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  1. Guardian Online, June 19 Albuquerque Hash House Harriers, CDWK0C, ZUMA (Alamy credit only) Canterbury cathedral, B1YA78, Christopher McGowan (Alamy credit only)
  2. The Lake District is closed in January, for, er, refurbishments. Sorry... John, I wondered how long it would take for you to pop up with something like that When I was there in May I thought about trying to send you a message to see if you wanted to meet up but didn't have much access to the technology to do this. We tend to use semaphore up here. Always happy to meet up for a beer. My favourite beer? One that somebody has bought me...
  3. Ah, the trouble is that those “many, many hundreds of years of accumulated learning” included such gems as how to handle a frisky horse, and how to get Brylcream stains off antimacassars. I always appreciated the advice about how much to pay nannies and governesses, and those lengthy strolls down Memory Lane, to reminisce about the good old days, when stock photographers drove Aston Martins and unicorns roamed the earth. A lot of that ‘accumulated learning” was little more than a yearning to go back to the good old days, when a small cartel of agencies and photographers held sway, and the
  4. The online 'folio of the poster, being available at the click of a button, 'outed' a few contributors as having the 'gift of the gab' rather than any photographic prowess...
  5. ...and remain untroubled by the inconvenience of making sales. Maybe send smaller batches, while you get a feel for what QC want. Then, once you're confident about every image you upload, batches can be 50, 100, whatever...
  6. Guardian Online, June 10 Capela do Senhor da Pedra - the church in the sea - Portugal, CR78GN, Chris Cameron (Alamy credit only) Surfers at Baleal beach, Portugal, BH6H1D, Julian Castle (Alamy credit only)
  7. 15th May? Hmmm, prepare for the worst. The good news is that your won't have to do any keywording for a while...
  8. If a person is visible - however small in the picture area - you need to tick 'one person', and say 'no MR'. Or you could clone the boat out of the pic altogether. No release needed for close-up of flower (though if you want a second opinion, there are a few shrinking violets lurking on the forum)...
  9. Guardian Online, June 9 Imagine Peace Tower Videy Island, Reykjavik, Iceland, B4D6R7, Ragnar th Siggursson (Alamy credit only) Brightly painted houses in the streets of old Reykjavik, Iceland, BX6TW4, Patrick Dieudonne (Alamy credit only) Plus a pic that looks like Harpa concert hall, Reykjavik http://www.guardian.co.uk/global/gallery/2013/jun/09/viewfinder-competition-win-a-hotel-voucher#/?picture=410247859&index=1 but I can’t find it... Man wearing Viking horns drinking beer http://www.guardian.co.uk/global/gallery/2013/jun/09/viewfinder-competition-win-a-hotel-voucher#/?picture=410247
  10. As long as you're happy with the pix, after giving them a long, hard look at 100%, it really doesn't matter how big - or small - your uploads are.
  11. Marshall Mcluhan was right, though now largely forgotten: the medium is the message. We're becoming technologically proficient even as we're becoming visually illiterate. Most people don't know (or care) what a good photograph might look like. They're as happy watching a feature film on an iPhone as they are to go to the cinema, even though the experience is diluted by 95%. They'll watch film in an aspect ration that's all wrong, and appear not to notice. A woman said to me "It's just luck, isn't it?", as I was taking photos today. Even photographic afiocionados buy big, fancy, insanely co
  12. Guardian Online, May 28, Scrabble tiles spelling ‘LOL’, C9A01Y, Nick Sinclair /Alamy
  13. Well, from the link, I know that the website looks as though it hasn't been updated, or re-designed, since circa 1995. Clip art??
  14. Guardian Online, May 27 Slot machine, D319K2, Stocksolutions (Alamy credit only) Sign for Moben Kitchens, BFRMDX, Mick Sinclair/Alamy Gytheio harbour, Greece, CXCN8X, Kim Petersen (Alamy credit only)
  15. Guardian Online, May 25 Lombard Street, San Francisco, BEBJ4W, Glowimages RM (Alamy credit only) Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, McMinnville, USA, AK1NRX, Buddy Mays (Alamy credit only) Coppola Winery Movie Gallery, Geyserville, CDHEF1, Zuma (Alamy credit only) Cupid's Span, San Francisco, A9938K, gary corbett (Alamy credit only)
  16. Guardian Online, May 23 Armadale castle, Isle of Skye, BC1D98, Colin Threlfall (Alamy credit only) An Aird peninsula, Skye, C36D67, Mark Salter (Alamy credit only) Fairy Pools, Skye, CXCNTK, Ross Gilmore (Alamy credit only) The Skye Museum of Island Life, ATPR1A, Travel Division Images (Alamy credit only) The old man of Storr, above Bearreraig Bay, Skye, BPAFJG, Douglas Scott (Alamy credit only) Dun Beag broch, APCXW6, D.G.Farquhar (Alamy credit only)
  17. Guardian online, May 22 Crowded beach, C606FC, Greg Balfour Evans/Alamy Curry, AXNKHF, Foodfolio/Alamy Girl with laptop, B84JJX, David J Green - lifestyle 2/Alamy
  18. Guardian Online, May 20, woman with ‘muffin top’, BFBFBD, Richard Newton/Alamy
  19. Guardian Online, May 19, Sidi Bou Said, near Tunis and the Bay of Carthage, APEYMF, Idealink Photography/Alamy
  20. A news photograph should convey the feeling that “this event actually happened”. When photographic technique is the talking point - rather than the event the picture portrays - then something’s gone wrong...
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