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  1. This DACS process is new to me, but here's what I'm doing. Hopefully it helps someone. So if Alamy don't tell us the ISDN's etc. and claim the Alamy sales report is good enough for DACS..... I see at as 2 stages. The first is to build a sales report. I've got this far, which is why I'm posting this info here. The second stage is to slip this report into the DACS form somehow. I'm still working on that. So the first stage, building the sales report, I did as follows : 1. From 'My Alamy' page, click 'build a downloadable sales report' from the link just above the graph. 2. Tha
  2. Stipe, you're asking the exact questions I have in my head. I assume they mean the 2009 blog entry 'DACS : help with claiming for payback 2009' under 'Advice and tips'. I tried to hyperlink it, but the forum won't let me. There certainly seem to be snippets of information scattered everywhere to successfully claim, but none of it is pulled together in one place. Thanks to Alamy for bringing DACS to our attention. Hopefully some kind soul can provide an idiot's guide. (It's only easy if you know how).
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