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  1. Sure looks like quartz and no I also skipped Geology in high school and college. But I have plenty of "hey look a pretty rock" sitting around the house. 😉 Asymmetrical ripples? Yes to the iron and oxidation stains. You know the territory better, I'm in Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan, we have plenty of plain old quartz, rose quartz and the like. So that's why I targeted Quartz first and then searched around for formations, the mountain range and came upon this. https://minerals.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/259389/Heavitree-Quartzite-Amadeus-Basin.pdf
  2. That's what I do, works just fine and makes the license notice correct. The end use is up to the user, so the proper license, Editorial, protects you.
  3. Klinger

    Alamy Measures

    Because if it was people who have not purchased an image, the results could be us, a friend, a buyer, or just someone passing through. By measuring the people who actually buy something, that makes the search more valid. Does that explain my opinion better?
  4. Klinger

    Alamy Measures

    And according to the old information, which could have changed, "9 months of customer activity" which is what I was trying to get some sort of estimate. I don't think the rank or pseudonyms or much of this, make much of a difference to me. Since I have so many in one or another subject area, and because of the diversity algorithm, I'm scattered throughout just fine. If someone looks at one and checks to see what other similar I have, that's good news. In other words, my images here lack diversity, but the search helps me, within those areas.
  5. Klinger

    Alamy Measures

    True but if there are lots of views and no sales, wouldn't that lower the rank? 🙂 I suppose there's some kind of time period for that? But thanks, that's the answer, paying customers. Somehow years ago, it seemed to be described as a select sample of customers, not just anyone who bought a license.
  6. Klinger

    Alamy Measures

    Yes, good reading all of them! I was just linking for anyone who might want to see both threads. So about measures, does anyone have the page where Alamy says, the reports are "anyone" who has purchased an image in the last 90 days? (or some other time period) And that it's not a selected group of customers, which is what I was led to believe years ago.
  7. Klinger

