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  1. It was shocking to hear this sad news. I never met Keith but I go to Aberystwyth occasionally and thought I would probably bump into him one day. My condolences to his family and friends.
  2. I think this will ruin Alamy. The only reason I support Alamy is because they pay 50%. I might as well apply for Getty now, something I thought I would never do. Don't know if I will upload here again, why would I now? There would have to be an increase in sales that compensates my loss and that seems unlikely. If that did happen, would we be on 30% in a years time? There's no trust now.
  3. Probably a smart move. Will they take on the Mirror now? If several tabloid papers can cater for the right, I'm sure there's a big enough market for the left. The problem is that it all seems to be a declining market. Maybe something like augmented reality could help in the future but that seems unlikely. I haven't bought a newspaper for a few years now and don't miss them. I would like to see them survive though, as they still license a lot of photos, even if they don't pay much now. The "i" was good when it was 20p, I did occasionally buy that. If papers can survive mostly on adverti
  4. I think it was much easier starting 10 years ago. I'm sure it's still possible to make $500+ a month for those starting now but much more difficult. I disagree with the need for 10,000+ images. I've seen some portfolios with less than 500 images doing really well. Alamy is just one site and there's many places to make money from photography. I also think video is a good way to boost earnings but Alamy isn't the best place for that. Just using Alamy to make that money would be extremely difficult but I'm sure some new people could do it.
  5. I wish there were other ways to upload to stockimo. I enjoyed dabbling with it but I never get on with apple products and don't really want to use one for only one app.
  6. There's loads of good films on amazon prime. They aren't easy to find though. The Grand Tour is great. Everything about Jeremy Clarkson should annoy me, I don't usually like people like him but he makes me laugh and he punched Piers Morgan, so I can make an exception.
  7. Most digital cameras still look like film cameras. I think we will look back and laugh at them in 10 years time. I thought zoom lenses would of gone by now. Why not have a huge sensor and zoom in by cropping? The sensor will cost more but it will save money on lenses and keep the camera smaller and lighter. The technology to choose focus after taking a photo could be useful. Cameras with multiple lenses also look interesting. I like 360 VR and that's just getting going.
  8. I suggested this years ago but I don't think Alamy are serious about video, or they would have the same huge diverse collection that they have for stills. With 4k video and maybe 8k video on its way, buyers might be happy extracting stills from video clips for most purposes in the future.
  9. I used the Gimp for a few years when I was using linux but have been using photoshop elements the last few years. There are other free programs, Paint.net is quite basic but I have used it to run photoshop plugins. As soon as Affinity Photo has a windows version, I will be using that. Its around the price of elements and from what I've seen, it does a lot more.
  10. I gave up waiting for the android app to appear. Had to buy a second hand iphone just to submit to Stockimo. Dropbox helps with moving photos from an android phone, to PC and then to the iphone. Still find the iphone a pain to use compared to android, no idea why they are so popular.
  11. I still use elements. I upgrade every other version, when its on sale. I have bought a few plugins that make it do almost everything the full version does. I also use the GIMP and other free software for some things. I spend about £30 a year, don't see much point in increasing my expenses more than that.
  12. I think the number of images helps. The microstock sites that accept more are doing better than the ones that have a smaller collection. Can't think of any other reason why sites would accept so many new images, it has to help with google and increase traffic. Perhaps alamy is doing well because they have the microstock images and a lot of people also upload images only to alamy. Doesn't a big collection of images that aren't on other sites also help with google?
  13. If the subject is still, take a bunch of photos and stitch them together if you need this resolution. Works out a lot cheaper and the quality can be great.
  14. I read that Stanley Kubrick used to buy 10 lenses and test them to find the best one. Buying one is a bit of a lottery, I've had much better luck with primes than zooms. The manufacturer doesn't seem to make much difference, maybe some of them have better QC but they all produce the odd turkey.
  15. I wonder what range of that zoom will be good enough for alamy? The extremes can be a bit too soft with a lot of compact zooms.
  16. The problem with shutterstock is that they are heading for 1 million new images a week. The amount they pay out increases but when its divided by all the new content, contributors are generally seeing a decrease in earnings. I thought Stockimo would be a niche site but if that content is going to be put on other sites, I'm not so keen. I doubt anyone will make much getting 50% of shutterstock earnings when there's so many new images on the site for buyers to wade through. I wonder how many other sites Stockimo will use? I really like alamy because they seem to communicate well with us
  17. I see no point in alamy selling our images on other sites, so we only get 50% of what they make when we can get 100% by uploading ourselves. If they are going to do this, we need an opt out because I would much rather upload direct and not lose half my money. I have no problem if other people want to lose 50% of their potential earnings but there must be a choice. Hopefully they are checking to see that these images aren't already on the other site but a list of 3rd party sites and a tick box for opting out is the best way to do this.
  18. I don't get it, 50% of a subs sale from shutterstock could be $0.12, has anyone had that from stockimo? Would be OK if its just in a higher priced shutterstock collection but do they allow that?
  19. The Panasonic Lumix CM1 has a sensor that is the same as some cameras that have no problem with alamy standards. Could be useful for places where you can't use a big camera. I don't like photographers that think its all about the camera, I would have no problem using a mobile phone for alamy if the quality is as good as the compact cameras that pass QC. Seems like only a matter of time until that happens
  20. I'm not a video expert but one problem I see is the shutter speed. My understanding is that for PAL, 25 frames a second, you don't want to go over 1/50th shutter speed or the motion doesn't look smooth. For stills, 1/50th wont freeze motion. So maybe doing both at the same time for professional purposes wont be that easy?
  21. I used linux for about 18 months. PCLinuxOS full monty was the best I used. I went back to windows because there's some software that is superior to anything I found using linux and using wine wasn't working for me. There's a lot of free siftware for windows that I use that I found hard to use on linux. Its a shame, linux has a lot of advantages, I liked the fast startup and shutdown and it was so easy to keep all the programs up to date.
  22. My RX100 developed softness down the right side of photos when I zoomed in. Then it stopped recognising any memory card not long after the guarantee ran out. I have never had a problem with other brands but I would probably buy sony again, as I don't see many other people having problems with them.
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