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  1. Nice image. Good for you. I guess the trick is to make sure that you're shooting from the dry side of the window on rainy days. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  2. I too really like Bill's wintry images. Snow may be the great simplifier, but unfortunately rain -- at least the copious amount we get in Vancouver -- tends to be the great party pooper. ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Yes, I had this happen recently (I'm embarrassed to admit). The failure was totally my fault as I mistakenly uploaded a very noisy image. It was reassuring to know that someone or something was awake at the helm. Do you currently have a five-star rating? If so, that might have something to do with it.
  4. Winter in rainy Vancouver can be challenging for outdoor photography. I find that closeups that don't show the winter gloom can work -- e.g. architectural detail, signs, storefronts, abstracts, etc. However, I suppose there is really nothing new or inspirational on that list. Weather shots are out in Canada as news outlets tend to get them for free from their readers. I like Bryan's suggestion re blurred people in front of main subjects. I'm going to experiment more with that.
  5. Actually, it's the use of the digital file, not the file itself that is being returned. That said, refunding personal use licenses makes it much too easy for people to get high resolution files for free. Unfortunately, Alamy doesn't seem concerned about this. I've yet to have a PU or presentation sale refunded, but it sounds as if I've been lucky.
  6. I've visited Masaya Volcano twice. Last time was in 2010, about two years after the most recent eruption, I believe. Have to say that I found it a bit spooky standing at the rim of the crater and staring into the smoking abyss. This image was taken in the late 90's. The volcano god was in a good mood that day.
  7. At least you're not suffering from an identity crisis. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ BTW, I think you're right -- it should be "trouper" rather than "trooper". Unless of course you like to wear a boy scout hat when you're out snapping photos in the snow. ๐Ÿคฃ
  8. The few motion blur images that I have in my collection are pretty tame, like the ones below. None of them has licensed as far as I can remember. I'd think that with increasing concerns about having recognizable people in images, there may be more demand for these types of shots. But then maybe not... ? I was a bit concerned about the one below because the blur isn't obvious at small sizes, but QC didn't seem to mind.
  9. I see stuff like that sometimes, usually in the central area of the frame. I don't think that it's CA, or ordinary CA anyway. Some kind of colour fringing maybe. Like you, if all else fails, I try to either clone it out or selectively de-saturate.
  10. I understand Jeff a lot better now that he doesn't post on the forum. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  11. It was the not-so-wonderful time of the year for me with eight sales for $240 -- quietest month of 2019. Nice post-Xmas present on the way, though, which I'm going to need to pay the bills.
  12. Best year ever for sales (172) and third best for gross revenue ($8.2K) after 2014 and 2012. In short, it was a surprisingly good year for me. Who knows what 2020 will bring...
  13. Same here -- last one was a small sale on the 20th. I guess everyone must have Boxing Day fatigue. ๐Ÿคจ
  14. Still eerily quiet here. Looks like 2019 may be going out with a whisper.
  15. Welcome back to Winter, Mark. You haven't missed a heck of a lot.
  16. We heard Mount St. Helens blow her top in Vancouver, almost 300 miles away. I remember it well.
  17. I've been using PTLens for years, mainly for straightening horizons and verticals. It's another cheap and cheerful little program that's easy to use.
  18. Yes, that is the crux of the problem. The current "exclusivity" thing is an honour system, so Alamy can't tell clients with 100% certainty that an image really is exclusive. The only way to solve this would be to offer contributors an exclusive contract, as some agencies do, which probably few of us would be willing to sign.
  19. Yes the comments are interesting. I was a "from my cold, dead hands" person when it came to giving up XP. However, when I finally did reluctantly switch to Windows 7, I was pleasantly surprised. All my old software still ran, and I ended up liking 7 better than XP. Hopefully that will be the case with Windows 10. Buying a newer Windows 10 machine rather than trying to install Win 10 on my current two-core dinosaur should hopefully help matters. Not sure that the tiled look will bother me, but good to know about the Classic Shell option.
  20. This article attempts to answer the following question: "I want to keep using Windows 7, but support is ending. Am I screwed?" The response seems pretty level-headed.
  21. I'll probably keep running Windows 7 until I get a new computer set up but not for the long term. I need a new machine anyway. Mine is now woefully out-of-date and beyond serious upgrading. As I remember, I used XP for quite a long time after support stopped and had no problems.
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