which turned it to be because his teacher used watermarked images in class. What is the position on watermarked image use? They are low resolution and advertise the agency. Are they allowed to be used?
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