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  1. All's well that ends well - Alamy QC have just got back to me: "I’ve had another look over the images and I have seen some areas that have colour noise which I’ve screenshotted below." It’s mostly seen in the dark patches of the image but can also be seen within the sky. We think maybe it was a bit of a harsh decision as there isn’t a large amount that can actually be seen. On second look we think they’re passable images and shall correct it now."
  2. Thanks for the (supportive!) comments. Some of you commented on softness: the main part of the building to the left is pin sharp (see the vertical edge), but perhaps lack of depth of field renders some on the right a tad less than that.
  3. Here is the link to the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y8hypt827lvb8wh/qatar%20national%20museum%201201.jpg?dl=0 Let me know if anyone sees any noise!
  4. Just had a rejection on grounds of noise from a 100 ISO image, taken on a Canon EOS 5M, lightly processed. Looks fine to me at 100% - anyone else noticed a shift ( inexplicable or otherwise) in noise rejection policy?
  5. "another 10 days" ​Ouch! But good to know what the new policy is. Thanks.
  6. No failed QC uploads for two years, then two in a row because I stupidly didn't notice I'd included iPhone shots. Now I've a batch in QC since 3 September, 20 days - by far a record in my eleven years at Alamy. Any advance on 20?
  7. Worst month in numbers (11) and total sales ($328) for many years - and worst average price per image.
  8. In seven years I have supposedly 1103 sales - but if you eliminate the refunds it's a mere 1065. Out of interest, I have broken down the figures for average price per image sale per year: 07: $82 08: $100 09: $57 10: $111 11: $48 12: $34 13: $35 14: $45 These figures are skewed somewhat by joining the Novel Use and them stopping it two years ago when it wasn't paying. I also stopped distributor sales two years ago when Alamy cut the take from 40% to 30%. The figures for 2010 are also skewed by my one big advertising sale, netting $11,167. It was of passengers on a London bus, which goes to show you can never predict what will sell.
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