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  1. My query goes back to January 2013 when I visited a supermarket and whilst waiting at the checkout noticed one of my images being used in the shop. I didn't recall the sale, but on looking back I found that Alamy had sold AXCRDJ for a wall print: the details were image size A1 (594mm x 841mm) starting 15th October 2008 and ending 15th January 2009 for which they invoiced by Alamy for $335.34. I supplied Alamy with full details of the initial sale, plus a lo-res image of the picture still on display. My initial mail to Alamy was on 23/1/2013, and I followed up with emails on 21st Febru
  2. Update: I decided to try Mark's suggestions sooner than anticipated... I ought to add that my tekkie skills are somewhere between poor and moderate, so it all looked rather daunting at first. However, I found a helpful web page at http://freeweb.siol.net/hrastni3/foto/exif/exiftoolgui.htm which explained the initial steps very clearly. Using that information, I downloaded the two links i.e. EXIF Tool and Windows GUI and ran the program using copies of the two sets of pictures, to be sure, to be sure, and worked first time... BTW, from what I can gather, the program will also enable
  3. Thanks Mark...that will be great help - I tried copying and pasting about 50, it took an age, dreadfully repetitive and I got "mouse-cramp"; although some good music took away some of the pain!. I'll try it over the weekend and let you know it all works out...enjoy yours! George
  4. My first post of the "new" Forum and I'm I'm hoping that someone can help with a problem that I've recently encountered... Over the years that I've been shooting stock, I've kept to the same work-flow...shoot RAW, process the images and save them as Tif files; then append the copyright details, captions and keywords to the meta-data using PS (CS4) Bridge. When the images are finished, I convert them to Jpegs and upload to the relevant agency. Recently, I realised that some of my earlier work (about 350 images) would be greatly improved if I re-processed them from the original RAW files. The
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