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  1. It's also a good reason to have a private, contributors-only forum. Whoops! I forgot, that issue is now verboten. Sorry I mentioned it.
  2. Hopefully they won't. I had a Russian Fed distributor sale (definitely not $905) pop up yesterday, along with a couple of other low ones to Brazil. But these have been offset this month by a flurry of decent non-distributor sales of $80 to $180. So, I guess life really is like a box of chocolates, especially these days. October is not over yet. Good luck.
  3. She did, John. They're called feet. Yes, I imagine you've become very artful at dodging all those Kamakazi NYC yellow cabs.
  4. I can't afford either of these lenses these days; but if I could buy only one, I would go with the zoom. I find that I tend to compose better and lose fewer shots with zooms. However, I do appreciate the poetry of primes. P.S. If God had wanted us to shoot with primes all of the time, She would have given us telescopic arms.
  5. Unfortunately, having to pay to get paid is becoming the new reality for freelancers of all kinds. I find that PayPal works out well enough with my Fine Art America and PhotoShelter websites. PP fees aren't excessive (in Canada, anyway), and the deposit/transfer times are fairly short. Skrill definitely sounds like it could get more costly in the long run, especially if the payout threshold drops again in the new year.
  6. My uneducated guess is that there will be yet another NEX at some point that sports a 20 MP sensor like the one in the a3000. I also think that Sony will probably bring out more cameras like the a3000 (a5000, a7000) etc. However, you never know what the heck Sony is going to do next. As a company, Sony appears to suffer from ADHD.
  7. True, Paypal doesn't charge (at least not in Canada) if you withdraw US$150 or more to your bank account. However, even if the amount is under $150, there is only a $0.50 charge for each transfer to your account, which isn't a big deal.
  8. Don't forget, everyone, what James said in his latest video on the subject of new lower payouts: ...we'll be in a position by the end of this year to lower the payment threshold further and we'll be then doing it again in the first half of next year. How this should affect (y)our decisions now, I really don't know... Personally, I hope this doesn't happen. If it does, PayPal seems to be the best option for those of us outside the UK and USA. The "free" Skrill option would probably end up being more expensive than PP for small amounts (say $50) due to the fee Skrill charges for transferring funds to your bank account. The ideal situation would be to let us choose our own thresholds IMO.
  9. PC Magazine has just published their review of the a3000. Same story as the others really, excellent IQ coupled with a crappy EVF and LCD screen: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2425433,00.asp
  10. I sympathise with you John, only a matter of days now to find out what you have done wrong! Definitely not the way to handle togs with a good record. At the moment, I feel like I have a pretty good prison record. Perhaps that will make me eligible for early parole.
  11. It looks like I'm never going to be teacher's pet. Over three weeks and counting for me so far. This after six years with Alamy and hundreds of sales.
  12. Skrill doesn't sound too appetizing to me (but I'm sure it's good with tartar sauce), so I think I'll just switch to using my PayPal account. Alamy payouts will probably be lower with the new $100 threshold, so the PP fees should be considerably less than the bank transfer method, Having to pay to get paid... Now I remember why I don't subscribe to the myth of progress.
  13. I'm quite happy with the e-mount NEX system, but this does look like an interesting camera. Much too rich for my budget, though.
  14. So, are you saying that it is possible to sign up for a free Skrill account and not have to pay for a Skrill card if you don't need/want one? Thanks
  15. Alamy wrote the following: "If you’re based in the UK or US and get paid by bank transfer, or get paid via Skrill we’ll continue to absorb all the transaction fees that go with paying thousands of photographers." I find this wording confusing. Does this mean that anyone who is not based in the UK or US cannot use Skrill as a "free" payment option?
  16. How much do you get charged by Skrill when you withdraw money? Also, you mention "bank charges" when you withdraw money. What are those? Thanks
  17. Why don't you open an account in Seattle, John? That would be a free bank transfer. Is that not doable? Interesting idea, Ed, but it's at least a three-hour drive to Seattle, plus a tank of gas. Then there would be account management fees to pay to the US bank. So it might not be too cost-effective. I've been philosophical about absorbing the $15 wire transfer fee my Canadian bank charges on the $175+ payments, but when the payment threshold drops to $100, I'll have to rethink the options, especially if Alamy starts charging a "sending" fee. Some image licenses don't even net $15 these days. Sometimes I miss the old "your check is in the mail" times.
  18. I still think that a "payout on demand" model would have been the best way to go. That way people could have chosen their own thresholds. Too late for that now, though. Hopefully, Alamy won't lower the new $100 threshold any further now that additional fees -- be they necessary or not -- are involved.
  19. Somehow I think that the Chinese market would be a "free" or "almost free" market. But you never know.
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