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  1. Stockimo Iphone 4S Just loved the feeling of space in this shot.
  2. Thanks Lisa - I've not had this much fun with photography since first discovering polaroid back on an RB67 in the studio in Manhattan in 1985 :-)
  3. I used to fret with the natural softness of my underwater images like this one E5N1YN- they effectively look like fog and lack crisp definition, however I've never had a problem with QC on them. Currently in the process of rebuilding the Alamy library so not many other examples uploaded yet. I do however make sure the RAW images have reasonable contrast and clarity before publishing. BTW, the image mentioned is also used as an Exhibition display poster at 6 feet by 4 feet by one of the local dive centres.
  4. It was ambigous at best - even today the Stockimo page still states "Select images from your iPhone, add captions, tag and upload them to Stockimo." My emphasis. "From" not "taken by" your iphone. My workflow includes EyeFi jpgs to the phone and the RAW images to Lightroom, but also phone images to Lightroom as no app handles noise reduction as well. And the Exif data with original camera info was included on the 4 images I deleted today. All passed QA - one even got a 4. Think this is a bit of clarity being added after the launch.
  5. I process both DSLR and Phone images on both my Iphone and Ipad. Up to now they have just been images chosen on their respective merits and the "tool" did not matter in the final outcome. Now with Stockimo I'm having to create two entirely separate workflows for images that end up together in the same search on Alamy anyway. Ah well, one must do what one must do, but the logic does baffle me a bit. Luckily I only had to delete 4 out of 105 from Stockimo.
  6. Bringing things back on track :-) Just over the 100 images on Stockimo now but no selfies on 22nd or 23rd street yet. This was image 100 and a 4.0 - chuffed! Underwater photo shoots from now on will be with both the DSLR and the Iphone in their housings - one set for Alamy as normal, and the other for processing on the phone apps.
  7. I'm using an Iphone 4S in a Nauticam underwater housing. All available light, so you need to keep shallow, though I have some wreck images at 35 Metres. Housing is good to 40 metres. I did use another housing with dive computer app last year, but it kept crashing on me so I've gone back to housing for photography and separate dive computer.
  8. I've just started submitting to Stockimo over the last couple of weeks. I am now up to 50 images and some of my 4's so far are shown below. Lisa has already highlighted another one from Twitter.
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