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  1. Another thing - it would be incredibly helpful (and logical) to be able to assign an image to a gallery from the Image Manager - so that as you are keywording and working on sending an image live you assign it to its gallery.
  2. I just noticed something very strange. I had done a search on the Alamy site for a term "ex: gaga concert photos" and now my contributor page title is "Gaga concert stock photos & Gaga concert stock images - Alamy" ?
  3. Oh, one other wish - for photographers who also submit via Stockimo - please allow us to edit/manage photos in Alamy Image Manager. Also, our Stockimo photos are not being included in the contributor portfolio. I would really like them to be included! Thank you
  4. Also, the web page title does not reflect the photographer's name but just generically says "Alamy Contributor Portfolio". It would be nice if it said "Alamy - [Photographer Name] Portfolio" where photographer name = the name we designated for our portfolio page. Also, this is a very nice feature, but since it still has the main Alamy nav header and Alamy search box, and thus is not 100% appealing for us to share if we are trying to promote sales of our own photos, because the visitor can navigate or search away to other photographers. I understand that might not be Al
  5. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/amycicconi I really like this capability! However, some feedback/questions: As noted by others - a select all when curating galleries is really needed. Much easier to go through and then deselect the few that aren't to be included. There seems to be no way to control the order that the tabs display? For example, I created a tab that I want to be the first tab after all images, but I have no way to order the tabs. I created a custom order for my all images page because I assume it will load first when someone visits and I w
  6. I know that I will keep building out categories, but here is mine: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/amycicconi
  7. Should I choose only those sales that are country:United Kingdom, or, to country: worldwide or country: world english language count? If newspapers don't count, I can't figure out how to balance to the number Alamy quoted.
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