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  1. Thanks everyone, really nice positive vibes!
  2. That's a great start. Congratulations, i hope you can keep up with that sales rate! Thanks Ian, I've simmered down from stock photography and getting more involved with aerial cinematography. I need to find a balance between the two, but hauling a dslr and a drone is quite difficult. Check out my latest video if at all interested. https://youtu.be/ssUVkR-m3kI
  3. I was pleasantly surprised to make my first sale via Alamy. Got the email today. Yay, with only 34 pics, one has sold. Amen! Quite inspirational. http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid={133BE620-BDBB-4F3E-99B9-2B1A77C0B7F6}
  4. Thanks for the information folks. That's what I was worried about, although some images look really nice with the perfect lighting and angles. The video quality is really nice but I have issues with my PC editing in 4k so I render down to 1080p. I didn't get the Phantom for photography but I thought 12MP would be ok even with the small sensor.
  5. Bro. Just upload your images RAW with minimal editing, any pro photograph researcher will know the potential for post. But you will not get rejected for raw images with no editing, as long as it it sharp and clean, you'll be fine. I don't worry about sales, just a good image.
  6. Hello fellow photographers, Question: Is the Sony EXMOR a good enough camera to take pics as stock photography, or is it better to just use it for editorial? I've taken some breathtaking shots but not sure if it is up to Alamy standards. The camera is on a Phantom 3 Professional Drone and the specs are as follows. Sensor Sony EXMOR 1/2.3” Effective pixels: 12.4 M (total pixels: 12.76 M) Lens FOV 94° 20 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.8, focus at ∞ ISO Range 100-3200 (video) 100-1600 (photo) Shutter Speed 8s -1/8000s Image Max Size 4000 x 3000 Still Photography Modes Si
  7. oops I put up two images since I was unaware about this 1 image rule. but it doesn't matter anyways, I'm glad a lot of people liked my solar eclipse picture and that's what makes me happy and motivates me. I will vote for the underdog. :-)
  8. Thanks MariaJ, I'm happy it turned out good.
  9. Partial solar eclipse, 0KM. Taken last night in Toronto.
  10. This is my highest rated image on Stockimo, 3.7.
  11. thought I would join in on the fun here :-). That's taken from the roof of my apartment building. So, basically 0km.
  12. Thanks for the welcomes Silly me I didn't even post the equipment I'm using. I'm using the Canon SL1 and my favourite lens so far is the Canon 55-250mm STM. I'm also using my iPhone 5 for Stockimo. I looked through some images on Alamy and some really great talent, impressive. I live in Toronto, Canada. Sasa
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new and just wanted to say hello and that I'm looking forward to being a part of the community here. I past the initial test and uploaded a few more photos and all went well. Fun stuff! :-) Sasa
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