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  1. In the ‘good old days’ a stock photographer might travel the world, harvesting travel photos of the sights and locals (perhaps with a slightly patronising, colonial air). That’s how we learned what the Pyramids of Egypt looked like, or Niagara Falls. These days the locals have cameras, expertise and broadband... so those pix of faraway places may be the handiwork of people who live nearby rather than the work of adventurous first-world travellers. Maybe travel photography is more a state of mind than a geographical location. I have the option to ‘travel’ into town and see it afresh, with new
  2. Guardian Online, Aug 28 Roofscape, Homer Sykes/Alamy A child playing in the street outside a shack, Khayelitsha Township, South Africa, B0H98J, Suzanne Porter/Alamy Brown sauce & ketchup, APC51D, John Rensten (Alamy credit only)
  3. Guardian Online, Aug 28, Road sign, Dartmoor between Princetown and Ashburton, A06NEA, Angie Sharp (Alamy credit only)
  4. Alamy used to allow you to submit up to 10 images for your first submission. Once you have got on top of the issues for your rejections consider sending a larger batch of images of different scenarios next time. In this way you will get feedback on each image. Thereafter you will only be advised of the reason for one image rejection in each batch. dov Erm... not a good idea. I think Alamy want just four images first up... not more...
  5. Guardian Online, Aug 27 Badgers, DA967N, Jerome Murray/Alamy Underground train, AAECJB, Ianni Dimitrov/Alamy Making a wedding cake, C57DTC, Monty Rakusen (Alamy credit only) Police tape, AAGC24, Arthur Turner/Alamy Jackson Family Blvd, Gary, Indiana, C33DEF, Henryk Sadura (Alamy credit only) Wyndley Leisure Centre, Sutton Coldfield, A08JY0, Ian Andrews (Alamy credit only) Tiles decorated with Sherlock Holmes design, crop of CRAJNH, imagebroker/Alamy
  6. Alamy's QC has been a great help to me in establishing a benchmark for my pix. I had a few failures when I started here, which was frustrating, but I decided that my workflow needed to be tightened up... before pressing the shutter and after. It worked: no QC failures in the past couple of years (I know, I know... pride comes before a fall). QC may only check for technical criteria, but I'm sure it's helped me to set higher standards in other aspects of photography. Maybe not in a purely creative sense, but rather in the making of images that other people might want (rather than images whi
  7. I think Alamy have put something in the water, to reduce aggression, and make contributors calm and reasonable. And that's in addition to the bromide...
  8. Spot on... and the rest of your post as well. The world is changing... sometimes at bewildering speed. And every change can be seen as a new opportunity... or an excuse for wandering off down Memory Lane, and wondering why everything's not as good as it used to be. The old certainties about writing and photography (my two areas of interest) are gone, so I need to adapt or pack it in. And most other industries and professions are having to adapt as well. While bakers, undertakers and tax collectors may be OK for the forseeable future, for everyone else the commercial rules seem to be rewrit
  9. Can't hear you, Nick, can you speak up a bit. Now where did I put my glasses?...
  10. I have no problem with this either. Photography is a 'broad church'. I was out shooting today with my kit lens (Nikon 18-70), which a lot of photographers would laugh at...
  11. The only conversation worth having, with a 'client' who says there's "no budget for photography", is a bit shorter than that...
  12. Guardian Online, Aug 24 Students sitting exam, C48137, Charlie Newham (Alamy credit only) L'Hotel, Rue des Beaux-Arts, Paris, C40RE2, ilpo musto/Alamy Barbecue wines, AHYE4T, Juice Images/Alamy
  13. Paul, I have 7,000+ pix here too. But if I was only licensing 10 pix per year, I'd be tempted to pack it in...
  14. The idea that 'stuff on the internet is free for the taking' has taken root very quickly, but I'd be a hypocrite if I said I hadn't 'cut & pasted' some copy into the description field...
  15. Guardian Online, Aug 24 Dyffryn Arms, Pembrokeshire Coast, ATPX42, Travel Division Images (Alamy credit only) Hareshaw Linn waterfall, Bellingham, Northumberland, C6EMT1, Graeme Peacock (Alamy credit only) Wherry Albion, Norfolk Broads, BMCGN9, Clive Tully, (Alamy credit only) Scorhill stone circle, Dartmoor national park, C7E1J5, Robert Gill (Alamy credit only) Wild camping, Dartmoor, B2NRRN, James Osmond (Alamy credit only) Harting Down, South Downs National Park, CERD6W, Peter Lane (Alamy credit only) Seven Sisters cliffs and coastline viewed from Seaford Head, South Downs, D0786R, Carolyn
  16. Guardian Online, Aug 23 Raw steak, AF709H, Bon Appetit/Alamy Apples, C99R2F, Nigel Cattlin/Alamy Notting Hill carnival, CKXB0B, Piero Cruciatti/Alamy Boats moored at Porlock Weir, Exmoor, CF641F, Simon Tranter (Alamy credit only) Spit at Hurst Castle, New Forest, D0WJ40, Julia Gavin (Alamy credit only)
  17. From Alamy's guidelines for contributors: The image may appear soft and / or lacking definition for one or more of the following reasons: The image has been interpolated beyond its limitations / an unsuitable camera has been used. The image is slightly out of focus. The image has been over-manipulated (such as overuse of noise reduction) causing degradation in image quality. There is slight camera shake / shake that was not evident before the image was upsized. A lens with poor optics has been used resulting in loss of fine detail. A dedicated film scanner has not been used / poor qualit
  18. Guardian Online, Aug 23 Girl on steps, in tears, B82E7E, wonderlandstock (Alamy credit only) London skyline, BBFCY0, Mark Bond/Alamy Gherkin, London, C23NFY, Grant Smith/Alamy Woman smoking, crop of AWK9GR, Bubbles Photolibrary/Alamy Guardian Online, Aug 23, The Karoo, South Africa, AJBH9T, Heinrich van den Berg (Alamy credit only)
  19. Guardian Online, Aug 23 Knickers on washing line, AXGM3H, Radius Images (Alamy credit only) Compass & map, A8JB1D, Carl Schneider, Shotfile.com/Alamy Toilets sign, ARWTC0, Roger Bamber (Alamy credit only) Farmland, Sebastian Wasek/Alamy
  20. Guardian Online, Aug 22, Writing with fountain pen, BX03F4, Erhan Dayi/Alamy Twitter URL, C3CG37, M4OS Photos/Alamy John Lewis elevators, ATJNHM, Alex Segre/Alamy Happy family, i love images (Alamy credit only)
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