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  1. My concern would be sub-licensing to the crowd and seeing the image (with a bit of the original article) all over piterest, facebook, blogs, etc, all within the rights granted by Alamy. GI
  2. Re: internet is global. Yes, it is. But if the buyer does not speak/read english (and that's a lot of buyers), they won't buy your image. Besides, many editorial buyers (Alamy's bulk of clients) buy a lot and have accounts with stock libraries. Why would a Korean publisher have an account with Alamy that is many time zones away? Re: if someone wishes.. If you are known enough that clients seek your images specifically, you have a lot of my respect. For the rest of us.. we'd have stock agencies and distrubutors. GI
  3. I agree. With Alamy clientele, it largely does not matter. It seems that a lot of accounts have custom contracts that pretty much neglect the license type. GI
  4. Adobe converter runs on XP, at least for Sony NEX6 files. Speaking from experience. You might want to double-check the XP compartability.
  5. Worst year since 2007 net-income-wise. Probably a good reflection of shifting efforts away from Alamy quite a while back. GI
  6. I beg to differ. There's a lot of hard-to-get, not obvious, specialists subjects that are in high demand. Finding them and shooting does take time and effort. GI
  7. That would be a fine path to microstock, and with a lot of competition already. Choose your subjects more judiciously, add contemporary style, and you have a path to commercially successful stock. GI
  8. Judging from your 4 images: if you have a sizeable collection of natural history images and plan to shoot more of those, there are several established specialist agencies out there that can and do provide better returns (if you have the right material). Do not worry too much about an exclusive offer coming from elsewhere. GI
  9. I do not think that things are any different now than they were previously: editorial: subject matter is the king commercial: concept, styling GI
  10. How about two flashes illuminating at an angle from opposite sides? F/16 for DOF? GI I don't have any slave flashes and there is no external flash connection on the RX100. I will try some reflective cooking foil over the front of the camera, with a hole for the lens, tomorrow. Using f6.3 is OK with 6mm DOF behind the coin front, especially with your mirror trick to keep it square. I could go to f8 but do not fancy stopping down much further for feaar of softeningby diffraction. . . I see. You may get it to work OK with your setup.. Hope you realize that you are at a sev
  11. How about two flashes illuminating at an angle from opposite sides? F/16 for DOF? GI
  12. A handy trick is to put a flat mirror in place of the object (ie coin) and adjust tip/tilt (and focus) until you see a reflection of the lens exactly in the center of the frame. Replace the mirror with the object, adjust focus. Shoot. GI
  13. I suspect that the 20D may be at the limit of acceptable quality. Check out Joe Gaul's experiences above. I can only repeat - when I upgraded my kit all my QC issues disappeared. dov I doubt 20D is the sole reason. Without upsizing you get about 24 MB, right at the current Alamy size threshold. It could it be the lens, technique, etc. I have many images accepted here and elsewhere, upsized from 20D to 48+MB. With the caveat that last time I submitted a 20D image to Alamy was maybe 2 years ago.. So it is conceivable that QC got used to see a better quality from newer cameras.
  14. I forgot that "region" appears on the spreadsheet. Like yours mine was Country: Brazil and Region: US US-based publishers do translate English-language textbooks to Portuguese and publish them in Brasil. Could this be the case here? GI
  15. Agree. Look for what is being used, make a list, prioritize and shoot that. One caveat. Say, you decide to focus on editorial (as opposed to commercial, where agencies do spend a lot of money and time to figure out what subjects AND styles clients want - see Geoff post). If you go to a library or a bookstore and look through general-interest publications, it can be overwhelming, you might not be able to see a pattern and conclude that "everything and anything sells" - exactly the wrong conclusion for your purposes of trying to figure out what you need to be shooting. Instead, look
  16. ...fundamentally you need to be shooting material which is wanted by clients... Fairly obvious, isn't it? That should be a sticky here. GI
  17. Specialize (special access, special knowledge, special effort, in-depth coverage, etc) and shoot for a specific market. GI
  18. Quick research into textbook credit pages shows a lot of microstock credits (i.e shutt..ock), sometimes 100%. Alamy's US textbook prices might have dropped over the years. In my experience, prices at (some) specialists have been stable. What has been eroding are the rights granted for the price. Still routinely get $350 gross from Pearson (college-level). Alamy can't charge that as it is a generalist. GI
  19. In my lay-man understanding, if the Slovenian publisher has a business presence in the US (via US-based ownership), you can sue them in the US. GI
  20. Having a living shoot list of ideas/subjects/situations may help to overcome photographer's block. GI
  21. Alamy: 250 licenses since 2006 Total stock licenses: 1875 since 2006 Total individual images that were licensed: 880 since 2006 (no microstock) GI
  22. My lay understanding is that Copyright is a Fedreal jurisdiction, but the Federal Government can not sue the states (and their agencies). GI
  23. I'm sorry Phil but the evidence is quite the opposite. The commercial agencies return the most to photographers, generally by quite some distance. They are distributed to all the majors plus maybe 200 others. Getty have had images on various large agencies for years, there used to be Getty collections on Alamy at one point. The Ocean collection on Corbis is a mix of Getty collections - I've sold work with Getty via Corbis. Negotiation is not just about price, it's about rights, it's about business accounts, it's about local taxation.... it's about doing business. +1
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