    Alamy Measures

    There's another thread about that question, I can't locate right now. Here's potentially useful link: https://www.regular-expressions.info/quickstart.html Oh I found one of them, Somewhere on the site Alamy says the data in measures isn't just a select group, it's people who have bought a license during the period. Or maybe I'm reading that wrong?
  8. I suppose then I should be using Sunlight? Or not technically good enough, unless that's at Noon in Rochester? 😃 I understand you care about precision and accuracy, but starting to worry about CRI for copying a 50 year old 35mm Ektachrome or Fujichrome slide, somehow seems a bit much. 2 1/4 slides from the 50s I could use a bare incandescent light bulb? A lower rated flat panel wouldn't hurt me, the old slides are so degraded by age. Unless I was really purple with green hair and spots, when I was 12? Anyway, read this and see what you think? I've seen others, this was just the one I could find fast. Part of the premise is why CRI is flawed: http://www.sdalighting.com/blog/cri_color/ I'd agree about consistency, quality and design, but check the part about color and the perfect 100 CRI incandescent that lacks blue.
  9. AWB or set your own, I though people shot RAW for that kind of thing? 😉 100% + After trying different lenses and setups, full frame and crop, you guys will need to see in a real physical situation to make the final determination. The discussion has been interesting. I just made a black foam mask for my light stand with the LED panel. Waiting for the bellows, I have two slide copier attachments, tubes and lenses.
  10. Yes, and as always sarcasm and humor doesn't translate well in a written forum. But I got yours... Que Sera = What Sarah OK I bet you get it now? 😉 Doris Day, was actually more than a pretty face, singing movie star, I have some of her old records (hand me down 78s, no I'm not a fan!) Before movies she recorded almost 700 songs! Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Who knew, that's one I would have missed in a trivia quiz. No matter what anyone from the company says now, I'm positive, there will be changes made. I know I shouldn't admit this, but I remain an optimist, and hopeful, until the hammer falls. Being that they are news oriented, this could be good news for some of us. Whatever, happens, worrying won't change anything.
  11. I have a similar, but much smaller, difference between live images count and reported images when I look at Manage Images. I'm pretty sure, that every upload, removed file, rejection and "whatever" forever back to the day I opened my account, is counted in the number showing in image manager, while looking at my portfolio is the real number of live images, available to customers. Mine is only 83 different, but I think that's the cause, not missing content. That's right and accounted for some, upload errors may be some more. But I'm convinced nothing is missing. 😎
  12. I used to get four years, 2011 and before. Now those listed are as you see, mostly five years. I have many RF that show nothing for period of license. I've never seen in perpetuity on any of my licenses?
  13. Chuck would you contact me email, about keywords suggestions. I found no way to find you, no PM here. I'm easy just search for Hodag Media. I can also discuss the change from ws_ftp to Filezilla. 😉 Not wanting to go off topic, I've read just about every release and news story on this, including PA and their divisions, I didn't read the politics of major stock holders and owners. The summary was enough, " a private company with 26 shareholders, most of whom are national and regional newspaper publishers ". Makes for an, apparent, perfect fit to their business group. Que Sarah Sarah, whatever that means? Something about translation to English or is it just me? I'm now in wait and see mode, as the No Changes Planned, only means, they haven't arrived yet. There will be changes, but speculation isn't going to predict or change anything. Officially Watching and Waiting.
  14. Yes and a stitched panorama from an unsuitable camera will also fail. I discovered that and wanted to pass it on. Even though the image was 80MP, the camera data was enough for a rejection.
  15. Sixteen Pages and here we are. 😃 Pretty much where you started this. ES-1 and a macro lens, whether that means the Canon (which may be too much lens?) or a 55mm Nikon manual macro. I'm not getting the quality I want for stock from any of the multiple efforts. But I'd be happy to hear from you, when you get some finished images, copies of slides and have them uploaded and accepted here. I hope that works out for you and everyone else in this brainstorming thread.
  16. I'm just going to mention this, because I did way back in the early pages. For 35 cents a slide, not including postage, you can get 3000dpi 10MP scans of your slides, done by a professional service. That's over 1,000 slides. Maybe the break even point (I used $400) might be something to consider? Over 1,000 slides, start getting all the equipment, lenses, accessories and spend the time, or mail them in? I already have a camera, extension tubes, macro lens, and now a slide duplicator. I'm thinking maybe send in the top 40 slides that I might want to try to upload for stock, spend the $20 which includes shipping, and be free of all the complications and details. Maybe?
  17. Thanks I must have missed the reply. I think the OP was asking, how to recover from loss of stars? Is it uploads or batches? (I don't know) I had roughly 1,800 images accepted over years, before I started to "test". And those were single, stitched images. I didn't want to sneak anything past in a batch of 150 or 50. They got reviewed, rejected and I got my answers. When I asked how I could be dropped because of three images, singles, vs hundreds of passed, the answer was essentially, don't worry, just upload and you'll get them back. About ten batches of 1 - 17 images, and I was back at three stars. Good link: I think that answers it. QC Ranks can move up or down based on your QC history and at the discretion of our QC Team. In my opinion for my work, I'm not going to change anything. When I have some images, I'll upload them. If it's one then one, if it's 101 then 101. 😎
  18. Thanks got it, like our Avatars here. 😎 I use postimage aka postimg all the time, the ads I see are for McDonald's and Fat blockers, must be something about reading the previous sites viewed. But for the people who asked, that hosting is free and we have no control over the ads. Something on your system is deciding what to show you. Free hosting = they pay for the free with ad views. Used to post images to forums there are no ads. See above.
  19. Can you explain tunnel effect please. Do you mean when adding to the front of the lens, instead of tubes to the back of the lens? I have the 58mm version the old 100mm macro Canon.
  20. So posting from page 8 didn't show me that the reply was posted and stayed in compose? Sorry
