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  1. About 500 of my images are RF, and I've had very few RF sales. I suspect that this has to do with subject matter -- i.e. the types of images that I've chosen to make RF -- more than anything else. The few RF sales that I've made have licensing terms that look more like RM. If buyers choose one of the cheap and cheerful "Buy this stock image now" options and download an image, it will get licensed as RM even it is RF.
  2. Clever idea. It looks as if the funicular has been going up and down for a long time. I've never been to Devon, but my mother was from there.
  3. Solitary. Once upon a time, when I also did travel writing, I used to get invited on group press trips. I was always looking for chances to politely sneak away with my camera. Often I'd stay on after the trip at my own expense just to wander around alone and take photos. I agree, photography is at its best when it's a form of contemplation.That doesn't always work with stock photography. However, even it can have its Zen-like moments.
  4. Cashews are good, but I'm more of a pecan person myself. 🙄
  5. I'm sure about that. Our bodies are telling us to take a break. Dogs have the right idea; they nap whenever they feel like it.
  6. Very nice. How do you do your stitching? Japan has a reputation for being pricey. A friend of mine joined the throngs climbing Mount Fuji a couple of years ago. That might be a cheaper alternative.
  7. I've always been a big fan of the siesta. Sad to see it disappearing. Our bodies (mine anyway) seem programed to nap for a short period during the afternoon. It's also a very civilized ritual. If more people in high places took siestas instead of tweeting idiocies, the world would be a much better place. P.S. I think you're correct about the too-busy business world being the culprit. For example, in Mexico, traditionally the land of the long snooze, the siesta has all but disappeared in urban areas.
  8. Fortunately, tutoring pays better than stock photography, so I stuck it out and lived to tell the tale. As I remember, the tarantula never returned. I guess the kid's very large pet iguana (seriously) got it. Yes, it's a slow month. I only have four sales so far -- two PU, one presentation, and thankfully a low $$$ one. CTR doing fine at 0.68, though.
  9. In my other part-time gig, I tutor high school kids in their homes. A few years ago, I tutored a grade 8 student who kept a pet tarantula in an old aquarium set up in his cramped and cluttered bedroom. I always used to have a look at the tarantula before getting down to work. One evening, I noticed that the tarantula was not the aquarium, so I asked my student where it was. His answer: "I don't know." 😬
  10. Ironically, the term "diversity" -- as well-intentioned as it is -- can actually reinforce the myth of there being different races of humans. It's one of the pitfalls of language, I guess...
  11. It works with Windows 10, I was happy to discover after I upgraded from Win 7. I still use size-checker as the last step before uploading images to Alamy.
  12. I'm all for "diversity" in images and everywhere else. However, I think that it's time we stopped thinking in terms of "race" altogether. It's an outmoded concept that needs to be scrapped. There is really no scientific basis for dividing humans into different races. If we no longer have "races", then we won't have racism. Also, power-hungry politicians and nutballs won't be able to weaponize race to serve their own ends.
  13. Isn't he the guy who said that he could never tell a lie? Where is he when you/we really need him?
  14. This conversation makes one wonder why Alamy hasn't added "Diversity" to the list of categories in AIM. Might be a good idea...
  15. A couple of years ago, the BBC dubbed Toronto the most diverse city in the world. Vancouver has changed immensely during the past few decades and is now very diverse as well. It has become almost a suburb of Asia. I'm not much of a people photographer, so I guess I miss out on that aspect of the city. Including more diversity in images is certainly something to keep in mind, though.
  16. A section of Vancouver's constantly-changing skyline. I'm always looking for new viewpoints.
  17. Yes, I miss all those old shows -- Beverley Hillbillies, original Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. There's too much "reality" and too many cop shows on TV now, which is why I don't watch it much any longer.
  18. The house that Fox built (or bought, anyway). You have to admit that it's a remarkable place. The Beverly Hillbillies connection is interesting. I used to watch them on our b&w TV when I was a kid -- kind of dating myself there.
  19. Mid-winter doldrums probably. I have fewer sales than I normally have by this time of the month. Not a stellar month for zooms either, but there's still plenty of time for a post Valentine's Day turnaround. Sorry to hear about your ant.
  20. Somehow I don't think that the crowd is going away any time soon. We've seen the crowd, and it is us...
  21. Exactly. I know that some of my best-selling Alamy images would be rejected by edited agencies. In fact, some already have been.
  22. Now that's what I'd call sustainable! Looks like they're ready for just about anything...
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