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  1. After a lot of research, I was really leaning towards the Fuji X-T30 to replace my Nikon D7100. My impetus to switch is just to go much lighter weight for the bulk of my photography, which is travel. However, I think I'm actually leaning more towards the Fuji X-T2, even though it's a bit bigger, as it's more of a pro level, weather sealed, higher quality build, and its price right now has dropped a lot since it's -1 gen. And most people who review it seem in love with it in terms of both aesthetics and quality. I'm going to build a kit as follows, I think Fuji 10-24
  2. Still digging. Any opinions on the Fuji X-t30? They seem to have a really nice range of lenses, many of which offer 2.8, that would allow me to cover the 8mm through 200ishmm range with 3 lenses. Similar in body size to the RX100...
  3. Wondering about a combo of the RX100 V + Sony A6500 + a super wide and a telephoto? Would I be happier with that instead of an RX100 V + RX100 VI..
  4. That's what I'm really leaning towards to be honest. The RX100s are a known quantity for me that I know are quality cameras and great images. Will I miss the 300mm vs 200mm? Not sure. I'm a bit worried about missing the 11-17mm range though. Oh whoops - misread your post. You were commenting on bracketing, not recommending the V + VI as the suggested combo. Even though they do bracketing I'm guessing I'll have a harder time doing handheld bracketing on the RX100s vs the Nikon(I'm pretty steady). Thanks
  5. Hello All - I have found this thread very useful! I shoot a lot of travel photography. I have an RX100 MK II and my traditional DLSR gear of a Nikon D7100 + various lenses which cover a range of ultra wide 8MM through 300MM. I love my RX100 MK II and shoot with it a lot more than the Nikon gear, purely due to the great ease of carrying it. I have some significant trips scheduled later this year (Vegas, Zion National Park, Utah) and am struggling with the idea of carrying all (most) of my heavy Nikon gear or whether to go fully small scale.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/coolshop/ Mine's definitely a wide mix A lot of iPhone work there.
  7. My January through March were looking like 2019 was going to be the best year in my 10 year history here - in terms of both sales volume and revenue. Now April has ground to a screeching halt...
  8. Another consideration - FAA allows POD on quite a bit of other types of products besides "prints" (towels, blankets, etc, etc). Should we assume this is all OK?
  9. AH! I hadn't noticed that there are two threads - thanks to you and also @AlanW!
  10. Weird. I posted my stats in this thread and it looks like the post was deleted?
  11. Sales volume - +44% (85 total sales in 2018) Sales revenue - +35% Average gross revenue per image sold - $38.24 Dec 28 - 7 sales for $182 gross
  12. I had a bunch of Abingdon as well. Had not seen this before.
  13. Same, but I still think some curation would be helpful to prevent the glut of 155M.
  14. Yes, I didn't suggest they shouldn't do that. Or, a decent standard profit margin.
  15. Also I think earmarking images and/or possibly some editorial oversight for POD is a good idea. Wading through 155 million images is counter productive, when many are not logical for POD type usage.
  16. Alamy allows POD via Art.com once the purchase is completed. It's already there. But that capability is buried. I'd love to see a spinoff site focusing on this. This would allow all my eggs to be in one basket!
  17. The ability for a customer to order a POD print via Alamy is not obvious and very convoluted. For someone serious about wanting to sell POD it's not really useful.
  18. Also re: POD, FineA**A****** also allows the photographer to make images available for download. I personally would be very willing to not use that option, if I could leave my images there only for POD purposes. Of course if Alamy's Art.com POD capabilities were more robust and able to be utilized on my own website somehow, I would forgo FAA completely. But I don't see that happening.
  19. I was wondering the same. James mentioned being able to sell your own prints, but I'd like specific information regarding that. For example, is selling prints via a print on demand site such as Fine**ta****** allowed or not?
  20. It can take months for Google to index new pages, FYI. However, as I noted above, Alamy is not even including the photographer name in the contributor profile page title so not helpful to SEO relative to searches for the contributor name.
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