  21. Mirror, thanks. Yes the image is a quick one for comparison to the macro lens and Canon slide holder - the tube with slide holder - the standard lens with extension tubes. I need to do one slide, all three and variations to see which is best for what I have. That or buy a slide scanner (again?). Did I mention 1963 slide, probably Ektachrome for speed, Kodak Retina II camera? Not the best but it is vintage? 😉 I did think of the mask, I need to make it. I have flat black foam for crafting, it's 1/8" or less. Quote from page 9 to page 8, see if this worked? Thank You, always looking to improve. This was not the duplicator it was extension tubes on a standard lens. The photo example in the post was the slide with the camera. An EOS-M by the way. But no disagreement on the quality. Might be the original, the age or just bad exposure because I wasn't manual or careful. It is an unedited snapshot! Time to test all options, lens, camera, or copier and then find the Nikon Coolscan and see how that looks, 2700 ppi? I can also mount the 1Ds II (16MP) on the copy stand, but I'm not sure that will make anything better. EOS-M 18MP but I used the M lens with extension tube adapters, not the EF 100MM L, and 60-D 18MP I have the manual extension tubes. Want one more for the collection? I have the EF to M adapter. Lots of possibilities to explore.
  22. I have made a copy of one of my slides, cleaned off all the little hairs and dust (maybe) manually. Adjusted the color, shadows, highlights, and lets say, it's done for now. 8MP final image. How would I best upload to Alamy? If I remember the Archival route is only if they allow that. So do I apply and say, I'm processing my old slides, or upload the standard submission making it clear that the source is slide film? Or??? Travel images, not press, news or important. What do we mean by reportage images? Photojournalistic images illustrating a story but captured under difficult circumstances and might not pass our standard QC checks. Examples include photo essays or features. What do we mean by archival images? Images that are historically or culturally significant, examples include film stills, press archives and specialist collections. You can apply for Reportage/Archival image upload through your contributor dashboard, or by completing this application form. That's either or, so which is best? I actually made copies of many slides, I just did one for the application and experience to see if it's suitable. I won't be editing the rest until I have more understanding. The parts and pieces you need at on eBay, they will come from China in weeks or a month, maybe by surprise faster? 😉 Order a bag of step up rings and a bag of step down rings. They are cheap, oops, inexpensive and that will allow you any combination you might need in the future. Also order a set of the inexpensive manual extension tubes. You have all you need for your kit. Oh except the ES-1 or ES-2? I now have a Prinz T-mount slide duplicator (they are called that but I think in our case they are copiers?) It has a holder, a tube with a lens in it, and is designed for film cameras of old. With that, I put it on a 40-D with assorted adapters, like T mount to EF, and it produced a cropped image. So I put it on the 1Ds and it's full frame. No lens involved. LED flat panel for lighting. I have the Canon slide copier, which has many different names and numbers, they all seem to be the same. With the step down rings, mine came with a 48mm adapter, I had it on a EF-S and later on the 100mm older Macro lens. The bellows sags, as it was meant to be connected on a rail? I also mounted it on a 70-200 L and used the variable zoom to frame the images. You can start there, as I assume you have a zoom lens or two? Just like the Nikon it was designed for the 55mm lens on a full frame camera. The final and I think best results so far have been a camera mounted on a stand, extension tubes (or macro lens would be the same) flat panel LED unit that's supposed to be a ceiling light. Everything square, and click, I have a copy. This may be the easiest way to make slide or film conversions, including from larger formats. I have some 2 1/4 square slides for example. Almost every old enlarger I had, also came with tripod 1/4x20 stud, for making the enlarger into a copy stand. If anyone looks, you'll see the lab scissors stand which I use for all kinds of other things, like a macro rail? But I don't want to leave out that you'll need to get the light and slide, at the right distance for the macro lens or lens with extension tubes, to be able to focus. And what's that piece of translucent Plexiglas. One of the slides was over exposed, I had to reduce the back lighting. The LED panel I bought was cheap and non-dimmable. The new ones are able to be connected to a dimmer. downsized for the forum, this is not the one I edited and not the one I want to upload to Alamy. Just an example.
  23. Sounds right, I have a couple boxes of FL stuff myself. My first good SLR was a FT-QL that had the TTL low light meter, plugged into the side of the camera. Good fun but hardly a necessary device. Back on topic, I'm giving slide copying another chance now that I've seen some better results. I still have the Nikon scanners, yes two. And my old XP desktop has a SCSI adapter card in it with Vuescan which makes everything work. That was a small project finding software that would work. I think from the recent test images that a good DSLR and a L lens, I should see better results than the first experiments with a kit zoom lens. Till then it's back to the rail and Arduino macros for awhile. Rotating table, 4" that is, also Arduino controlled stepper motor. And the electric dolly for pans. Never a lack of things to do.
  24. Yup, I have drawers full of threaded adapters, extension tubes, and a bellows, 😎 I don't expect that something made for a specific Nikon lens will just drop onto my Canon lenses. I look forward to the challenge. The Canon version is less than impressive. Probably designed for the FL series lenses in that age. Last test I did yesterday, I switched to a 100mm macro, which wouldn't focus at all. Then I found a 28-135 instead of the kit lens and the results were much better. Thanks Chuck, something that changed with the changes here. I used to put very detailed information in the 2nd or 3rd boxes. When I started the Description was searched, then people abused that, writing small books, after which others complained that the description was searched, and they didn't want that. As a result, of the first change, all my descriptions with detailed information, were no longer searched. I went and adjust well over 1,000 images, to put the detailed data in the box that was searched, but not visible. Alamy decided to change that. I started moving the data again, but just got tired. Now we have changes again, only one description, and the keywords. Actually I like the current system best. I just got tired of replacing the data, and gave up. Anything new should have better title, description/caption, and the keywords now contain more of the specific information. No one should expect best sales, when there are poor keywords or the accurate details aren't available for buyers. 100% agreement. No PMs here for me to ask for advice, no email link on your website.
  25. Thanks, I think I'm going to try again, prime lens and full frame. I was mostly disappointed because I didn't see the detail I expected and there was grain, plus any imperfection was accented. My opinion is still that most people will be disappointed with the results of trying to scan or duplicate old slides and film. That's only because of the clarity, color and quality of digital cameras at this time, which is far better. The effort of cleaning an image seemed a bit much. However if it was documentary, historic, a scenic that has changed or something that can't be photographed today, of course that lends some value to the conversion to digital. ES-1 will fit on any camera and looks like a good simple option.
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