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  1. I was mistaken. My real CTR is 0.20. ) ((( So I have just created a number of new pseudonims (I guess, they work like topical folders) and sorted all of my photos according to new pseudos. I also changed my default pseudonim because it was burdened with a couple of hundreds of photos, waiting for deletion. Hope, this new and fresh start can help me to increase visibility. Am I right? )
  2. Who can tell what is the London time for Flamy to update statistics? Is it an exact time of just an interval?
  3. I have no update also. Maybe it is nothing to update, ye? And why the number of my photos does not updated here in Forum?
  4. So just one small thing is lacking - to know exactly what is commercially attractive to buyers. ) I have no idea about that. ((*** My August CTR was 0,50, September - 2
  5. OK. Have to wait two weeks more to the end of my Sin Bin term, then it will be clear.
  6. Who can tell that! It is funny and may fit to illustrate some article. About sea rescue. )
  7. This one is a masterpiece! ) Really good luck! Marcians are coming! )))
  8. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to member services, asking them to explain the situation, but still no answer from Alamy
  9. OK. Yesterday I visited Moscow Kremlin and made about 40 photos of tourists in the Kremlin and places of interest. Those images were not considered suitable for Alamy News and I saw the batch in my Track submissions section as Awaiting QC. To your info, I am in the Sin Bin now, so I decided that this new images would be rejected automatically. It was yesterday. Today I received a note from Alamy that my images passed QC as Archival/reportage... But the number of the batch (Media ref.) was different from that one I see in my Track submissions section. I was surprised and had an idea that Archival/reportage images are shown in some special place like Alamy Live News. Such a mess.
  10. Empty. ) ready - 0 not ready - 0 ...more details required - 0 So, maybe this was an Alamy mistake to inform me about other person's photos.
  11. OK. Thanks, Martin. I guess, Alamy made a mistake notifying me about QC success of a batch of not my number.
  12. Thanks, Martin, but Manage Images section is empty of any new photos of mine. Nothing. And how to view reportage pictures of other phogographers? I can easily find NEWS photos but how to find ALL reportage ones?
  13. Hello, everybody. Yesterday I uploaded a number of photos to Alamy Live News. The batch was removed from the Alamy New line so I made a conclusion that it was rejected as a news and added to QC queue as an editorial media. Today I received an automated note from Alamy that my media has passed QC as an archival/reportage photos. So, where to find those Archival/reportage photos? They did not appear in my portfolio. How to get to them in Alamy. I applied for Archival/reportage photos only today. What to do? How to see my archival/reportage photos (and photos of others) Are they on sale? Where?
  14. I have found no button. No batch edition. Just one photo after another. May be there is batch edition opportunity, but I do not know about it. )
  15. In Manage photos page choose a photo and open it to edit. Copy all the tags to Note. Go to image you want to edit Paste tags to approptiate fields.
  16. It is impossible to tell what sells best. Photography is a matter of highly sibjective perseption. Yes, there are photos, subjects, topics, themes of universal acceptance, but... One mictostock site rejects a particular image because it "has no commercial value and technically weak", the other accepts the same image and the image becomes frequently downlodable and popular... )
  17. As a rule I do but to different extents. I shoot RAW so I have to increase contrast, some vibrance, saturation, blacks and whites. If I want some effect, I make more enhancements. After all, why not to give a photo some style, but it does not mean, that I change 'the weather' of the photo.
  18. Maria, I do not understand. I look at Attributes tab and see only questions aboun the number of people and property The last box is Licence type... Shall I use it? Never paid attention to it in the past!
  19. Thank you! Had to delete almost all RM images. )
  20. Shoot images that clients want to use. How many sales will you get from re-enactment meetings?....not many. I don't see any real lifestyle images of 'modern' Russia in your portfolio, no images of people doing business etc. Plant images with no latin names just won't cut it, you need to identify the species or cultivar. You need to look at what's used by clients and see how you can provide some of those images. Thanks! I will try... After all there is no other way just try. But how can I look at pictures that are used by clients of Alamy? Is it possible? At other microstocs there are Best sellers, Popular and so on pages but I cannot see them here at Alamy.
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