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  1. I just saw the notice that this is a closed topic in 2016. I didn't mean to break a forum posting rule, so I will not make further comments. I don't get here enough to know that I made an error. Please ignore this thread and my initial questions. " Hi everyone, This forum is for Alamy discussion only and therefore we can no longer allow posts to be made regarding Stockimo. Stockimo is a separate brand with a very different model in all aspects from submitting, shooting, keywording and as you can see from some recent posts - selling. It's important that the Stockimo and Alamy brands are not confused. We are considering the options of setting a Stockimo forum up but in the meantime, if you need to communicate with the Stockimo team you can email support@stockimo.com The Stockimo team are also very active across social media on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for your understanding. Alamy"
  2. Does anyone know why Alamy hasn't brought out the app for Android users? Is it in the works for us, in the future. I mean 85% of the world is a fairly large segment that's locked out?
  3. DACS takes 20% for the UK government in my payments last two years. I'm in the USA. I file myself and do detailed reporting using this link https://www.google.co.uk/search?tbm=bks&hl=en&q=photo+yournamehere yes you need the + in that link. For some it might be less effort and easy reporting to just let Alamy do the work. I have many RF sales from other sources. Some done by myself. Used to have some to Canada on my own also. I copy the ISBN numbers and proof that I sold licenses to images in that publication. I did gather some data for myself from Alamy, I assume it works, I get paid? Not saying it's the answer for everyone, just that it works for me and yes they take 20% unless you file a special form to the USA IRS and they OK it and forward to the UK tax bureau. I sent my w-9 my EID and a form, DACS says I still needed the approved form from the IRA or I'm going to be charged the 20%
  4. Some people here has said, if they knew ahead how the new interface worked, they would have made changes. I haven't been ported over yet. Any suggestion what I might want to change, before I get updated. I have used all three boxes as intended, so comprehensive has some duplicate words. Do I want to change word order so the import makes more sense? Anything else? Since I can't really see the new yet, and won't be able to change after the fact. Advise is welcomed.
  5. I sold my f/2.8 IS/USM and bought the f/4 non-IS and I love it! Just as sharp, easy to hand hold. I bought the tripod mount thinking I'd need it. The ring sits in a drawer. It is much lighter and smaller and true, it's one stop slower. It all depends on your needs and shooting situations. But the f/4 is just as sharp. Also I should mention, I don't use IS except in extreme situations, where a tripod is not available. There are tools and methods to get fine shots, without IS. The Little Brother 70-200 is a fine quality lens.
  6. I can't find it now and I have in the past. There's some archaic law in Italy that's called (if I remember) "right to panorama" and what it says is, they own all the rights to street scenes, archetecture, ancient ruins, fountains... Etc. However it's not enforced. If someone wants, I'll keep searching. I couldn't find it this time around. Just shows how badly spammed up the Internet search is with false results.
  7. Not sure if it matters, I prefer in camera. However, just deleting images and not formatting the card, might make more difference for fragmentation and TOC corruption... or maybe that's just an old cautionary tale and makes no difference? Not taking chances, I just re-format in camera.
  8. You know what I'm still getting an error message. First I copy the link to my images from the My Alamy page, where it says "My Alamy Home Page Ver 1.0" When I go to that page a get a nice search box, with my name above it. If I click my name I get this 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. And if I hit back, it brings up a nice page of everything of mine. Is there something wrong with that page? If so why is it shown in My Alamy as "My Alamy Homepage presents your images in an exclusive area. Visitors can search or browse your collection without seeing pictures from other providers. If your website does not offer online shopping, customers can purchase and download your images 24/7 from My Alamy Homepage."
  9. Wow, I never would have figured that out, because I don't just click things at random. Nice feature!
  10. I knew it was something obvious. OK change my name to Mr. Magoo. And thanks! I'm gone to try to restore the links. I still wonder if CTRs went up or we all lost easy linking and easy ways for people to find our images by name, for no reason?
