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  1. Guardian Online, Aug 14 Luther burger, D8E93H, Rawdon Wyatt/Alamy Chicken sandwich, CCYGBG, ZUMA Press/Alamy Deep fried Coke, AK3B7J, Richard Wong/Alamy Lycian rock graves, Dalyan, Turkey, BP55AR, Mark Bond (Alamy credit only)
  2. Guardian Online, Aug 12, Wild swimming feature, Byron's Pool, Trumpington, Cambridgeshire, BBBAKN, Alistair Laming (Alamy credit only) Loch Insh, Kincraig, Inverness-shire, BFA973, David Gowans (Alamy credit only) River Orb, Roquebrun, France, BPY11E, Peter Titmuss (Alamy credit only) Dudhsagar Falls, Goa, India, A111KD, Helder Filipe (Alamy credit only)
  3. Guardian Online, Aug 11 iPhone and Facebook, C5KAMW, Kennedy Photography/Alamy Big Texan Steakhouse, CWX0JR, James Schaedig (Alamy credit only) Bathing Bad bath salts, CYN5P1, ZUMA Press (Alamy credit only) Breaking Bad tour guides, CM9E5H, ZUMA Press (Alamy credit only) Can't find this shot of the National Motor Museum, France...
  4. Oi... I've already collected the Nectar points on this one... Guardian Online, Aug 9 Laxey Wheel, Isle of Man, CX5M5E, Jan Treger (Alamy credit only) World Tin Bath Championships, Castletown harbour, Isle of Man, C929PF, Emma Wood (Alamy credit only) Horse-drawn tram, Douglas, Isle of Man, AW45EW, Abbie Enock (Alamy credit only)
  5. Guardian Online, Aug 9, The Lobster Shack, North Berwick harbour, East Lothian, Scotland, CTW343, Iain Sharp (Alamy credit only) Linnane's Lobster Bar, Burren, Co Clare, B40DFC, foodpix (Alamy credit only) Chesterfield, Derbyshire, BAT5M3, Greg Balfour Evans (Alamy credit only)
  6. Keywording truly is a black art, and it's easy to miss the genuinely useful words... and cram the boxes with irrelevant words instead. You have to take your 'photographer' head off, and become a pic researcher instead...
  7. Guardian Online, Aug 8, Tamarit castle in Altafulla, Tarragona, Spain, BWP86P, Raga Jose Fuste (Alamy credit only)
  8. 113 pix in "a couple of years"? Try uploading this number every week or two, for a year or two... and you'll make plenty of sales. Some terrific pix (Saltburn surfer, Malham Cove, etc), though, from my own experience, the pix that sell best can be quite prosaic... rather than the beautifully-lit landscapes...
  9. More top tips, please, Ian. My pen is poised... Take a picture of your poised pen. A green arrow for that, to get you out of the red...
  10. Maybe Jeff adds his name to the keywords. Have you added your name to the keywords of just these 73 images? That may be the most likely answer...
  11. Guardian Online, Aug 6, Washington Post website on laptop, CB5G52, M4OS Photos (Alamy credit only)
  12. Guardian Online, Aug 6 The Lifeboat, Margate, C7TTC3, Monica Wells (Alamy credit only) Wheelers Oyster Bar, Whitstable, CETAE6, Cindy Stern/LOOP images (Alamy credit only)
  13. Well, I don't think the current state of the stock business - with Alamy as a fairly prominent member - is going to get the majority of contributors punching the air in triumph. And, of course, there are a few contributors who seem determined to be as grumpy as possible until the Grim Reaper comes calling. I'm happy to be scratching a living from doing two things I love - writing and photography - rather than, say, working in a shoe shop or a call centre. I'm happy with Alamy's transparent dealings... but not so thrilled about the price per image. So, on the whole, I'd say I'm stoical abou
  14. Guardian Online, Aug 6, slideshow of seaside towns... Clacton-on-Sea, BPGYGK, Peter Titmuss/Alamy Great Yarmouth, BXN2KF, Julian Claxton/Alamy Rhyll, AYNH0C, Matthew Ashton/Alamy Ooh... 100, not out: waves bat modestly around the ground...
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