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  1. Thank you for explanation, Maria. Two more questions. Say, I have an image of a finger. Here it would be licenced as RM. But there is no way to make the image to be RM at the other agency, It would be automatically or manually marked as RF! And what to do? Not to sell such an image at other microstocs? The other question is as follows. If I deside to sell image of bananas as RM at Alamy, so have I say that there is some property in the picture and I have no release or how else I can make the image of bananas RM?
  2. Who can tell me how to sell at Alamy at all? Cannot understand why there are just a few sales. Do not know what is needed to increase sales. :-(
  3. Hello! This is my first post at the forum... So, if I have a finger of a person in my image I have to mark it as RM on Alamy, but this image would be automatically marked as RF at another agency and I can do nothing about that. And what? I cannot sell this picture at another agency becautse it is marked as RF by that agency (and RM by Alamy)? The second question. To sell images preferably as RM here on Alamy I shall chose an option that some private property is shown and I have no release. How else can I assign RM to an image of bananas for example?
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