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  1. August turned out to be my best month this year with 22 sales for $1181 gross. Both sales and revenue have been trending upward for me during the past few months. I like to think that it has something to do with Alamy's move to increased exclusivity. Whatever the cause, I'm certainly not complaining, just enjoying the ride. Who knows what next month will bring...
  2. That image I posted looks fine to me at 100% as well. No downsizing necessary. My legacy MF Minolta 50mm is definitely sharper (bigger file size too) and no worries about distortion, but it's not a convenient focal length for me. The only Sony e-lens that I have that "sparkles" is the 35mm f/1.8. I wouldn't expect that kind of performance from a kit zoom. It's a trade off. Plus as you can tell, I'm not a perfectionist. If Sony ever comes up with a better "poor man's zoom" in the 16-50 or 70 range, I'll be all ears, though. 🤩
  3. You guys are really fussy. I took this with the little 16-50 @f8, 19mm, and it looks plenty sharp across the frame to me. I used MF and focused to the right of centre to compensate for field curvature. I can get similar results at 16mm with a little experimenting.
  4. Thought I'd sneak this one in before the month comes to a close. It has a grittiness to it that I like for some reason. Older neighbourhoods like this are being transformed as Vancouver becomes increasingly built-up and gentrified. I captured it with my Sony a6000 and Sony 16mm lens with a 0.75X ultra-wide converter attached. Main Street and Broadway, Vancouver, Canada
  5. That is quite a building. Hope it's earthquake-proof.
  6. This is a bit off-topic, but I think it illustrates how we really have no control over how our stock images might be used. I've had a number of evangelical Christian missionary groups contact me through my photo website asking me if they could use my Latin American images in their promotional material, etc. No doubt, these groups do sometimes carry out beneficial work. However, I've seen a lot of them in action in Latin America, and I think they usually do much more harm than good. As a result, I've always -- as politely as possible -- turned them down. These same groups can now find my images here and shop as they please. That's just the nature of the stock photography business, and it probably shouldn't be any other way. We have to like it or lump it, as my mother used to say. 😄
  7. I had never heard of "Morris Dancers", so I did an Alamy search. You're correct, there is no dearth of such images (have no idea what they're up to, but they do seem to be having fun). Images of Pow Wow dancers (no shortage of them either) would probably do better in the US and Canada. But that's just the way it is.
  8. I think that what Bill is getting at (partially, anyway) is that images which tell a story probably do better in the US, although I find that just about anything can license there. A lot of UK villages, rural scenes, churches, etc. are so historical and picturesque (I'll spare you "quaint") that they lend themselves to "taken" images -- i.e. just point and shoot. This could be a disadvantage in some ways. Alamy must have the world's largest collection of the types of images that Mr. Standfast alluded to -- "...we are up to our necks with pictures of Morris Dancers, Country Cottages and Union Jack's, and they are not the gold mine we'd like them to be."
  9. Good luck with the ongoing quest. Do keep us posted. I find that at f/5.6 to f/8, the current 16-50 usually delivers good sharpness across the frame with a little help from manual focus. At 16mm, it's a bit fuzzy around the edges, but that's typical of zooms at the shortest focal length, and it doesn't bother me. DxO lab test suggest that "Dinky" holds up fairly well to a number of more expensive zooms, which is quite an accomplishment given its tiny dimensions. But then neither my eyesight nor my budget is what it used to be... 🤓
  10. Perhaps the US isn't the only goose laying golden eggs. During the past year, I've also seen good sales to the EU and ... yes ... even to the UK. Actually, I get quite a few really low sales to the US along with the golden ones. Just sayin' ...
  11. Probably the last one of the month -- multiple editorial use, mid $$, exclusive to Alamy
  12. The problem might have been fixed. A small batch that I tagged a couple of days ago just showed up. It could have been a logjam. That's happened in the past.
  13. I'd say that there are definitely more takers than makers in my collection, but then, like Bill, I'm a polite Canadian. 😛
  14. ... and with NO image stabilization to boot. Think I'll mortgage the farm and buy two of them. Only $1860 CAN + taxes each. Good old Sony. 😎
  15. In Canada, photography has no doubt played in a big part in the banning of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity. There have been all kinds of images of whales -- both wild and captive -- promoting this cause in the Canadian media
  16. I too don't like most zoos (along with factory farms, rodeos, bullfighting, and any activities that exploit and mistreat animals) and so haven't done much photography in zoos. As you say, there are some zoos that do good work. Personally, I wouldn't have any problem photographing animals in those. I visited the Belize Zoo, which has a lot of rescued and protected animals in their natural habitat, and I didn't feel uncomfortable there. The ethical dilemma that you mention is a tough one as we are all exploiting our subjects -- both non-human and human -- to some extent when selling stock photos. I've faced a similar quandary when photographing homeless people, so much so that I don't do it much any longer. Some of my images of homeless people have done well on Alamy. I can only hope that they have helped in some way to promote the cause of homelessness. However, we never know how our images will be used.
  17. Much to my surprise, three $$$ sales showed up this morning. This makes five two $$$ licenses this month, which leads me to believe that Alamy's move to more exclusivity is starting to pay off. UPDATE: Uh-oh. Looks as if I used "Date paid" rather than "Date of invoice" when checking my sales report -- i.e. these were three old sales. How embarrassing. Still a very good month, though. Yesterday, my eye doctor told me that me that I will need cataract surgery soon, so I can use use failing vision as an excuse for the time being. 🤓
  18. Sorry, I meant "bottom right-hand" (not "bottom right-right hand" corner. Sometimes I repeat repeat myself. Anyway, you seem to have found a solution. That's good.
  19. I had a similar problem in a large public market in Montreal a few years back. A pesky security guard kept telling me that I couldn't take photos. I just nodded and waited for him to disappear. Some the photos I took there have done quite well on Alamy.
  20. Are you clicking the "Insert image from URL" bar at the bottom right-right hand corner of the reply box? You should then just have to paste the image's URL in the space provided. Et voilà !
  21. It's a confusing situation alright. I've decided to take an "In Alamy We Trust" (as they might say down your way) attitude rather than risk losing sales.
  22. FWIW, I've occasionally had Alamy contact me asking if I would waive the "editorial use only" restriction on particular images because a client is interested in using the image. I usually comply because I trust that Alamy knows what they are doing. These days I click the "editorial use only" button for artwork (e.g. street murals in context) and for images where I have an agreement with an institution that the images will be used solely for editorial purposes.
  23. Education, multiple editorial use, high $$, direct sale, exclusive to Alamy
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