  11. Answers and I'd say pick yours. My Uncle Ed used to say "I'd rather sit for nothing than work for nothing." (If the pay doesn't cover expenses, we're not working for peanuts were working for the joy of making pretty pictures, at our personal expense. No Gain) OR My Father used to say: "10% of something is more than 100% of nothing." Making a sale for some income, offsetting expenses, is better than nothing? OR Mom was a believer in "If you have a horse apple in one hand and a wish in the other, which one has more?" Wishing for higher returns or a turn back into the past, isn't going to lead to anything. And there we very well are. I don't think I've ever taken a rare or "precious" image. I have some that I think are better than the other 100,000 digital images. But what I think and what a buyer wants or needs are two different things. If I have something that is precious I won't be uploading it to any stock site. We live in a world market, where we honestly don't have much control over what happens to our work. If we put it out in the wild, we must be able to expect good or bad adventures. It's the nature of marketing on large scale Stock Image agencies. I'm happy with Alamy for percentage share of sales, market presence and opportunity. The place I can see the most room for improvement is my own effort, new interesting image production, and choice of submissions.
  12. After all the complaining about our name being searched, Alamy kindly disabled that, which means all my links to my photos, by pseudo no longer work. (I hate it!) So now, how do I make a link to my images by pseudonym, so only those will show. I like to send people so see my various collections, and I can't seem to figure it out? Did Alamy add some link mathod that I'm blind, and don't see? And I hope all you people who think CTR is the end of the world, are happy. I'd like to see people who track this, show me how disabling the artists name or pseudonym name search which made things easy to find, has improved the magical % numbers, increased sales and for the lost ability to find people and their collections, had made things better for someone? .
  13. Klinger

    Location field

    It's an attempt to make the searches more relevant. People were searching for Paris and seeing images of food or other images taken in Paris that were not OF Paris. This problem looked worse than ever with the introduction of the Creative search. I sure do wish we could append. My images usually have the location in the caption but it is VERY tedious to go through and make sure they are also in keywords that are more heavily weighted in searches. That's my problem. I followed the directions. I used "Location" which was low and as advised by Alamy. Now they are dropping it? Because of perceived lower rank caused by searches. Wouldn't that effect pretty much everyone the same way, so no gain, no loss. Paris will get you plaster of Paris, Paris Hilton, and maybe Paris, Iowa. Seems that throwing out something, isn't making a difference to the quality or return value of the searches. Kind of like re-arranging the office furniture to make the business more profitable? Also some people, who were smarter than I, added their locations in the keywords. But why, we have a location field? Let me say, I used the Location field in roughly 100% of my images. (OK slight exaggeration, might be only 96%) Because of what I shoot, I thought the where is this, was kind of important to the buyer, just like the date. Now I'm kind of happy that I slacked off last years and didn't upload another 2000 images, because I'd just have more to edit... One by One. Cut and paste the location into Comprehensive. Someone mentioned external editor? Can I get all the metadata and revise it and re-upload? That would be very nice? Even as a CSV it would be easier than spending days online, making the changes. Is there a way to append or alter all the data, without schlogging though every individual file, one by one? Anyone have any help or advise?
  14. Now, why didn't I think of that Indeed, that's very true. Well, let it be a tip for those who only shoot Jpegs or Tiffs Cheers, Philippe You left out people who are just lazy and that would be me. Mostly I think some people are over thinking the color space question. That's why I mentioned saving at 11 vs 12. Does it really matter and make a difference? Or is it just doing everything to the Max.? Nikon or Canon? Heck I think they are both wonderful and now add a few more makers. Elements, Lightroom, PS, CS, Corel? It can depend on many factors and in the end, most of this is a personal decision. I'm fairly convinced there is no right and wrong in many of these questions, and color space is one, we have varied opinions and personal preferences. Real simple. I shoot JPEG, do critical editing as a TIFF and save as a JPEG again. Also save most of those TIFFs for future changes, just in case. Some people prefer RAW with extended options and abilities. Including needing special software to decode it, and now being forced onto the cloud to edit their own work. I'm happy down here.
  15. Klinger

    Location field

    Not looking forward to making all my locations searchable again, one by one, because "Location" that I already added manually, has been disabled. Did anyone ever say WHY it was eliminated, as it was used for an example in one of the sales videos, how people found images for a sale, by searching locations? Reminds me of Description which I used for specifics and some people added a page from the encyclopedia. So Alamy disabled it and I had to move all that data, one by one, over to Comprehensive. (which was hidden at the time.) Oops, now Main is hidden and Comprehensive is shown. Solution? APPEND keywords instead of overwrite so I can make additions, without manually editing every individual image. So why was it Location was dropped? I missed that one.
