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  1. All my photos are green. Sales are very low, almost nothing. Have no idea why and what to do next. Feel rather demotivated. (
  2. Moscow International Festival Times & Epochs 2017. Roman area. Moscow International Festival Times & Epochs 2017. Napoleon's Wars area. Moscow International Medieval Festival. David and Goliath.
  3. Hello everybody! I passed the threshold of 7000 photos. This is good. Sales are more then modest. This is bad. Not very interesting topics or region, I guess. But I will proceed with my futile work. )
  4. My sales are still poor this year. Less than 10 in total. Maybe my photos are not so attractive. Still continue to upload new batches.
  5. No update of measures for me, but got the mail that I passed QC. )
  6. Commercial use, as I understand it, is when the buyer earns money by using your photography, say, in advertisement. So the buyer can earn money by advertisement which shows some other company logos and trademarks, so it means, that the buyer earns money at the expense of that company which logo is shown in the photo. That's why photos for commercial use shall be free from any logos and trademarks. When you buy a picture for your personal use, you hang it on your wall and that's all. You don't earn money with that image. But still what if you sell the photo of a Coca-Cola bottle? For editor
  7. ) Then correct descriptions and upload more. Or bring your own buyers, but not every people have an established buyer's base. Cannot see other ways. Maybe somebody tells more, but I doubt. )
  8. Captions + Keywords. Make all of your images green. ) Add location, category, power tags etc.
  9. Hi! Your portfolio is great. Your landscapes are unique. You are doing everything in a right way. Alamy is a slow seller. It is NOT a microstock as SS. Upload more images, more editorials. They say here on the forum somewhere that if you have 1000 photos on Alamy, you will sell ones in a month (in broad, broad average), 5000 - ones a week, 10000 - once a day. It depends of many factors including your location, where you shoot. British newspapers will buy some UK local images for the morning paper, rather than some far landscape or cityscape. Do not stop, upload more and have patience. )
  10. One small sale in January, anothe one small a few days ago. Last year was more fruitful with much less images. (
  11. Congratulations Broken Pixel ! Just keep at it. Sales with come. Cheers. Kumar, India Thanks, Kumar, I hope that sales will come. I like your photos. Flowers seller in a boat, Bengal tiger on a tree (play of color!), cattle fair, archers, bazaars... India is a motherland of THE COLOR, the photographer paradize. )))
  12. So, when you look at your image tags, they all have a star symbol on them. You can choose 10 tags by clicking on the star and changing its color to blue. The supertag is the analog or counterpart of essential tag in the old image description window. Earlier you were allowed just 50 letters and spaces between the words, now you are allowed 10 power words. Just to increase discoverability and to make the bar green you can go to the Optional tag and add location of the photo and add the photo to Primary and Secondary categories.
  13. I had about 130 orange images, corrected them and now I am all green. )
  14. Hello everybody! I have just met my goal to have 6000 images on Alamy. How to increase the number of sales is not at all a task... It is a mystery. )))
  15. I have a couple of questions to ALAMY. For wall art printing purposes I upload specially prepared photos to POD sites, i.e. photos with high level or processing, overprocessed photos as Alamy call them. I also convert some photos into digital oil or watercolor paintings. I can add a text to a photo to make a poster. Alamy have a procedure for archival photos, where a photo can be of a poor technical quality but of a great historic value. Artistic photos can be considered overprocessed, wrongly processed, but they are artistic photos to be printed and hang on a wall for personal purposes n
  16. I had more or less sales every month during the year. October surprised me with its beautifully round zero.
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