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  1. Let's hope not. Closing the NYC office would be a big mistake IMO. The US is still by far the best market for images. My prices have been holding up fairly well -- average $58 per image in 2019 and currently about $50 for 2020. Fortunately, I don't see many of those really low editorial licenses (famous last words).
  2. It does seem that Alamy could now become more "news" oriented than it has been, which might benefit UK contributors but leave many of us out in the cold. Who knows? Guess we'll have to wait and see...
  3. Congratulations. It took me almost 10 years to reach that milestone. Some of those plant pics that you helped me ID have actually licensed. Without your expertise, I'd have an awful lot of "pretty flowers" images. 😁
  4. Most of my sales are outside the UK, so I hope that Alamy retains the skills that it has acquired when it comes to working with international customers. Also, I'd hate to see the UK newspaper scheme become the model for licensing images to other editorial markets -- e.g. to books and magazines.
  5. Better a buyout than going bust. I've had the latter happen after contributing almost 20 years to an agency. Still don't don't know what they did with most of my slides...
  6. I'm not much of a business head, so I was using the term metaphorically. However, if I were in Alamy's shoes, I'd probably be asking, "What in the world are we going to do with all these images before we go into total meltdown?" So maybe a "nuclear" issue.
  7. "Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice." I still have the original album. 😎
  8. That's a very cool idea. Imagine something like this installed beneath the busy sidewalks of big cities. It could generate a lot of usable energy.
  9. Alamy reached critical mass some time ago, so I guess most of us realized that something like this had to happen eventually. I don't see any reason to pack my bags yet, especially since I don't really have anywhere to go. Hopefully, things will turn out for the best. Que sera, sera.
  10. Quintessential Victoria. Very nice composition. All that's missing are Meg and Harry. 😁
  11. You beat me to it, Michael. If an image licenses, then it's a good image; plus if it's a relatively scarce subject, then it should be worth more. Actually, I think it's a successful image regardless. Photographing in dense urban environments is always challenging. The lighting never seems quite right, cars and other distractions appear out of nowhere, etc. I like the "Blue House" image. All the elements and colours fit together well, plus it gives an accurate sense of what that area of HK is like.
  12. Some great images have been unearthed so far. Keep 'em coming... How about sustainable tourism? Sustainable shopping?
  13. Inspiration struck quickly, so I thought I might as well get the ball rolling... These days there is a lot of talk (and maybe not enough action) about "sustainability" -- e.g. sustainable architecture, sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism, etc. Consequently, I thought this might make a timely topic for the February challenge. I'm sure that there is a wide range of "sustainable" images out there, so let's see what you have to offer. The usual rules apply: no more than three images, and the contest ends on the last day of the month at midnight GMT. Good luck and have fun. Here are three examples of what I have in mind: SUSTAINABLE URBAN ARCHITECTURE SUSTAINABLE BURGERS SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION
  14. Sad for sure. Unfortunately, it's not an uncommon scene in most big cities these days. The rich just get richer, and the poor get...
  15. Wow! I didn't expect that. Thanks, everyone. I'm putting my thinking cap on...
  16. As others have suggested, you really need to think about how images could be used by buyers and what subjects might be in demand. The days of just snapping away are over. I think that those of us who spent many years using film (that stuff was expensive) are at a bit of an advantage in that we're used to being more selective. I still tend to behave like a frugal film photographer, probably too much so. It's a tough habit to break. John Morrison's advice above sounds good to me, especially in a popular place like Thailand. Good luck.
  17. I'm finding that QC notifications, when I get them at all, now come several days after the images have passed. It must be a glitch in the new system.
  18. PU sale -- guess anything's possible -- at full price ($19.99), exclusive to Alamy.
  19. Second time this one has licensed. This time for $$$ (just), USA -- national newspaper, exclusive to Alamy.
  20. Did you leave a space after your name (in quotation marks)?
  21. This is working well for me. Thanks very much. I've already found a new UK book use and ISBN to add to my list. UPDATE: Have now managed to unearth three new UK ISBN's using this link -- two under my own name and one under a pseudo 😊
  22. Well over half of my sales are still book sales but seldom to the UK, so usually no good for DACS. Most include Web/digital use these days. I normally get only one or two PU / presentation sales per month, some of them pretty weird.
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