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  1. 3 hours ago, Michael Ventura said:

    I am sort of a hybrid of many of you.  I am a "people person" but do love being alone at my home office, I keep myself pretty occupied.  But my assignment work is 90% people shoots and I like that.  I do love interacting with people I don't know and meeting people of all walks of life....from the famous and wealthy to the average "Joe".  I think my success with people photography has been putting anyone at ease (or at least most people)...the more cantankerous, the more of a challenge...a little be like lion taming.  Another thing that helps, in an odd way, is that I HATE being photographed so get the people, who I need to photograph, who feel the same way.   I try to make a sometimes difficult process as painless as possible.  I feel like a traveling dentist at times.  Once shoots are over, I love to retreat to my humble home and not answer the phone or door!  Photo editing is my therapy!


    Your ability to work well with people shows in your images, Michael. It's a gift. In my other "retirement" job, I tutor high school students, so I'm also interacting with people regularly. I guess that makes me a bit of a part-time hybrid. Having my picture taken is anathema to me as well, but this works in the opposite way for me -- i.e. I'm not very good at putting subjects at ease. I could never have been a portrait photographer.

  2. 12 minutes ago, John Richmond said:

    Two of 20 (RM used twice) that dropped in today.  All the same terms and prices.

    Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ;  Print run: up to 500,000 ;  Placement: Inside ;  Start: 01-August-2019 ;
    Additional Details: Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover.


    Mid $


    For the front cover main shot and also inside


    Pale salmon pink Schizostylis, Hesperantha coccinea 'Fenland Daybreak' in a Plymouth garden Stock Photo


    Not happy.  I made the front cover of this publication in 2015 and got $$$. Times haven't changed that much. 🥵


    I'd call that a travesty, even a tragedy. 😞

  3. 3 hours ago, Allan Bell said:


    Russian camera Not Konica. Sorry Betty. Konica, I had one, film camera, ages ago.




    Je's just looked at the statement above. Terrible English.





    Konica was a Japanese company that made both cameras and film. They merged with Minolta in 2003 to become Konica Minolta. Sony eventually bought Minolta and inherited their camera technology. The first Sony DSLR's were based on Minolta designs, and the first Sony lenses for DSLR's were really rebranded Minoltas.

  4. 7 hours ago, John Morrison said:

    Well, we seem to have come to a consensus: we're a bunch of miserable old buggers who prefer to be on our own...


    Don't forget that the forum is a very small sampling. There are 1000's of Alamy contributors, most of whom we've artfully managed to scare away. 😎





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  5. 3 minutes ago, rickboden said:

    Thanks.  I don't get a lot of customers but enough to at least pay for the site.  It helps, I guess to have a specialty and in my case it is aerials.  It probably also helps to promote the photos on social media...for example last week I took some aerial photos of a large Cannabis grow operation under construction and since it is timely, I should be trying to flog them.


    Good for you! Aerials sounds like a good niche to occupy these days.

  6. 2 hours ago, rickboden said:

    Thanks, I don't believe I have much in the way of people but I will certainly check those and make them "editorial."   As for property, mostly it is cities and buildings and industrial complexes, not personal property.  I thought the common wisdom was to put the decision into the hands of the buyer...at least that is what I read a lot here.  But I understand that is not ultimate protection.   And one last question...it's late here so it may be clear to me in the morning...but why would RM protect me where RF wouldn't?



    I can't really answer your questions about protection. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can.


    However, if an image contains people and/or property (such as buildings), you can specify that you don't have a release or releases and do one of the following:


    1. mark the image as RF and "for editorial use only",

    2. mark the image as RM and let the buyers decide if they need releases,

    3. mark the image as RM and "for editorial use only".



  7. 55 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

    You "old" dudes seems so young to me. It's less than two months till my 85th birthday. It could be that I'm the oldest contributor with Alamy. ???


    I'll remind you all that I never had photography as a hobby and never owned a camera until I traded a guitar for one. I sold images from my first roll of B&W film so I was  instantly a pro. That was in 1959 or '60.  




    You're probably not the oldest hombre on the block.


    Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo, a favourite of mine, took up photographing nudes at the age of 99.

  8. 17 hours ago, Bill Brooks said:

    Not sure of your definition of abstract John. Here is a very small sampling of my past sales that might qualify as abstract. Prices are all over the map.




    Beautiful images. It's easy to see why they licensed. I'm not sure that some of them are the type of images that Edo was referring to. However, Alamy has used all manner of "abstracts" on the homepage. It's not an easy term to define. 

  9. 11 hours ago, Bryan said:


    Don't see why not, particularly if you submit a series of images using the same technique when it should be obvious that this is your intent and not a processing error!


    I've seen Alamy photos sell where nothing is sharp, but it is clear that the tog wanted to convey an impression of speed.


    That makes sense. I wouldn't want to copy this person's idea. However, his technique might be usable for other types of subject matter. It's probably not as easy as it sounds, though.

  10. 1 hour ago, Bill Brooks said:


    I think Alamy is showing abstracts so they can expand their client base and retain present clients. Good for Alamy.


    A photo editor needs totem poles for one project and abstracts for the next project. If they need an abstract should they go somewhere else for their abstract, and maybe never return to Alamy when they need a totem pole?


    If Alamy meets all of the editor's needs, Alamy becomes a one stop shop for the editor. We all benefit.


    That's a plausible theory, Bill. I recall an instance where one of my images licensed for editorial use and then another one from the same set sold for PU at approximately the same time, which I suppose could be an example one-stop-shopping.


    BTW, do you have any "pure" abstracts that have licensed on Alamy (if you don't mind my nosiness) ?

  11. 12 hours ago, MariaJ said:


    Thank you!  I've shot the carousel before but thought I'd try something different this time.




    You really nailed the focus. Manual or autofocus? You must have used a very fast shutter speed as well -- or maybe not?

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  12. 9 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    John, most worthwhile photos contain a strong element of design (light, shape, color, gesture). I'm asking about the "pure" abstractions that Alamy has been featuring on the homepage. ???


    Here's 5.5 million images under abstract background on Alamy. https://www.alamy.com/search.html?CreativeOn=1&adv=1&ag=0&all=1&creative=&et=0x000000000000000000000&vp=0&loc=0&qt=abstract background&qn=&lic=6&lic=1&imgt=0&archive=1&dtfr=&dtto=&hc=&selectdate=&size=0xFF&aqt=&epqt=&oqt=&nqt=&gtype=0




    My guess is that the bulk of those 5.5 million pure abstractions are from microtock contributors. That's where these types of images seem to sell, although ms agencies are now overstuffed with them as well. On Alamy, it seems that one needs some kind of content in "abstract" images to be of interest to buyers (which of course means that they aren't really abstract). So why does Alamy put so many pure abstracts on their homepage? They probably don't know what else to do with them all. 😁


    I found this micro keywording tool helpful. Set the images to upload to 100 and then click on those similar similar to the one(s) you want to find possible tags for. Finally, click "submit".

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