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  1. Thank you, Kumar, many hearty thanks to all the voters and viewers, and congrats to all the finalists and MDM - the winner! )
  2. Thanks, I would like to set some additional restriction on some RM images, just making them Editorial.
  3. Can anybody give me step by step instruction how to set Editorial use only restriction? On my Restrictions tab I choose Use - Editorial, then I send 4 commercial uses (and even 7 other uses) to Not available as. As a result I cannot see Editorial use only on the image page. Alamy support consented to make some of my photos editorial for me, but I guess they cannot do it for me constantly. Any ways I can do it myself? UPD - No way till the new restrictions will be put in operation. Sorry for the topic. It can be deleted or closed now.
  4. Who can tell me about that NU scheme. Which photos will be included in it: RF or RF and RM either? I have some RF images I agree to sell for lower margins, I doubt that they are of any use for editorial and mass media use, but I do not agree to let all my portfolio to be sold under NU scheme. Do I have any option to choose which photos to sell under NU scheme and which not?
  5. My question is as follows: If I upload photos as News to Live News Feed, all of them automatically get licence Rights Managed. I was sure till now, that Rights Managed means editorial usage, NOT usage for advertising purposes. Am I right? When I upload a photo with people in the streets and have no model release, Alamy makes that photo Rights Managed. Isn't it enough? Shall I manually set RM photos to Editorial? What to do?
  6. Thank you very much, Colin! That view is really unbelievably beautiful. Will you please have a look at this one. EY1MPW I asked the woman to stay still for a couple of seconds. ) From your portfolio it looks like you live in Moscow - get on that bridge and milk it for all its worth. The shot of the girl taking the photo is great and eminently sellable. Colin Thanks, Colin! I have already took a lot of photos of that view and the view in all the directions from that bridge. And I take a photo every time I cross that bridge. Congrats to all the (would be) winners of this competition. )
  7. He thinks over what to do with that $ 100000000000000000 of royalty. )
  8. Thank you very much, Colin! That view is really unbelievably beautiful. Will you please have a look at this one. EY1MPW I asked the woman to stay still for a couple of seconds. )
  9. View of Moscow Kremlin in winter. All the colors are real. ) Here you can see the follows. Let's start from the Kremlin towers topped with red stars. From left to right: Troitskaya (Trinity) tower - main tourist gates to the Kremlin. Borovitskaya (Pine Forest) tower - main official (the president and staff etc.) entrance. Nikolskaya (St. Nicholas) far in the background. It faces Red Square. Vodovzvodnaya (water pumping) tower (the round one in the center). The water pumping equipment was installed in the tower in old days to supply the Kremlin with water. Spassky (Savior's) tower far right. It has chimes and faces Red Square. Grand Kremlin Palace behind the Vodovzvodnaya tower. Ivan the Great bell tower right of the palace. Archangel cathedral right of the belfry. Large Stone Bridge is in the center. The Moscow river covered with ice. Variety Theater to the right.
  10. With my portfolio growth I finally have a steady sales. A bit more than one a week. Not very impressive result and rather modest sums of money but I am glad to finally have hundreds of views every day, zooms from time to time and regular sales every month. Going to upload more editorial content. Every editorial shoot tells a story so attracts attention. Congrats to everyone with healthy sales. )
  11. Customer service told me about a glitch they were working on. I uploaded a batch a few days ago, it appeared in a day as Processing and a few minutes ago it changed to Awaiting QC. If you have the glitch still on Monday, apply for Customer Service, they asked for that!
  12. Customer service told me that there was a glitch and it should be fixed by Monday, 27/09/16.
  13. I submitted a batch yesterday, first I could not see the batch at all in my Track your submissions table. The batch showed up in several hours, but it was in Processing mode. 24 hours have passed, but the batch is still in Processing (not Awaiting QC) mode. I never have seen this kind of event before!
  14. I got more than 2000 (two thousand) views during last 24 hours. This is my first exprience of that kind. Hope sales will follow. )
  15. Thank you very much, Kumar! ) My rank now is on p21. Let us see what will happen in the future.
  16. So, who can tell me, what to look at. I am on the 1 page of NEW and 21 of Relevant/Creative. And what?
  17. So I made one BHZ image and now I can see it in search results on the page 1 in NEW category and on the page 21 in Creative and Relevant categories. And what next? Wait half a year and find again? )
  18. Thank you, I add BHZ to one image of a woman sunbathing on a beach. )
  19. So I cannot understand anything. What is BHZ? If I add BHZ to essential keywords for, say, 10 images, shall I then delete BHZ after testing? What if I not delete it? For how long shall I test my rank? One day or one month?
  20. Sheila, FotoSketchers saves files only in 72 dpi format. Maybe I am mistaken, but I did not find any opportunity to save in 300 dpi. Do you manage to save images in 300 dpi format?
  21. Hello! What a fantastic homepage image today. All sharp, crisp, in focus and no chromatic aberrations. Passed QC triumphantly! Bravo!
  22. Sheila, your processing and convertion of photos into pictures is very nice but I should say thay you have a great photographic eye and your photos are artistic as they are! You can try to sell converted and non converted photos. Your photos of Sydney are stunning! Your view is fresh and new for us! Good luck and many sales! By the way, I wait for a great snowstorm in Moscow. When it comes, I will go and shoot the embassy of Australia to Russia. )))) It is located in an old and picturesque part of Moscow. )
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