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  1. OQ? IQ?? Just sayin' what the internet tells me! An infallible source of information... I'll take my images to another stock site James West will be quaking in his boots...
  2. Guardian Online, Sept 6 Hands on keyboard, A85FK1, Simon Belcher/Alamy Water vole, C19MGJ, Terry Whittaker/Alamy Highclere Castle, CFGTHF, Jeff Gilbert/Alamy Cauldron, ABKAT3, Ian Cartwright/Alamy White mouse, B8MFCE, Redmond Durrell/Alamy Le Chazelet, France, D5M1JY, Louis Bertrand (Alamy credit only)
  3. Guardian Online, Sept 6 Ramblers on Offa’s Dyke, McCoy Wynne (Alamy credit only) Man with laptop, B3RRJY, Simon Belcher/Alamy Making a toast, wine glasses, BY9B7D, Sobreira (Alamy credit only) Woman looking at houses in estate agent’s window, A0BHCH, Alex Segre (Alamy credit only) Three young women, BNP6TF, Andres Rodriguez/Alamy
  4. Guardian Online, Sept 5, Woman using mobile phone on street, AE5899, Alex Segre (Alamy credit only) Young man with mobile, CMR59X, idreamstock/Alamy Brighton beach, B73G18, AHowden/Alamy Porn on laptop, C7WE9W, James Blinn/Alamy Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham, AMDD4B, Travel (Alamy credit only) Job centre, B64M8M, Mark Richardson/Alamy
  5. Guardian Online, Sept 5 Computer keyboard with shopping trolley on key, A6B54R, K-Photos/Alamy Cyclists on the banks of the Po in Turin, D7EBGA, Toni Spagone/Alamy FTSE 100 update, AKABJW, South West Images Scotland (Alamy credit only)
  6. Guardian Online, Sept 5 Green telephone box, A5KA3P, Roger Bamber/Alamy Chicken, D42NY5, Kristoffer Tripplaar/Alamy Binary code on screen, BFY733, maxstock/Alamy
  7. Try going into LR preferences (pull-down menu from the top-left of screen) to see if there's anything you can change...
  8. Guardian Online, Sept 4, Knickers on washing line, AA51XT, Shockpix Premier/Alamy Druridge Bay, Northumberland, B6BHM0, Graeme Peacock (Alamy credit only)
  9. Guardian Online, Sept 4, Young woman in bedroom, BCDMK7, Joel Sartore/Alamy Sign on window of Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, BH34TR, PE Forsberg (Alamy credit only)
  10. If the silhouette is a living, breathing human being, then, for Alamy purposes, I'd say it counts as a person. I wouldn't count a shadow, unless it gave some identify clue. Pinoccio, say...
  11. Guardian Online, Sept 4 People enjoy the sunshine in Aberystwyth, D7GNK9, Keith Morris/Alamy Graduates tossing hats in the air, C5PYAG, aberCPC/Alamy Healthcare assist and elderly lady, A68JYR, Mira/Alamy Children in school, BE3T3Y, Keith Morris/Alamy Job application form, D3T8C9, Pixsooz (Alamy credit only) House keys, C4MKBN, Helene Rogers (Alamy credit only)
  12. Searching "yourname/Alamy" can turn up pix before they are reported (plus many other pic-searching facilities that scour the web)...
  13. Guardian Online, Sept 3 Crossword, BWH2CT, Jeffrey Blackler/Alamy Ruins of Oradour-sur-Glane, D2345X, pf (Alamy credit only) Butcher’s shop, Ludlow, ATEXW1, Jeff Morgan (Alamy credit only) Yorkshire Dales waterfall, AXXG4C, darryl gill (Alamy credit only) Oyster festival, CX4EY8, Ros Drinkwater (Alamy credit only) Runner, BP3Y6K, Joe Wigdahl/Alamy Charity boxes, ABAJ94, Chris Mole (Alamy credit only) Village cricket, C089XK, Justin Kase (Alamy credit only) Doctor and patient, CC72CA, PHOVOIR/Alamy
  14. Guardian Online, Sept 2 Two butterflies, A2CBRJ, WILDLIFE GmbH (Alamy credit only) Teacher & toddler, ABG5A3, Photofusion Picture Library/Alamy
  15. Guardian Online, Sept 2 Gay Pride Parade in Brighton, DBTC05, David Evans Bailey/Alamy Schoolboy, ADNBAJ, Paul Rapson (Alamy credit only) Samsung Galaxy Note, C9X318, Oso Media/Alamy Twitter on computer screen, BWC5HR, Chris Batson/Alamy Pool ball, C77XDY, kmt_rf (Alamy credit only) Elderly couple, Ian Shaw/Alamy Hands painted with arrows, D2NRP8, Kisialiou Yury (Alamy credit only) Broken sweet, BMPPRE, Phil Degginger/Alamy
  16. Guardian Online, Sept 1 Couple looking distant, D99FNW, M.Sobreira/Alamy Electricity pylons, A5K3Y1, Paul Ridsdale (Alamy credit only) PayPal website, BW0615, FocusDigital (Alamy credit only) Old woman and carer, AKM3B1, Peter Titmuss/Alamy Boxes packed for moving house, B5A053, Peter Adams (Alamy credit only)
  17. Guardian Online, Aug 31 Fountains Abbey, AR69B7, Oliver Benn (Alamy credit only) Sportsman's Arms Pub, Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, BK6CMN, Ian Dagnall (Alamy credit only)
  18. Guardian Online, Aug 31 Pound coin, AH8395, Rex Argent (Alamy credit only) Police ‘Do not Cross’ tape, AAGC24, Arthur Turner/Alamy Tweezers, cut-out, CBMT1P, Patrick Bombaert (Alamy credit only) Man in hospital bed, using laptop, CTDG2P, wavebreakmedia (Alamy credit only) House falling down, AMF136, Keith Levit (Alamy credit only)
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