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  1. Tattoo art can also be a way to immortality. I thought this story was remarkable (make sure to watch the video news clip). P.S. If the story offends anyone, I'll delete it.
  2. There's a tribute to him in the Georgia Straight as well.
  3. I was sad to learn today that Vancouver photographer Fred Herzog has died. I've always admired his gritty street photography, which documented a city that has all but disappeared now. Herzog is probably best known for being a pioneer in the use of colour in serious street photography. More of his images here.
  4. Lovely. Thanks. Just what I'm looking for. I wonder if they give seniors discounts. 🤓
  5. No shortage in Vancouver either. P.S. I waited ages for a well-inked person to walk out or into this place but eventually gave up. I plan to go back and try again sometime. Probably won't become a customer, though.
  6. Busted! Now there really is nowhere to hide. Can anyone suggest a reliable tattoo parlour?
  7. I certainly hope this is fake news. We would all really miss those lucrative Russian distributor sales. 🤧
  8. I know of one very popular and very large stock agency that now appears to have automated QC. All their "QC" seems to do is scan captions and keywords to see if there are any subjects that they don't want. I don't think that a human actually looks at submitted images.
  9. I came across this announcement. It sounds as if National Geographic magazine plans to pick up some of the slack by covering more travel. Also, it looks like some local (non-US) editions of NGT will continue to be published.
  10. That's no doubt true. However, I think it's reasonable to assume that most heavily inked/pierced people want to draw attention to themselves for one reason or another. That's fine with me. Fads come and go, and they need to be documented. Don't mean to sound judgmental.
  11. The hipster "big beard" fad seems to have peaked in Vancouver. Most of them have now disappeared, except among young microbrewery owners (male) of course. No plans to shave myself, though.
  12. To put things in perspective, though. Last year's gross income was 40% lower than my best year on Alamy, when I had far fewer images. Also, 2018's gross income was less than 2017's, which was in turn less than 2016's. Still, the uptick is an encouraging sign. The past two months have been especially good, and this one is looking positive as well so far.
  13. I imagine that most people who are into extreme stylings have an exhibitionist streak, so getting them to show off for the camera most likely wouldn't be a problem. Not sure I would want to approach a tattooed 300-pound biker, though. 😐
  14. Sorry to that that. It's a common pattern, though. Most of the print magazines that I worked when I was doing freelance travel writing in addition to photography have either folded or gone the online-only route. I guess a lot of tree have been saved, but the online freelancing business model just didn't work for me.
  15. Today I officially topped my 2018 total gross revenue. Also, I'm now only five sales away from last year's total sales volume, so it has been a positive year so far despite all the rumours of impending doom and gloom. 🥴
  16. I really enjoy photographing in history and archaeology museums, and I don't sweat it unless there are signs prohibiting photography in the museum or notices on its website (as per the Alamy blog advice posted above). I often set my museum images to 'editorial use only' just to make sure. Here is something amusing that I just found on the website of a history museum that I'm planning on visiting: "Visitors are not allowed to photograph any museum exhibits or architecture with a flash bulb." A little out-of-date perhaps? 😁
  17. When it comes to tattoos, I think that Popeye had the right idea -- keep them simple.
  18. Fortunately, I haven't had any QC problems for a long time (touch wood). However, I can remember sometimes being more frustrated with the reasons QC gave for a failure than with the failure itself -- i.e. the reasons didn't always "fit the crime" well, so to speak. This appears to be the case with your image.
  19. Actually, the image is so over-sharpened that it's impossible to tell whether or not it's in focus. I think that QC should have given "Excessive Sharpening" rather than "Out of Focus" as the reason for failure. Why they didn't do that is a bit of a mystery. Can't speak to the noise part, except to say that over-sharpening might have also given the image a "noisy" appearance to whoever did the QC -ing.
  20. Yes, I imagine that extreme tattooing is a dermatologist's nightmare. And then there is this, which probably means that there will be more images of tattooed skin and piercings (Ouch!) used in medical articles, journals, etc. down the road.
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