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  1. Guardian Online, July 24, Lake Orta, Piedmont, Italy, D0W41D, Raga Jose Fuste (Alamy credit only)
  2. I try to be polite and diplomatic when people question why I'm photographing a particular place. But I also try to give the impression that I'm not doing anything wrong, that I'm doing pix for "a magazine" or "the tourism people", etc. By not being aggressive, I find that many people will go out of their way to help me. I also have some stock responses... just in case. When asked "Do you know you're trespassing?" I flash my brightest smile, say "Yes. Yes, I do", and carry on taking pictures. When asked "Can I ask you why you're photographing XYZ?", I say "Yes, you can", and carry on taking
  3. Guardian Online, July 23, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, C1P7D2, Patrick Frilet (Alamy credit only)
  4. Guardian Online, July 23... Alamy credit only (haven't got time to wade through all the £££ pix)...
  5. Your pix are fine, Nick, except maybe too many country churches (I have a weakness for them too: must be my age. I stick them under a pseudo, and sell a shot every now and then). You just don’t have enough pix at Alamy to be making regular sales. And you do seem to reach a crisis point with some regularity! All I can suggest is that you either commit to increasing your Alamy portfolio to, say, 5,000, to get a better idea about what sells and what doesn’t... or pack it in.
  6. Guardian Online, July 24, Bidston Observatory, Wirral, BMXC8K, Alan Gillam (Alamy credit only)
  7. Guardian Online, July 22 Crowded bus, BRDN00, Chris Batson (Alamy credit only) Full moon, A53N2X, Peter Barritt (Alamy credit only)
  8. Guardian Online, July 22 North Sydney Olympic Pool, next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, A6KRNJ, Coaster (Alamy credit only) Sea Point Pavillion, Cape Town, BCA51K, M Sobreira (Alamy credit only)
  9. Princes are easy to find: talking to flowers, flying helicopters. Princesses, on the other hand...
  10. Guardian Online, July 22, Lonely Planet book, B5E0AR, Stuart Kelly/Alamy If you've got pix of British ladybirds, the Guardian have used about 20 Alamy pix in a slideshow http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/gallery/2013/jul/22/ladybird-species-harlequin-uk-insects?picture=413115750
  11. As a newcomer, Lynn, you'll start with a median rank: ie half-way up. To achieve an upward trajectory you need to keep posting saleable pix, not too many similars, and keyword appropriately. There are a lot of pix in the collection which will never be seen by buyers, because the photographer uploads rubbish and doesn't think like a buyer. They used to say that half of every advertising budget is wasted... but no-one knows which half! Keywording is another 'black art'; no-one is 100% sure about the best way to approach it. You want to attract views... but only from those who want your pix (
  12. Guardian Online, July 21, horse-riders on South Downs Way, B62BGK, ICP/incamerastock (Alamy credit only)
  13. Guardian Online, July 21 Checkout at Waitrose, C4FT7J, Kumar Sriskandan/Alamy Matchbox toy, BT6KTY, Gunter Nezhoda/Alamy Martagon lily, A7BJJ4, O Diez/Arco Images (Alamy credit only) Golden Rayed Lily of Japan, B0F04K, Rikuo Natsuume (Alamy credit only) Cape Cod house, AJEB2C, Stephen Saks (Alamy credit only)
  14. Yes, keywording is the one big opportunity (after pressing the shutter...) to make our pix standing out. I see pix which are wrongly captioned, or given inappropriate keywords... which will produce nothing except 'wrong hits' and a plummetting rank.
  15. If you can tell me what the world of stock will be like in five years time, I'll tell you how big a portfolio you'll need to make a living. Bottom line: nobody knows...
  16. Many photographers will be getting sales as soon as they've uploaded a few pix... but they may not know for months. Long lead-times for many publishing jobs, plus delays in reporting - then paying for - usages, means there'll always be a time-lag. For making regular sales (ie getting a payout every month), then, yes, 3,000+ pix may be required...
  17. When this happens to me, I say "Come round and wash my car. I can't pay you... but I'll tell everyone what a good job you did"... Also, I don't get stressed about this kind of 'non-business communication'. Bottom line? Just say "no"!
  18. Guardian Online, July 18, writing with fountain pen, BX03F4, Erhan Dayi/Alamy
  19. Guardian Online, July 18 Penguins, AFMR5C, Steve Bloom Images/Alamy Small tortoiseshell butterfly, DAC969, Ger Bosma/Alamy Meadow brown butterfly, BXRX3B, Richard Garvey-Williams/Alamy Porthmynawyd beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales (heavily cropped), A162CN, chrisstockphotography (Alamy credit only) Porthmelgan beach, Pembrokeshire, C02W4F, Michael Dutton (Alamy credit only) Porth Llanlleiana bay, Anglesey, CXMFKM, Realimage (Alamy credit only)
  20. Guardian Online, July 18, woman producing £20 note from purse (Alamy credit only) Can’t find it...
  21. Guardian Online, July 17, L-plate on car, ANTHNW, Keith Morris (Alamy credit only)
  22. Start an online stock collection, and find a load of optimistic photographers who'll create millions of pix for dwindling fees?
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