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  1. It does sound like a rumour. However, magazines are having a lot of trouble these days, so I guess you never know. I wonder if NGT every uses Alamy images. Probably not.
  2. A hot selection! Thanks for including one of mine.
  3. I used to license the occasional image directly to NGT as well. The going fee was $250 as you say. They even e-mailed me picture requests for awhile. I'd be surprised if the magazine is closing down, though. They have an affluent readership and a very large circulation.
  4. TV use (editorial), unlimited transmissions, $$$ (also had a very low $ student use sale today, but this one will make up for it 😏)
  5. Generally speaking, images that might be used in books (e.g. textbooks and travel guides), to illustrate articles in magazines and newspapers, or on editorial websites. This type of imagery does best on Alamy. I'd say that most of your recent images fit the editorial category, the earlier landscapes, etc., not so much (you never know, though).
  6. I upload and ask questions later. There's no predicting who might might be looking for what when.
  7. Congratulations. That's a good start, especially with less than 200 images. It looks as if you've been uploading more editorial images to your collection, so additional sales should come along.
  8. I guess that observation jibes well with Ian's comment (see above) about bored primates in pubs. 😀 To me, polar bears look the most pathetic in captivity. They pace back and forth and swing their heads from side-to-side as if they don't know what to do with themselves.
  9. True, but it's best to steer clear of politics. 😶
  10. I've actually never seen pandas in captivity or in the wild. But they are black and white... Grey wolves don't look too happy in captivity, though, along with white polar bears and black panthers.
  11. My point in mentioning WCS was that not all zoos are created equal in that some do use their profits to fund "ethical" wildlife conservation and educational projects. Personally, I don't enjoy seeing most animals in captivity, but I realize that it's not always a black and white issue.
  12. That's right, you're living in the concrete jungle. 😀 When I was doing travel writing along with photography, I wrote a few articles for Wildlife Conservation Magazine, which was published by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) based in NYC. Sadly, the magazine is now defunct. I believe that WCS manages a several NYC zoos -- including the Bronx Zoo -- none of which I've ever visited. They also do a lot of wildlife conservation work worldwide.
  13. I wonder if there ever has been much of a demand. None of mine has ever licensed as stock, but then I don't have very many.
  14. Perhaps it's time for a separate "How was your month on the Dark Side?" thread. 🙃
  15. Those are good points. BTW, Japan has resumed commercial (not just so-called "scientific") whale-hunting this year. There have been calls to boycott the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo because of it. Japan of course continues to hunt dolphins as well.
  16. That's pretty funny. I've always wondered why there were so many images taken in pubs on Alamy.
  17. I always wonder what kind of month it was for those thousands (10's of 1000's?) of other Alamy contributors -- i.e. the silent majority -- whom we never hear from. 🤐
  18. My only decent-ish sales over there have been video clips. I've actually had a Payout! However, I've not shot any new clips for quite some time, and my old ones have now disappeared into the depths. Sadly, I think that what "maturing" means in the MS world is that portfolios just get buried in the continuous landslide. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  19. Try using DMF (direct manual focus) to tweak the AF. You'll get sharper results. I find that that my RAW processing software does a very good job of correcting distortion. What program are you using? I found this article very helpful, especially the info on dealing with field curvature. Most of my recent pics were captured with this lens. P.S. The 16-50 that came with my a6000 was badly decentred (right side of the frame turned to mush), so I took it back to Kerrisdale Cameras and they gave me a new one. The replacement is much better.
  20. My limited experimenting on the dark side suggest that it's quick sand. I may be wrong of course.
  21. Thanks. I imagine that August and July (which were similar in terms of increased sales and revenue) were probably anomalies. However, I'm thinking that certain clients may now be asking Alamy for exclusive images, and I've been benefiting from this for whatever reasons. At any rate, it will be interesting to see if the upward trend continues. It's great to be on a roll, but ups are often followed by downs, as the responses in this monthly thread always demonstrate. One has to be realistic about these matters. 🧐
  22. August turned out to be my best month this year with 22 sales for $1181 gross. Both sales and revenue have been trending upward for me during the past few months. I like to think that it has something to do with Alamy's move to increased exclusivity. Whatever the cause, I'm certainly not complaining, just enjoying the ride. Who knows what next month will bring...
  23. That image I posted looks fine to me at 100% as well. No downsizing necessary. My legacy MF Minolta 50mm is definitely sharper (bigger file size too) and no worries about distortion, but it's not a convenient focal length for me. The only Sony e-lens that I have that "sparkles" is the 35mm f/1.8. I wouldn't expect that kind of performance from a kit zoom. It's a trade off. Plus as you can tell, I'm not a perfectionist. If Sony ever comes up with a better "poor man's zoom" in the 16-50 or 70 range, I'll be all ears, though. 🤩
  24. You guys are really fussy. I took this with the little 16-50 @f8, 19mm, and it looks plenty sharp across the frame to me. I used MF and focused to the right of centre to compensate for field curvature. I can get similar results at 16mm with a little experimenting.
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