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  1. I certainly didn't expect so many replies to the original question. There seems to arguments for both rf and rm, particularly regarding other stock sites. However, if it were put to a vote, I think rm would be the favourite way to go on Alamy.
  2. Could someone explain in simple terms the pros and cons of RF vs RM images? Are certain images better in one category than the other? Am I right in thinking that model/property releases must be obtained in RF but not in RM? Your advice please, as I'm more than a little confused.
  3. How would a picture of a statue be categorized here on Alamy? It is a photo but also someone elses artwork. Do you need permission from the artist or the owner to put the image on a stock site?
  4. Thanks, John. For me, this is a difficult one to call. I guess there is no hard and fast rule as to how much pp is too much. I'll have to 'suck it and see' as the saying goes.
  5. Thank you both. Very interesting that a little noise seems to be ok.
  6. Here is the link to a 100% crop of the robin's head: http://www.peterallchin.co.uk/images/failed.jpg This is the image submitted: http://www.peterallchin.co.uk/images/IMG_1013.jpg This is the original untouched version saved as a jpeg. There is a lot of noise as the light was too low for my big Sigma lens and Canon 60d. I have now upgraded to the 5d3, which is terrific for higher iso: http://www.peterallchin.co.uk/images/IMG_1013-untouched.jpg
  7. Thank you for the extra replies, very helpful. I have tried to add a 100% crop of the failed image but all I get is a warning telling me that theimjage extention is not allowed. I have tried saving for web and save as, but neither work. Is it becasue I dragged and dropped the image? Or, do I have to put it on my website and post the url?
  8. Many, many thanks for all your replies. Generally, I shoot for club, inter-club and salons when I'm in a serious mood and always shoot raw. I guess that the work I do on some of them would never be acceptable here. When I sharpen, it is only ever localised and in two stages, having converted to a smart object. However, I was told over-manipulation, and that could not have be an over-sharpen. I think it might have been colour and saturation, as I do play around with that for comps. One more question: for Alamy, should I shoot in jpeg as a certain amount of sharpening tales place? This is s
  9. Hi, just joined Alamy and I'm a little confused. For the four images submitted, there had to be no sharpening. I had one failure for 'over manipulation'. There were no sharpening artifacts on the image or halos around the subject. This image has been successful on other stock sites, so I'm now wondering to what extent can I push the post processing on Alamy? Any and all advice will be gratefull appreciated. I have now had full acceptance, but not sure what to upload next for fear of rejection through over manipulation.
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