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  1. Indeed....I often work with models who are 18+ but who look convincingly 15-16-17...great for illustrating sensitive issues affecting younger teenagers km That is certainly true, Cary Mulligan at the age of 22 played a schoolgirl in An Education. She was so convincing that she said the crew treated her differently when she was in school uniform, refraining from swearing in front of her and being more respectful.
  2. People are usually sensitive about their age, and this is compounded by the huge increase in identity fraud. Because I work with musicians and dancers I have considerable opportunity to photograph them with their permission. However I don't know their ages and they almost certainly would not tell me - their attitude would be 'I am an adult, why do you need my date of birth?'. My suggestion is the that the model release just declares: I confirm that on this date --/--/-- I am over the age of 18 (or 21) and I am legally able to sign on my behalf. (This would still protect underage mo
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