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  1. Yes, it is 20% if you look at it that way. To be fair, there are certain types of commercial images that appear to stand little chance of licensing here, so I can certainly understand why people send them "over there" where they might do better. I've been experimenting a bit with that myself on a very small scale, but I now realize that I'd have to submit 1000's of images in order to make things worthwhile, which is something I'm not willing to do at this stage of the game (too old and grumpy). Also, my "old school" hangups mean that I find those mini-payments debilitating.
  2. I've recently started experimenting with Capture One Express for Sony, and I'm really impressed at how powerful it is, especially for free software. However, I'm a bit concerned about CrowingHen's experience with low-ISO noise. Has anyone else had problems with this when using Capture One for for RAW processing? Is this its Achilles heel?
  3. Yes, it's more a problem with literacy in general, which might have something to do with too much time spent tapping, scrolling and snapping.
  4. However, there is the 10% loss of income on Alamy for non-exclusive images. That can really add up, especially with repeat-sellers. Even a ten-dollar loss on the sale of an image here can take an awfully long time to recoup on a micro (on subscription sales of the same image).
  5. No, those look different. Thanks. By the time I get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, there may be nothing left.
  6. Yes, it's version 4.6.9. I contacted camera bits and they explained that v4 is no longer available. Unfortunately, my activation key won't work for v5. I've still got v4 on my W7 machine, but going back and forth between two computers will be a real pain. I can download a trial version of v6 that is good for 30 days. However, I'm not sure I want to cough up $139 US for a new licence. I like Photo Mechanic, but it's really overkill for me as I use it only for renaming, captioning and keywording. Have never used all the other features. Still, I'm going to miss it...
  7. That makes sense (not that Canadians aren't just as sneaky as everyone else 😶).
  8. Here's an encouraging one -- I had a sale refunded a few days ago, and yesterday it reappeared with exactly the same licensing terms but for $25 more, taking it up to high $$.
  9. I'm in a similar boat as I am in the process of setting up a new Win 10 machine and have discovered that I will no longer be able to use my old version of Photo Mechanic (that worked fine on Win 7) to rename files plus add captions and keywords. Hence I need to find an alternative for Alamy. One option I've been reading about is FastPhoto Tagger. It looks as if it might do the job, and it's free. Does anyone have any experience with this program?
  10. I downloaded Xpiks and Windows 10 won't let me run it for security reasons. Unless I'm doing something wrong...
  11. It caught my attention too. I thought it might be Superwoman wearing a hijab. Effective image for the front page IMO (and I don't even like wrestling) despite the technical issues.
  12. Afraid you lost me there. Good luck. It looks as if I have only one program that I can't run on W10, an old (2012) version of Photo Mechanic that worked fine with W7. I found some useful W10 suggestions here.
  13. Allô Police 😊 I'd say that Quebec always has been the tabloid capital of Canada, but you're right. They only care about local stuff.
  14. That's what I figure. I might give Xpiks a try for Alamy (not for MS).
  15. Who knows? Fortunately, Canada doesn't have nearly as robust a tabloid press as the UK and some other countries have. However, the article I linked to doesn't identify who the bush-leapers were.
  16. Busted! 😝 I have to admit that I've never gotten over the feeling of being something of a voyeur when taking pictures in public. Switching to smaller, mirrorless cameras has helped somewhat. However, I still find it difficult not to feel like a sneak. I think that one just has to accept that this is the way it is and carry on. P.S. I've yet to stoop so low as to hide in the bushes or stalk the Royals. I'd say that would be very un-Canadian, but maybe it isn't.
  17. When using Xpiks and uploading images to Alamy, which field do you put the caption in -- the "title" or "description" field? Also, does Xpiks work with TIFs? Have you had any compatibility problems with Alamy's image manager? Thanks.
  18. I stored most of my software licenses on my HD, and have been able to get any that I've lost from the software developers. So far, so good...
  19. So far the switch to my new W10 machine is going very smoothly -- no glitches or developing ulcers to report (touch wood). All my ancient software is running fine on W10, with one exception that I'm working on. I really like the SSD. It's so much faster than a conventional HD. Next step will be popping in a 1TB HDD for storing images, etc. More to follow...
  20. It sounds as if this type of model could be the future of RM. Alamy already does this already to some extent with their hybrid RM/RF licenses and their "Buy this stock image now..." options on the calculator page where you can license an RF image for specific uses and duration -- e.g. Web page use for 5 years.
  21. Yes, I remember the so-called agency. I actually used to make some very good sales through my PS website, including a memorable $600+ download by Starbucks about ten years ago, plus I also developed a list of decently paying clients. It's all tumbleweeds and broken promises now. Can't say this is totally PS's fault, though. The whole stock photo landscape has changed since they started up. I thought that their virtual agency idea, where you could combine your collection with those of other photographers, was an innovative one. However, it too went nowhere. I still have my PS website for some reason, vanity I guess.
  22. The experts say that if you want to keep readers, it's a good idea to post once per week on the same day and roughly at the same time if possible. I used to try to do this when I was more into blogging. You can compose posts and keep them as drafts until your set "publishing time" rolls around each week. P.S. Blogger was bought by Google in 2003, and the name was changed to blogspot.com. I had my first blog with Blogger in the late 90's.
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