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  1. Yes, they are darker. I'd use a larger font if possible, though.
  2. I'm in the bush to your right. Shhh... here they come. ๐Ÿค
  3. The links to the left of your homepage picture are difficult to see/read on my monitor, which might just say something about my eyesight.
  4. Thanks. Do you like the white background? I find that text and images stick out more against a black background.
  5. Still haven't taken the plunge into the new templates. I see that info on the "About" and custom pages doesn't transfer, which is rather inconvenient. I have links on those pages, so I guess I'll have to copy the HTML. Does that work out OK? It has probably been about ten years since I set up my PS website. Consequently, I need to rethink the whole thing at this point. Procrastinating... ๐Ÿ˜
  6. That's right. I think we can't help but bring our "eye" to whatever we happen to be photographing. That said, "shooting for stock" has given a lot of us a black eye in recent years. ๐Ÿ˜ซ
  7. I think it was the late Ron Engh, who wrote some very helpful books on marketing stock photos on your own, who said that photo-buyers don't buy what they like but what they need. This of course doesn't mean that photo-buyers won't like some of our personal favourites. They just may not have a use for them.
  8. Thanks. I'll check those videos out too. However, my PS site may be beyond redemption at this point. It's a total mess.
  9. Yes, that's what I mean. I've set my prices at 40% of the fotoquote prices, which seems pretty much in line with today's pricing. Not that it makes much difference these days. I agree that the new templates are all about eye-candy rather than usefulness. Sign of the times I suppose. I've neglected my PS site for quite some time now while I hum and haw about whether or not it's worth the cost any longer. Still not sure that it is...
  10. Ian, I notice that you don't have the e-commerce option on your PS website. Any reason for that?
  11. I like the looks of that. My PS website is in need of an entire overhaul, but I've been procrastinating. I've also been reluctant to try the new templates. However, you're spurring me on. At this point, I don't have much to lose.
  12. This is true of a lot of other "industries" as well. I did freelance travel writing for many years; and when the digital revolution came along, it ushered in a whole new generation of would-be writers who were willing to work for almost nothing and forfeit all the rights to their work just to see their names in print. As a result, the old business models crumbled and the whole enterprise became not worth the effort (for me, anyway). It's an old story...
  13. I guess it all depends on the gods of supply and demand, and they can be unpredictable. Santa Fe is a popular city, so you would think that you would have had some takers by now. I can't afford to travel much these days, but I find that after a trip, I usually end up with a handful of repeat sellers (if I'm lucky), and the rest languish in the dust.
  14. Just by way of a quick update, I checked an old laptop that I had installed Photo Mechanic on, and I found the setup file in the computer's downloads folder. Luckily, I hadn't deleted it. I copied it onto a thumb drive and then successfully installed the software on my new computer. Version 4 works fine with Windows 10, plus it has all the features I'll ever need. So I'm back in business. ๐Ÿ˜
  15. I think the trick is to have two eyes -- one for "stock" subjects and the other for personal work.
  16. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but red arrows will never hurt me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  17. These days, at least 50% of my sales are repeat-sellers, so it sounds as if we're in different leaky boats. You've put together a very nice collection of commercial images. Glad to hear that they are doing well "over there".
  18. I love most things Italian, Edo, but I have no explanation. Perhaps the Pope has something to do with it. ๐Ÿคจ More and more, I'm finding that it's the scarce (on Alamy) subjects that are selling. Case in point, today I had two $$$ licenses for book use. Both images were exclusive to Alamy, and I'm lucky enough to have the only images of these two subjects on Alamy. They are both average images that certainly wouldn't win any contests.
  19. Yup, Edo, I've got lots of those. That said, I had an image that I quite like of an historical building in Old Montreal license this week. Amazingly, even though it's a popular tourist attraction, there is only a handful of shots of this building on Alamy. It sounds as if you're up against a lot more competition (understatement) for European subjects like St. Peter's Basilica.
  20. Yes, it is 20% if you look at it that way. To be fair, there are certain types of commercial images that appear to stand little chance of licensing here, so I can certainly understand why people send them "over there" where they might do better. I've been experimenting a bit with that myself on a very small scale, but I now realize that I'd have to submit 1000's of images in order to make things worthwhile, which is something I'm not willing to do at this stage of the game (too old and grumpy). Also, my "old school" hangups mean that I find those mini-payments debilitating.
  21. I've recently started experimenting with Capture One Express for Sony, and I'm really impressed at how powerful it is, especially for free software. However, I'm a bit concerned about CrowingHen's experience with low-ISO noise. Has anyone else had problems with this when using Capture One for for RAW processing? Is this its Achilles heel?
  22. Yes, it's more a problem with literacy in general, which might have something to do with too much time spent tapping, scrolling and snapping.
  23. However, there is the 10% loss of income on Alamy for non-exclusive images. That can really add up, especially with repeat-sellers. Even a ten-dollar loss on the sale of an image here can take an awfully long time to recoup on a micro (on subscription sales of the same image).
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