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  1. Have you tried the Imaging centre - I have a sample card due later this week, but I've seen a couple of cards from other photographer that use the company and I'm hopeful that they will be up to my requirements. Chris
  2. Rick Lewis asked whether the 4:3 image ratio on M43 cameras affects sales. I've been shooting Olympus since 2012 and when first getting a M43 camera, I did wonder if it might affect sales, but I've not seen any evidence that my 4:3 ratio images sell less than 3:2 (I have Nikon system as well - but don't take it travelling much now). I'll crop landscape images to 3:2 when I think it looks better, but I'm perfectly happy submitting 4:3.
  3. I have a bit of a dodgy shoulder, so long days with heavy kit are a struggle. When I know my D800 will be too much and want to go light I use M43. Have an EM mk1 for light which I use with 12-40 and Olympus 40-150/5.6 budget zoom. Quality of the zoom good enough for QC and really light weight. Problem is ultra wide - after weighing (no pun intended) options went for the Olympus 7-14/2.8 as unwilling to forego the ultra wide. A bit of a lump but still a lot lighter than full frame ultra wide.
  4. Don't forget Alamy as a resource. You don't say how much of the trips are with Stock in mind, but before going away anywhere I always search the All Alamy Measures for what customers are searching for and draw up a list of subjects/areas that I would ideally like to cover. I go back a year and use a % at each end as a wild card. I'll try some generic searches of the area (%Lake District%) and then try some specific places (%Windermere%, %Buttermere%< %Langdale% etc) to get a feel of what appears to be popular.
  5. Hi I'd be interested in coming along as well. I'll send an email to Allan as per the previous post. Chris
  6. Noticed today that on the "Your Images" element of Alamy Measures that my main Pseudo not showing. I think it was working OK yesterday and I assume a glitch that Alamy will fix, but not a glitch I've seen before. I have 5 pseudos, only 4 showing even when I stretch the time frame. Usually get several hundred views per day. Anyone else notice this?
  7. I don't see that as a problem providing the lecturer isn't exceeding the narrow purpose you provided the image to him - Alamy isn't an exclusive Agency, you can licence through other Agencies or yourself freely. However, there might be some (fairly rare) scenarios where you might have difficulties though, for example if someone contacts Alamy and enquires whether they can have exclusive use of an image, perhaps because they want it for an advertising campaign and you don't know exactly who is using an image or for what purpose and potentially miss out on a lucrative sale.
  8. First sensible camera I had was a Ricoh KR10 super in the mid 80s and some Pentax prime lenses. Was happy with that for family shots etc and had no inclination to upgrade till digital came along. Started with a Canon Bridge (model escapes me) but within a few weeks moved to a Canon 350D and then a Canon 40D. Earliest shot I have on Alamy is from my canon 40D as in those days there was a 48Mb minimum. Chris
  9. Isn't this another area where technology and social media is blurring definitions. There are plenty of people earning revenue from video blogging, much of that seems to be in non public places. What's the difference between taking a still and offering it for Licence on Alamy and putting a videoblog on the net that get thousands of hits and payment to the blogger? Not sure if it happens yet, but even if you post an image purely for personal use, I suspect that the big tech companies can or are developing the capability to piggy back advertising on it if they recognise the environment?
  10. I must try to find some time for a concentrated attempt during the winter, but as a stop gap I've been trying to do these based on Alamy Measures. I look at each image that had a sale or a zoom and correct those and any that got viewed at the same time. Depending upon time I try and pick another 1 or 2 search terms and do those as well. Missed a trick in not doing all the sold images, but thanks to Bryan will do that as a priority now.
  11. Not sure if it's relevant now with Super Tags, but I used too try and use the field to add to the caption if I didn't want that element searched for and appearing when the searcher probably didn't want to see it. For example, if a well known landmark is in the background and helps add a little context, but not visible enough to warrant appearing in a discrete search for the landmark and possibly undermining CTR. Now I try and cover the scenario with Tags and Super tags.
  12. Curious to know people on the forum decide on where to go for stock trips - is it on the basis of careful cost/benefit analysis, or is it more based on opportunity and/or personal desire to visit? Nowadays, with the cost of transport and parking etc, even a day trip in the UK needs some consideration as to cost vs likely sales. A couple of days abroad is a significant call against my limited stock budget and I recall a trip to Athens a couple of years ago that was blighted by wet weather and few good images. When I was in full time employment, often my employer would be factor i
  13. Lovely summer day here in South East England - blue skies, fluffy white clouds. After a couple of weeks of pretty indifferent weather used the opportunity for a stock trip into London. Went to the Moorgate/Barbican area. Used to work there 30 or so years ago. The Barbican residential area looked much as I remembered it but really surprised at how much Whitecross Street market (apparently one of London's oldest) has changed. Used to be a traditional street market, now a thriving lunchtime food market. Good trip - don't know why its taken me so long to revisit.
  14. The main reason I shoot mainly geographic stock is that it's changing all the time, particularly if you shoot with people or everyday objects as part of the context. However many images there seems to be of a location I can't see that some buyers will not want one that's recent - although images from quite a few years ago still seem to sell. I'm off to London tomorrow, will visit places I've been before but I know I'll get fresh material.
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