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  1. Are you clicking the "Insert image from URL" bar at the bottom right-right hand corner of the reply box? You should then just have to paste the image's URL in the space provided. Et voilà !
  2. It's a confusing situation alright. I've decided to take an "In Alamy We Trust" (as they might say down your way) attitude rather than risk losing sales.
  3. FWIW, I've occasionally had Alamy contact me asking if I would waive the "editorial use only" restriction on particular images because a client is interested in using the image. I usually comply because I trust that Alamy knows what they are doing. These days I click the "editorial use only" button for artwork (e.g. street murals in context) and for images where I have an agreement with an institution that the images will be used solely for editorial purposes.
  4. Education, multiple editorial use, high $$, direct sale, exclusive to Alamy
  5. It's dinky alright. However, the system needed a compact alternative, and I think Sony did a pretty good job all things considered. I imagine that ultra-small zooms are very challenging to design. Used dinky 16-50's go for about $200 CAN here. I've actually thought of buying a spare. As discussed, a really good, affordable alternative in the same zoom range would be welcomed. Don't think it's gonna happen, though.
  6. Here's an unusual license ($, exclusive) -- "in perpetuity" for five years? 🥴 Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Lesson plans accessed via the web, any size, single placement and design, worldwide, in perpetuity Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Education Image Size: Any size Start: 27 August 2019 End: 27 August 2024
  7. That's interesting. I wondered where Canadian sales get put. It sounds as if we're lumped together with our big neighbour to the south, as per usual. 😖 Almost all of my PU sales are listed as US as well.
  8. I haven't closely tracked US sales either, but I'd say that roughly 50% US sales has probably always been the case for me.
  9. Of my 110 sales so far this year, about 50% were specifically to the US, including the lowest ($0.99) and the highest ($250) -- and frankly everything in between.
  10. Do you find that you've had a higher % of US sales since the US office opened?
  11. Yes, I'm surprised at how low German sales can be. Does anyone know why this is the case?
  12. I have very few images taken in the US, and the ones I do have have don't do all that well. It might be that UK contributors have benefited more from the opening of the US office that those of us on this side of the pond. Just suggestin'...
  13. I wouldn't say that I've had more sales to the USA since the US office opened. In fact, the pattern hasn't changed much for me over the years. As far as appeal to the US market goes, I would imagine that contributors with a lot of images shot in UK villages and in the countryside realize that they aren't going to do well abroad. Same goes for local UK news and weather shots. No?
  14. Don't forget that "America" is a big place -- it stretches all the way from Ellesmere Island to the tip of Tierra del Fuego. However, you obviously mean the USA, which is a huge market where just about anything can license. Probably the best Alamy contributors to answer your question are UK-based photographers who do manage to sell a lot of images in the US. Speaking personally, I have many images from my travels in Latin America that do well in the US. Not sure I would recommend spending a fortune on going there on photo shoots, though.
  15. One of two distributor sales to Spain that showed up today (magazine use, low-ish $$, exclusive to Alamy) Xochicalco, Mexico
  16. Can't afford the 24mm, unfortunately, but I've heard that it's a very good lens. I still have my trusty 18-55. However, I now use the very compact 16-50 on my a6000 most of the time. I've discovered that using manual focus to tweak the autofocus (DMF) with this lens greatly improves sharpness across the frame. The 16-50 has a lot of field curvature, especially at 16mm, so you often have to move the main focus point away from the centre of the frame, against the advice of AF. I find the 16-50 to be a cool little lens now that I've made friends with it more or less.
  17. Could be. I've had three sales of Nica images recently (one this month and two in July), all for OK prices. Two were taken at a coffee plantation, and the other one was a handicrafts shot (pottery).
  18. Capture One Express for RAW conversion if your friend is a Sony person.
  19. I'll have to try that. Sounds delicious. I love Middle Eastern cuisine. It's a treasure trove for vegetarian dishes. I keep hoping someone will order my falafel plate. It has been zoomed, but no takers yet, which no doubt says something about my lack of skill as a food photographer.
  20. My modus operandi is similar. I usually carry around a small Tamrac bag, which has become my "murse", containing the a6000 with dreaded 16-50 "pancake zoom" and Sony 55-210. This kit is fairly light and compact, so I don't see any point in getting into (more) debt with an RX100. It would be nice to have one of these little gems of course, but recouping the cost would not be easy. My photo shoots are pretty casual. I plan to go out this afternoon on one. The sojourn will probably include a stop in a coffee shop, but that's all I'll spend. Future travel stock shooting shall be combined with vacations. Fortunately, my older images accumulated during years of travel are holding up well. When sales from these images collapse, I'll most likely be toast. C'est la vie...
  21. It seems that photographers who sell mainly to UK publications might be suffering the most from low fees. For instance, I had a $5.10 sale (one page, inside or cover) to a UK magazine with a circulation of 500K show up yesterday. A print publication of that size in the US or Canada would have paid much more.
  22. Ten years is impressive. I think it has been at least three or four years for me. However, I always remind myself that all it takes is one tiny sin like missing a dust spot, and it's back to purgatory.
  23. Yes, we seem to be going down the same spiraling path to riches. 🙃
  24. This just licensed for a princely mid $ to a UK magazine (inside or cover) with a circulation of 500K. At least I didn't have to venture farther than my own backyard to photograph it.
  25. Snapping in stores can definitely pay off. This one from Montreal licensed (not for a great sum, though). In Quebec, maple syrup is almost a separate food group.
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