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  1. Yes, you could be right in that regard. Alamy showed a Donald Trump style negotiation tactic: Threaten more than you really want and when you take back a part of that thread, the other side sees that as a success, although you exactly got what you want.

    However it could also be that Alamy really thought we would accept those 40%.


  2. The thing with the just 38,5% for affiliate sales shocks me. That's even less than 40% it somehow secretly sneaked into the commission table at one point. I never got an email saying "Dear contributor, for some sales you will only get 38,5% from now on"


    Alamy is just not trustable. In the contract it cleary says in the beginning "We will pay you 50% of a direct sale made by Alamy" and then the table says something different that no one of us has ever actively agreed on. We take the photos and Alamy sells them. That is the deal. I do not see why we should pay any money to "affiliates" from our share of the money.


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  3. 2 minutes ago, KevinS said:

    All my images on Alamy are RM, Rights Managed. Years ago I was told here (by a former contributor) that Alamy does not actually manage rights. Does anyone know if Alamy has a mechanism to prevent selling the same rights to two different customers?


    Rights Managed does not mean exclusive. It just means that the rights are defined like "1/4 page, circulation up to 50,000, worldwide, 5 years ....."

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  4. I wanted to point out that the Brexit argument came from James West. He used Brexit as one reason for the commission cut.

    We will not reach an agreement, if Brexit will happen, and maybe that is another topic, but I really wonder what negative effect it would have on sales. Are their customs in place for digital goods? I though that Alamy has offices in different countries to avoid that.

  5. Just now, JeffGreenberg said:


    You will restrict your 40/60's to $19.99 licenses.

    This effort applauded by others facing 40/60, IMO.

    But why not restrict to only the highest potential prices?

    They will be rarer than lower priced, but...

    With the highest prices I would lose more - at least per image.


    Of course that is only hypothetical now, as all my images are exclusive at Alamy at the moment. However, if I find a better deal elsewhere (like 60%), I would upload the image there, untick the exclusivity box at Alamy and restrict my image at Alamy to personal use. Before the changes I would just have continued with an unrestricted, but unexclusive image here.

  6. I will pursue this strategy: I will leave my exclusive images on Alamy as long as receive 50% for them. If ever have an image anywhere else, I will not just untick the "exclusive" checkmark for that images, but also restrict it to personal use only as I already did in the time between those two videos. I am not willing to accept 40%.

    Imagine you have two friends who hate each other. One of them tells you, that you have to cancel one friendship: "Either me or him!". Then you should always cancel the friendship with the guy who said that you can't be friends with both. I follow this rule in all parts of life. For example if a country says "You can either visit this country or the other, not both", you should always visit the other country and not the one who forced you to make that decision.

    So I do not see exclusivity as "If your photo is at Alamy, it can't be at another agency" but as "If your photo is at any other agency, it can't be at Alamy".

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  7. What should remain clear: If the commission will drop below 50% again (even with exclusivity), we should all quit Alamy. 50% should still be a red line for all of us. The photographer should always get at least half of the sale price.

    So everyone of use should at least have an emergency plan for the next price drop. Nobody should be in the situation to just stay here because it would be too much work to move to another agency.

  8. Changes made in the image manager seem to come into effect much quicker than the mentioned 48 hours. Yesterday evening after the video In unrestricted all may images and afterwards had a sale on the same day - so within less than four hours. It's nice that we can have sales again without selling our soul by accepting an unfair commission.

  9. That's good news. It will be a lot of work though. I had restricted all my images to personal use after the first video and now I will take a look at each image and if it is exclusive at Alamy, I will unrestrict it and mark it as exclusive.

    I need an precise definition of "exclusive" though. Is it enough that an image is not available on any other stock agency? Some of my images of skyscrapers are also in a skyscraper database, which also allows you to buy images of skyscrapers. Does that count as a stock agency? I did not sell a single photo there for years anyway.

  10. 18 minutes ago, photocatseyes said:

    What is wrong with this picture? Alamy makes a sale of 5.45 dollar for one of my images. Which is in itself a joke already. From that 5.45 dollar 1.63 (30%) goes to the Alamy DistriBUTION Commission, 40 % goes to DistriBUTOR Commission, the photographer gets : $1.64.

    Do we really need to keep working like that? On top of it all, I do not get paid in January because I have only $49.83 cleared, one needs 50 dollars to get paid. That means I do not get paid before I sell another photograph or get cleared when whoever bought my photograph for five dollars pays. Alamy has the money, the buyer who got my picture for five dollars is good. The photographer's payment is moved forward to another month ... or two...

    That's why I opted out of the distribution scheme when the commission for photographers in that scheme slipped below 50%.


    I think when I joined Alamy we needed $100 or even $150 before we got our money. I think that has to do with PayPal transaction costs.

  11. 1 hour ago, chris_rabe said:

    Have people been using the Alamy console/manager to do everything for thousands upon thousands of images? If they have, I can see how they'd be facing a mammoth task.

    I do not even have backups of many of the processed images. For a new agency I would have to start with the unprocessed RAW images again. That would not stop me from changing the agency though.

  12. 1 hour ago, Martin Carlsson said:


    By keeping stats on your numbers over time using sales data and Alamy Measures. I do it by month by month - views, zooms, number of sales, total net sales values, portfolio size changes (how many I upload) etc. I do this pretty much everywhere where I license images and video - tells a lot, statistics is a powerful thing and works great as guide to ensure you spend your time right/wisely.

    Actually I track quite a lot in my life. For example anything I have eaten since 2011. I did not care a lot about the stats at Alamy though, as long as I received my fair share of the sale price. I check quite often for new sales though, as I have many ideas what do to with that money.

  13. My costs are tens of dollars per image and that does not even include the camera gear. The problem is that my subjects (skyscrapers) are far away from the place I live. So I already have the feeling that my images have to be more expensive because they were so expensive to produce. I would not suggest different prices for images though, but my high costs explain my unwillingness to accept another commission cut.

    Perhaps I should switch to taking macro shots of fruits and vegetables. I could even eat those after the photoshoot :-)

  14. Doesn't the "Click Through Rate" already do quite a good job in that regard?

    The CTR punishes keyword spamming for example. If you use keywords that do not really describe the image, your image will appear in the results, but people will not click on it. The same happens with low quality photos. Avoiding duplicates also increases your CTR.

    My CTR usually is more than twice as high as the Alamy average. So it seems I might do something right.

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  15. Actually some of my best selling images are among those I have already uploaded more than ten years ago. It would make no sense to me to upload photos just because we should upload a certain number of photos per year.  If those photos are worse than my old photos, that would hurt my Alamy rank. The system you propose would just make me delete my old photos and upload the same photos again, just to get a better commission.

    A low commission for newbies is not the right thing, if you want to attract new photographers. Especially in the combination with exclusivity. I think Alamy had a program for students that even gave them 100% commission for a while. That's how you attract new photographers.

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