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  1. 70MB as jpg, I dont compress jps more then the maximum quality in Photoshop "12".
  2. it is, only 70MB.... I dont understand whats the problem is...
  3. hm, there is no "button" to make it? I must copy it "with hand" ? thank you
  4. Hi, I have a huge photo - panorama compositing - its orignially about 30.000x2000 px. I get a failure message if I try to upload it. I have make it smaller, but I get the message too... what is the maximum size for a uploadable photo? Or maby its the proportion? I have tryed to cut the photo and made two parts one upon the other. But I get the failure too... have you any hints? Thank you
  5. Hi, I have searched for a possibility but have found nothing. But I think it must be possible. Can I copy the tags - description, keywords and other from picture "x" to a new picture "y" ? Thank you
  6. thank you. And thanks for the commendation. I want to upload some complex pictures at Alamy Ah... ok, I was not sure this is the normal way to choose Editorial. If I check "no PR" and "no MR" I have automatic Editorial... I see now Thanks for your help Yes, the keywording of this picture is not complete. I was stopped with this question. It will be overworked have a nice day
  7. Hi, I am new at Alamy and want to upload only RM photos. I have upload some Editorial Photos (not News, normal photos with people without PR or MR). If the photos past the Inspector, I see no possibility to make them as Editorial? If I sign the photo with "people" "no MR" "no PR" the option for RM is missed (grey) If I go to restriction and chose "Editorial" in usage - the option for RM is gone too... But if I look at Alamy I found a lot of photos in RM with "no PR" and "no MR" How have they made it? Or is "Editorial" something other? I have asked a friend - he told me t
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