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  1. Coming round full circle, someone commented that they rarely had a failure . That would also have been my answer a few months ago having uploaded around a thousand files, but beware....it could be you next ! . We all like to think we are fantastic photographers but for me content is the important thing closely followed by quality . It's no good seeing that super backlit shot and fumbling for the tripod .
  2. I guess you can say it depends, at Alamy, who's viewing the image, as to whether it passes or not. The human elephant . More than twenty years ago a large monochrome print that had done very well for me in camera club competitions was entered in a regional comp . The judge was a very well respected mono photographer . The picture was of three racehorses coming off the training gallops on a very cold misty morning, hence there was steam rising off the very hot animals. The judge commented that "obviously", pointing at the steamy areas,"this photographer has problems with technique in the da
  3. I'm a Canon user and have found that since I didn't want to set a tripod up every two minutes the IS lenses were a huge advance. Not necessarily 'L' lenses either. I had a few complaints about unsharp images a few years back from a specialist agency. I tried a 28- 135 IS and they loved it . 'Bingo' every time . That's it as JM says, you can't be spending more and more on stuff when income is going down and down, and I know that isn't the fault of Alamy.
  4. As I said it's tough to have constant failures because I think we are being asked to jump much higher for a smaller income. Of course there's actually no second division on Alamy . I just think they are raising the bar so that the slightly below par, 'second division ' people will disappear . I guess it's like shopping at Tesco . You wont find the personal service you do at a good farm shop, and Alamy being a large organisation are not going to waste their time advising you on image improvement/adjustments as a smaller specialized agency would . You just get a big submission of pictures faile
  5. Totally disagree about something having to be sharp Vulcan . I use several cameras on the approved list but your right it's not about the camera .
  6. They havn't been given a reason for failure this time.(Russell) They weren't a re submission at all. Totally fresh photos. Previously I emailed them and they said one image lacked definition . It was taken on a misty morning and meant to be 'soft' . My opinion is that Alamy are sorting out the 'second division' by failing submissions hoping people will stop submitting. I accept I'm in that league . Payment for stock pictures these days is minute so I won't get into a sweat about it. . My print sales income far exceeds what I can earn from stock and no one cares what camera I use if they lik
  7. From time to time I've stumbled on various sites where people were grumbling about the tight lines taken by the QC people at Alamy, and I've thought these people must be really careless with their images as I've had very few failures in the 1000+ pictures I have on the site, but hey, I'm there now. Failure after failure for weeks on end mostly without any reason given . Where do I go from here. I guess the answer is somewhere else !.
  8. I have had a few failures recently due to a camera change and being extremeley busy . Previously I had had a long run of passing QC . Images have been hanging about for so long now in QC I'm really loosing interest . As pictures get older it's difficult to hold the enthusiasm .
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