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  1. Hi everybody, I just wondered if any of you who are with FAA have joined the ABC/Disney program or the Interior designer program and how was it working out for you? Have you made any sales through those programs? Cheers, Harry Lee.
  2. Hi everybody. I was looking at the handy sales graph that Alamy have introduced on the new My Alamy page. I Joined Alamy in 2007 and as I added pictures I had a very steady increase in the number of sales peaking in 2012. Since then, while still adding pictures, I have had a just as steady decrease in sales. I have a little over 3000 images uploaded at present. I just wondered if anybody else had noticed a similar dicline in sales starting at around this time. Did Alamy introduce or change anything at that time or is this something I have caused myself? - or, is this pure luck of the draw?
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