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  1. Agree. I would also like to be able to manage (keywording, etc) my Stockimo images in Alamy image manager. I understand that most/many Stockimo contributors are not Alamy contributors, but for those of us who are, this would be of great benefit!
  2. Awesome! I have the 18-55, 55-230, 10-24, 16, and the rokinon 12 (although I haven't figured out how to get it working, seems like you have to set something special to enable manual focus). The one feature that I am really thrilled with is using bracketing with electronic shutter on. The bracketing is literally instantaneous and now I can handhold even more bracketed shots and line them up perfectly. The 16 can focus super close so it's not true macro but really close focusing.
  3. Thanks @Betty LaRue! I have so many Fuji lenses I want to try. It's fun, because the new X-T2 has gotten my photo juices flowing again. So much for having my "need to keyword" stockpile cleared out. I'm 200+ deep again! BTW your St. Croix images are stunning.
  4. oooo, my list of wants is growing! Yeah, 18-135 is a very appealing range. I guess I am hesitating because it's not as fast (aperture), but, for travel photography it's probably sufficient for a good portion of what I'd be shooting. Thanks Betty!
  5. I am really pleased with the X-T2. The 18-55 is OK - sometimes sharp other times not so sharp. It also seems slow to focus to me. I am really, really loving the 16mm 1.4. I find myself using it quite a bit. Not sure I'm set on the 18-55 as my general purpose walk around lens due to the average quality. Might consider the 16-55 2.8 instead.
  6. Thanks for all the advice. I've successfully upgraded my IOS to High Sierra, and signed up for and installed Lightroom Classic via Adobe. All seems well! I've also spent my first day carrying around the Fuji XT2 and lenses (18-55, 16, 55-230 and 10-24) and was truly pleased with how light the kit was to carry versus my old Nikon gear! Interestingly, I found myself using the 16mm 1.4 most of the time. Still need time to get used to the lenses and settle in with them all!
  7. Having trouble relating what you describe to this comparison chart on Adobe: https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/photography/compare-plans.html?promoid=952G4WLC&mv=other Does the Photography plan (20GB) allow you to house your catalog locally rather than in the cloud? *** Update, here is a good FAQ: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/faq/CCPp.html
  8. Right, thanks. I'm more so worried about the risk of the install process and its affect on my current catalog. I think I've sent this thread off topic though
  9. Honestly, Harry, I think you are right. I wasn't really thinking about that fact and the differences between these cameras. Now that I have spent more time with the XT2 yesterday I feel good about it. I will, of course, always be carrying my little Sony as well Thank you for your insight.
  10. Does going to the CC version impact or otherwise touch my current locally installed Lightroom 5.7.1 and its most precious LR catalog? 😳
  11. Thanks, will do. I'm running an iMac retina with 32GB memory, 2015 model. I'm probably OK but will verify.
  12. Yes. Considering that. However, I have to update from El Capitan to High Sierra to support that. Which I guess is probably a relatively smooth upgrade process. Thanks
  13. OK shot RAW/JPG at lunch today and the photos are a lot crisper. Still not *quite* RX100 crisp, but, maybe it's not fair to try and compare the 'pretty good' 18-55 Fuji kit lens to the RX100 II output. Now realizing that I'm going to finally have to upgrade my OS from El Capitan and/or go to Lightroom CC, as I am running 5.7.1 and it doesn't recognize the XT2 Raws. Does upgrading to Lightroom CC overlay or risk messing up my current 5.7.1 desktop lightroom and catalog? the thought of upgrading scares me!
  14. I normally shoot Raw on my Nikons and Sony RX100. I was just in a hurry to try it and didn't bother to change to RAW. We'll see if it makes a difference.
  15. Actually I was just shooting jpegs. I didn't realize that that would make that significant of an impact on image sharpness? I will do some experimentation today with RAWs. Thank you
  16. OK, so I ordered a Fuji XT-2 with the 18-55 kit lens and received it today. Walked around this evening and took about 40 shots around the neighborhood. Earlier in the day I walked around the city at lunchtime with my RX100 II. Am I nuts.....? but... I'm a bit underwhelmed with the sharpness of the XT-2. The pics I took earlier in the day with RX100 II are PINPOINT crisp and detailed. These shots out of the Fuji lack detail and crispness in comparison. I don't know. Things are just so effortless with the RX100 and the output is just stellar.
  17. Thanks for engaging in this conversation, Mr. Standfast. The reason I didn't mention the 18-135 is because I have a crappy but long Nikon 70-300 now which I worry I would miss a longer range. But would I *really*? That's why I was suggesting the 50-230, and also because it's super super light. I suppose if I carried only the 18-135 instead of the 50-230/18-55 combo that's overall saving weight.. Yeah, I'm thinking I do want a pancake lens as well. Maybe the 23/2.0 makes sense. Or the 18/2.0? As far as Pokemon style gotta get em all, yes, my tendency will
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