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  1. The wooded pathway leading to the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo taken on a lovely August day last year. Worldwide, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 2 years $$, exclusive. Wonder if it had anything to do with the Japanese emperor’s abdication today.
  2. Breakfast. 1 MB 739 x 492 pixels 58KB compressed Turkey, Editorial Website, Bulk discount, flat rate per image
  3. And one on the very last day of January, from one of our hiking trips in beautiful Daisetsuzan National Park on wonderful Hokkaido. It actually sold twice (to the same place), so I’m expecting one of them to be cancelled.
  4. If you don’t have an online presence already, I guess this might be of limited commercial use, but if you already promote your work online or have an online presence, the best bet is probably to just plaster the link all over that presence: personal website/blog, in posts/bios on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn/anywhere else, in your e-mail footer and so on. Currently thinking about setting up a personal website again, so it would be pretty cool to be able to embed the portfolio on personal webpages. Perry
  5. Here's mine. Also started to put together a couple of galleries to see how that works. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/perrysvensson
  6. Indoor display, IT sector, California, non commercial display, one print, mid-$$$. Very happy.
  7. Taipei subway station. Worldwide editorial for book, print and/or e-book, up to 100,000, inside, 1 page, 10 years
  8. Nothing, and then two on Aug. 24, total of US$460. Quite pleased with that, since I just don’t have enough time to shot and upload as much as I would like due to work...
  9. Thanks for the info, guys, I’ll get Shuttersnitch. It was in fact the Alamy blog post about RedSnapper a while back that made me curious about which app you are using, so I’m glad to see that you weighed in here, thanks.
  10. I've begun uploading news images lately, and I want to be able to upload them when I'm out and about and don't have a computer connection, so through my phone/tablet. I am therefore looking for recommendations for IPTC apps that will allow me to write captions and headlines to the files before uploading them through the phone, and I was hoping that some on here have tried it and have some views on the available apps. I'm on Canon 70d/5d4 and use an iPhone/iPad. Any suggestions appreciated, both with regards to an IPTC app and any other comments on the process in general, such as ftp apps and so on. Thanks, Perry
  11. I just found this one a couple of weeks ago. Quite good: http://www.microstockgroup.com/ Covers all bigger stock sites out there, and I’ve even seen posts from Alamy staff in the Alamy sub forum. Perry
  12. No, they don't accept app-releases from China, but they (or at least Getty) do accept them from places outside of China, even if they are in Chinese, so since I live in Taiwan I'm good. I don't have many pics on Getty sites yet since I've only been uploading for a few months and I've been too busy with my regular job to really get started the way I want, but the 7 or 8 model releases I've uploaded so far are all Easy Release app-releases in Chinese from Taiwan, signed in Chinese both by the model and the witness, while I have signed in English as photographer (my Chinese handwriting sucks :-) ). If you're travelling in China, though, one of Getty's printed Chinese releases in traditional or simplified Chinese would be required. Not sure if HK and Macau would be counted as China or not these days. Betty, it uses the handwriting recognition function, so there are fields where the photographer, the model/property owner and a witness can sign, either with your finger, which is a bit awkward, or with a special pen, which makes it more or less the same as writing with pen and paper. The app then saves the document, signatures and all, in jpeg and pdf format which you can e-mail directly to yourself and the model before uploading it with the image. Avoids printing and scanning releases, making a copy for the model after signing and remembering to even bring them along. Perry
  13. So this was the answer I received from member services. I'll post it here for those who participated in this thread, and to make it searchable in case someone else has a similar question about another language or the app. "Yes, we accept release forms from the Easy Release app: http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2010/04/01/4808.aspx. Ideally the release should be in English. Releases are legal documents between yourself and the model or property owner, so whichever language you use you need to ensure its legally binding and happy it protects you and your interests. If you’re in doubt then we’d recommend speaking to a lawyer. You can download our sample release forms from here: http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/image-releases.asp" Perry
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