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  1. The change in Alamy commission has made me re-think my priorities. With a big book to finish, I’m letting sunny days go by. Though it’s a shame to miss those days out with my camera, I feel energised by the writing… and I’m on track to finish the book by the end of October. I’ll carry on shooting and uploading pix, but at a lower level. From now on, its plan B…

  2. 8 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:


    Emma won the US Open and I got to watch the match on Amazon Prime UK.

    Me too: a couple of hours well-spent. I don't know how those girls hit the ball so hard, and find the corners of the court with such precision and regularity. And Emma has won the event without dropping a set (including the three preliminary matches she had to play as a qualifier). She will need a removals van to carry all the money she's going to make over the next ten years...

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  3. Another article in the Guardian which may be of interest: interviews with some of the people who appeared in iconic photos from 9/11. Even if some of the photographers were thought to be “in the way”, when others were running away from the twin towers, it’s generally agreed, in retrospect, that it was a good thing that photographers were there to witness - and capture - the events of that day…

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  4. 38 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

    I walked up to Castle Street just after noon today. I was considering stopping at Rudy’s for a pizza. But first I went up the block to the small Boots and got three items. On the line to pay, I found I didn’t have my wallet. The clerk told me she would hold the items aside for me . . . but the couple next to me in another cue paid for my stuff. 


    I was flabbergasted. I thanked them profusely and protested but they insisted. Would this happen in NYC? Sure. I think it happened once in 1846.


    For sometime now, people have been asking me — why Liverpool? This would be one reason. Many of the Scousers here look like overweight rugby thugs. But in dealing with me, they’ve all been polite, friendly, and kind. 


    Edo, like Emma, an expat



    You gave somebody the opportunity to be their better selves. They’ll be feeling fine, too, about this brief transaction.


    I was at a supermarket checkout the other day, and the lady in front of me was short of a couple of quid for the things she’d bought. Before she had to decide what to leave behind, I gave a note to the cashier. A smile was my reward…

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  5. 25 minutes ago, AlanC said:

    it'll buy me a coffee or two...


    "Oh no, it won't".

    "Oh yes, it will!"...


    Licenced last week: the statue of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the boy scout movement, on the quayside at Poole in Dorset. He's looking across to Brownsea Island where, in 1907, twenty boys pitched their tents and learned about self-reliance and the outdoor life…


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  6. 1 minute ago, Steve Hyde said:

    We had a great day in Legoland, Windsor, on Sunday and then stopped at Reading Motorway Services as we were heading back to Bristol, on the M4, for a well earned Burger King. As we were leaving the services my daughter picked up a wallet someone had dropped in the exit foyer. There was nowhere to hand it in so we decided to take it with us and make a few enquiries ourselves to see if we could get it back to its owner. 


    Using the power of the internet, by the time we’d travelled a few miles up the road, using a name from the wallet, Linkedin and Facebook Messenger, my daughter, Jo, had managed to contact the guy who has lost the wallet and agreed to meet him at Membury, the next services stop on the motorway. He’d gone back to Reading, having realised his wallet was missing, so we had a 20 minute wait for him to catch us up. I used the time to wander around the services area and grab the shot below for a stock upload. The wallets owner was extremely relieved to get his wallet and credit cards back. His reaction and gratitude made the short wait we had well worthwhile and I came away with a shot I’d never have taken that I was really pleased with…




    Something similar happened to me a while ago: finding a wallet in the street. The contents didn't reveal a phone number, but a few minutes Googling was all I needed. The guy was very happy to be reunited with his wallet, and it gave me a kick to do the 'detective work'... 

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