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  1. The question is does it fit or shall be enlarged or truncated?
  2. How he is going to sell? Many sales, many pieces chopped out. This way? )
  3. Thanks! I see now, including that man. A very important operation. )
  4. I shall add some new info. 1. No one can download your files except you. This is for sure. Sign out and that try to download your own photos. No way. You can sign in and download your photos but not photos of other people. 2. The help system is in place but not in the visible place. The team is aware of this and will change the situation in the near future. If you want to get the link to some help files contact me personally via private message, I am not sure that I am allowed to publish it openly here. 3. Strong points of the site are as follows: Still not very many photographers. You have not very many competitors there. ) Moderate price for good service, and half the price for the first year. VIP agencies, mass media TV and so on visiting site and having opportunity to see your galleries if you, as a premium member, publish them on the home page of the site. Good for keeping portfolio and galleries as your personal site and so on. They are going to add print on demand possibility... It sounds great. 4. The weak point is that is totally up to you to negotiate the deal with the customer. I can make nor head nor tail how to do this. ( So it does not replace Alamy but it is one more opportunity to sell or to show your photos.
  5. Well, cannot find how to see search terms. Please, tell me. )
  6. I guess, when the CNN or UNISEF manager finds your picture, he contact you directly via e-mail (there is such an opportunity under each photo). And you can come to an agreement about the price. But how the process actually works, I do not understand. ) So I uploaded a number of photos but did not publish them. Do not know what to do. Asked the site team, still no answer, asked two photographers, still no answer. It is clear for me, that if you do not have your own clients, you MUST have the premium account $49 first year. In that case your galleries will be published on the front page of the site and will be visible for buyers. The same way as here on News Feed. Plenty of News galleries, but not very many sales. ) It would be good to have info from the person with first hand experience. And... There are a bit more than 300 photographers-contributors, though some very distinguished ones. )
  7. Zenfolio is rather expensive account and no affiliation with agencies as far as I know... Opened free account with LightRocked and stalled. ) Cannot understand how to protect my photos from free downloading and do not understand the pricing policy at all. No prices under photos. How to sell? No answers for the time being.
  8. @fotoDogueThank you for the information. Looks interesting. For the fraction of the PS price you get a wide variety of services. If anybody can share with us his/her personal experience of using LightRocket?
  9. Neat and accurate at first impression. As for me I would have called the Stock photography - Travel or Editorial photography. Congratulations on the new site! ) One more moment. Smugmug gives you the opportunity to sell prints and some other goods on the basis of your images directly from the site, so why not to use this opportunity? I know that the e-commerce option is rather expensive, though.
  10. I confirm. The number of images in My Alamy is incorrect. And views did not update also.
  11. @StokieThank you very much, I see now. You have 6 sales a month, I have 6 sales in total. )))))
  12. @StokieI cannot find those pages and boxes. Where are they?
  13. Yesterday I uploaded News batch and it showed up immediately. Today (Monday) I uploaded Stock batch and still cannot see it. Measures have not updated since Friday also.
  14. Do not delete anything! Who knows what will be bought in the future, maybe tomorrow. Who can tell that for sure that a picture is not sellable?
  15. - This afternoon it's happening on keywords that begin with the letter 'S'. Grrrrrrr..... - I confirm the flickering esp. with letter S. It is the LR bug. So, I usually write keywords in the Note, then copy and paste them into LR keyword box. I save the Note file and so I have one more copy of all my photos descriptions and keywords. It is useful, IMO.
  16. Thanks, Jill! If ut does not affect a search, let it go its way. )
  17. So what to do? Shall I keyword a photo WITHOUT commas and use commas only to separate the phrase? For example: nature plant flower tulip, red tulip, garden
  18. Is it normal to return money 6 months after fully cleared and fulfillled payment? Why not in 12 or 24 months?
  19. ...like the deckchairs on the Titanic ---- BRAVO! ))))) I organized recently my photos in a number of pseudonims by topic. Just to use the pseudos like folders and see what I have and what I have not. As far as rating is concerned, it seems to me that this reorganization of mine, led to decreasing of my CTR. )
  20. I thought it was only my problem to have no zooms and sales. ) Some views, no zooms and no sales, but maybe my images are not so interesting. And a new batch stuck at QC
  21. Well, I have a question. I created a number of pseudonims and sorted all my images according to them yesterday. I also changed my default pseudonim also yesterday. Alamy measures section still shows my old default pseudonim The question is if all the pseudonims will be displayed in Alamy Measures section of My Alamy because they will have different CTR?
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