  16. Yes I'm one of those people who uses sRGB exclusively, everywhere, for everything. Yikes? Maybe, but try reading this... http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/adobe-rgb.htm "sRGB is the world standard for digital images, printing and the Internet. So long as you haven't screwed with anything, you and the world are shooting in sRGB. " This runs along with the debate whether to save at 12 or is 11 OK. Well if Adobe came out and said, 12 is now 24, the debate would be, "how can someone save at anything low like 23" Only the Max. will do. If people who buy/license the images can't use ProPhoto RGB properly or decode it without extra steps, I don't know why anyone would want to produce images for sale using that? RGB can be probilmatic if not handled properly. I chose the standard that works best for the most people. (I might be wrong)
  17. I would think that desaturation was digital altering, same as color changing, like making a blue sky orange, or major color alterations of anything. It's a tricky subject to have any solid definitions of what we can do and can't.
  18. Ed, Wet and cool, the farmers haven't been able to get the corn in. Knee high by the 4th of July is more like knee high on an Irish Setter. Just a smidgen West of Lake Michigan. Still many good days outside, I'm happy.
  19. Maybe not here in Europe for most uses, But it would definit*ly get you sacked as a PJ in the US. That is why you have to declare those things. You can always explain: cigarette removed from Paul's hand ;-). Or removed my own shadow. I removed some and the Reuters guidelines are for Editorial News, not all Editorial use. One site says use of Levels is alteration. But I think in the essence of this all, it's adding or removing something or creating a false impression. Still impossible to define easily. Links are interesting and Reuters was caught a number of times with their photographers altering and enhancing news images, which made them even stricter. I would think that creating signs and handing them to subjects at a protest would be wring also, or markers and cardboard. But before I diverge too far off the intended path... You used Reuters guidelines and said in the US one would be sacked. But Reuters is in London? Did I miss something? I have my own limits. I remove or add almost nothing, except spots and birds (which will get a rejection here as spots in the sky). The content of the image remains true. That's why I would also defend cigarette butt removal and errant waste paper, but not rubbish cans, signs, trees or wires. Hard to define a line, isn't it? Which leads me to the conclusion. It's based on personal opinion and image integrity. A specific definition of every possible item, example or situation is impossible. Levels? Improper, really? Or misuse of the tool is improper? Sorry, an error has occurred. Your post contains the following suspected spam word, (someone fix this please! Can't use the word to "relate or explain like a story or identification, Begins with T and has an E and two L's) And worse I didn't use it, it was in the quoted part about "definit*ly"
  20. Amazing the same happens with my shots too. One thing I've found is that photos I kind of added just because they were nice, but not the ones I thought were going to sell best, have sold. And a couple that I thought would be a hit, have no sales... So to be honest, I can only answer you after the fact what has sold, and I'm not very good at predicting what buyers want. I assume the question was based on "what should I shoot" to sell here on Alamy, not really "What Sells" which is more of the kind where what sold last week, might never sell for another year. Look at searches keywords and sales, some you can see are a project, which has been fulfilled. So if 6 sold for Jamaican Beach this week, that doesn't predict that the same subject will sell again for weeks or months or maybe until next year. As of today, six sales... "oxford street london + selfridges" someone who's chasing sales from sold listings, wouldn't be very smart to think this is good. And possibly the next ten best seller searches for today. Copying what has already sold, just doesn't work that well on Alamy. My answer for Marc Lucas is shoot what you like, have available without high expense, and do your best.
  21. So do I understand right, someone viewed one of your images, which "water splash" was used and your own keywords do not have either of those words anywhere. Do people go day by day and look at every image search that someone does on ones own images? How did you find this error? I look at what people searched for and whether the images presented are correct - good way to weed out errors. Can't say I do it every day, but try to do it as often as possible, doesn't take long. I'll also try to see whether the images presented are the 'best' ones. I've also seen a few strange views that I can't explain. Can't recall previously ever seeing an error in the search terms I can usually find why an image has been portrayed when I wouldn't expect it to. Essexps I do exactly the same. Each day check searches and make sure my keywording is relevant with no typos etc. Also, you need to pay close attention to description and location as the search will take into account what you put into these two boxes. I have found a few images in the past that have shown up in a search without the keywords but the words searched for were either in the description or the location. Careful wording in both of these is required to avoid false positives! Interesting, thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't sure I understood exactly how people were seeing these.
  22. So do I understand right, someone viewed one of your images, which "water splash" was used and your own keywords do not have either of those words anywhere. Do people go day by day and look at every image search that someone does on ones own images? How did you find this error?
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