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  1. I have a contributor account under my name. I have a different genre of photography I would like to market and I want to create a 2nd account with a brand name under which to place the new images. I know this is allowed but I will be darned if after reading through the Alamy FAQ's and other forum posts if I can figure out how to go about accomplishing this task. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.
  2. Excellent. Thanks guys! I am new to Alamy. Didn't realize you could delete before they went up for sale. Thanks again!
  3. I just had a group of image pass QC. I have not filled out the keywords or other information yet. So they are not officially up for sale and appearing in search results. My question is this. I have an exclusive sale on one of the images that came out of nowhere So I don't want the images to up for sale on Alamy. If I simply don't fill out the keywords and title will that be enough to keep them from appearing? I can't delete them since they have not appeared as they are not keyworded and I have not selected a license model. Just wanted to find out if anyone knew if a pr
  4. I am new to Alamy. My second submission passed QC and I am entering the keywords and metadata and ran into a problem with the date of the photo. To preface this I have used a lot of DSLR's, some, many do not have the date set correctly. Often it is YEARS off target. In many cases I have not the faintest idea when the photo was taken. Bottom line is I do not want a date or year to appear. Yet when I delete the date in the date fields, save the changes go to another photo when I come back I find the date has resurrected itself! What am I doing wrong. I do see others with photos on Alamy
  5. Thank you. Geeze how could I have missed that. I saw that page and just plain missed the part about separating keywords with spaces only. Part of this is most of the other entities I deal with require you use commas. Thanks for the replies!
  6. My first 4 images passed QC and I have been accepted. I am filling in the keywords and was wondering if you need to put a comma between the keywords. I have found this is generally necessary but do not know the Alamy procedure and found nothing mentioned in the documentation. Also, this is my first time doing this on Alamy and I was wondering what I was missing in terms of making the images go live after I have finished this process. I do not see any button or tab to click on once I have this all completed. Again, go easy. I am a newb with Alamy. I have gone over the information that
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