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  1. If you're licensing images through your own website these days, you are very lucky. BTW, you appear to have a lot of RF images containing property and people with no releases available. If you don't have releases, you need to check the "for editorial use only" box in the image manager or make the images RM.
  2. Out of vicarious curiosity, I've been lurking on a few microstock agency forums, and I'm surprised how dead some of them are these days. The Alamy forum is a real party compared to most of them. I think this must say something about the state of the ms world. It's also a bit depressing to hear people getting excited about $0.25 sales (or unhappy about the lack of them). Just sayin'... Before the Web, I never spoke to anyone else doing stock photography other than the occasional phone call to an agency to ask when my cheque would be arriving in the mail.
  3. You're probably not the oldest hombre on the block. Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo, a favourite of mine, took up photographing nudes at the age of 99.
  4. Here are my faces: First Nations face-painter, Vancouver, Canada Devil face, Mexico Maya girl, Guatemala
  5. LXX (it looks more official in Roman numerals) I bought my first SLR in 1968 while I was a university student. I did mostly b&w back then. I do have some formal training in photography, but I've forgotten most of it at this point. 😏
  6. Beautiful images. It's easy to see why they licensed. I'm not sure that some of them are the type of images that Edo was referring to. However, Alamy has used all manner of "abstracts" on the homepage. It's not an easy term to define.
  7. That makes sense. I wouldn't want to copy this person's idea. However, his technique might be usable for other types of subject matter. It's probably not as easy as it sounds, though.
  8. I found this photographer's urban "double vision" images interesting (if a bit chaotic). Have not experimented with this technique myself as I'm not sure how the results would sit with Alamy QC. P.S. Do you think images like this would pass QC?
  9. That's a plausible theory, Bill. I recall an instance where one of my images licensed for editorial use and then another one from the same set sold for PU at approximately the same time, which I suppose could be an example one-stop-shopping. BTW, do you have any "pure" abstracts that have licensed on Alamy (if you don't mind my nosiness) ?
  10. You really nailed the focus. Manual or autofocus? You must have used a very fast shutter speed as well -- or maybe not?
  11. In the end, I think that the old dog has no choice but to just keep following his or her nose.
  12. My guess is that the bulk of those 5.5 million pure abstractions are from microtock contributors. That's where these types of images seem to sell, although ms agencies are now overstuffed with them as well. On Alamy, it seems that one needs some kind of content in "abstract" images to be of interest to buyers (which of course means that they aren't really abstract). So why does Alamy put so many pure abstracts on their homepage? They probably don't know what else to do with them all. 😁 I found this micro keywording tool helpful. Set the images to upload to 100 and then click on those similar similar to the one(s) you want to find possible tags for. Finally, click "submit".
  13. Chinese New Year dancer, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Sony a6000 w/Sony 55-210 lens)
  14. Here's one that licensed (mid $$). However, it is probably more of an architectural detail image than an abstract. I do have "abstract" and "texture" in the keywords, though, and it was the design quality that attracted me. I didn't include "background" because it isn't "pure" enough for that kind of use.
  15. I use similar tags to yours. However, I also add math/geometry-related keywords to abstract images such as the one Edo posted as they are sometimes used in math textbooks. I enjoy shooting "pure" abstracts but only a couple have licensed. Unfortunately, microstock seems to have cornered this market. I'm glad that Alamy seems to be pushing abstracts, but it doesn't appear to have helped much so far. Perhaps Alamy puts so many abstracts on its homepage mainly because these types of images usually have a lot of visual impact and they crop well.
  16. Rather than going out of my way to chase photos, I often make a mental or written note of searches / requests like the one Bryan mentioned in case I happen to spot the wanted image(s) in my wanderings. I think this has resulted in a number of sales (no proof, though).
  17. Yes, that's true. Vancouver is a lot "greener" place now. However, like cities everywhere, it has lost much of its soul to hasty demolition and questionable development. However one has to go with the flow. There are always new subjects to document.
  18. Becoming repetitious and boring -- I can certainly relate to that. πŸ™„ In their latest picture needs e-mail / tweet, Alamy says that they are in need of "more authentic content in all areas." Don't know if you've checked out the lightbox they put together for inspirational purposes.
  19. Caveat emptor! No one trades with The Donald, they just get screwed over (if you'll pardon my French). But that is indeed another story...
  20. Congratulations. Looks as if it might have been to the same client as my sales today (see above). Hmm.. where have I seen that steam clock before? 😏
  21. One of three Vancouver images licensed today to the same client for retail book use, mid $$, exclusive to Alamy Happy to see this one sell because I happen to like it. πŸ˜€
  22. No footage unfortunately, but you might be able to sell a picture of your foot. πŸ™ƒ
  23. Some of us are (and we'll likely stay that way). πŸ˜–
  24. Tattoo art can also be a way to immortality. I thought this story was remarkable (make sure to watch the video news clip). P.S. If the story offends anyone, I'll delete it.
  25. There's a tribute to him in the Georgia Straight as well.
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