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  1. On June 6 I sent the following message to Alamy: Today using FileZilla I uploaded 150 photographic images to a European agency in 60 minutes, or about 0.4 minutes per image. Then I immediately started uploading the same images to Alamy using the Upload function. This took three hours and 13 minutes, or about 1.28 minutes per image. This ties up the computer an excessive amount of time. Is there some way to increase the upload speed to Alamy? Alamy replied: If you are uploading large batches of images we would suggest you do so via FTP and not throu
  2. Thanks for this Simon. I checked and found Alamy says I had opted in on April 5, 2017, but of course it's a case similar to what you've described. I did not notice the original email and had not replied. I have now opted out. Prices are already low enough without encouraging schemes that result in even lower prices for our good images.
  3. I keyword in Lightroom and have noticed no problem. It took me awhile to realize that if I'm selecting supertags for a batch of images the counter will show ten supertags if any one of the batch has reached that number, even if others have not. So you could be looking at an image that highlights seven supertags but shows the number 10/10. This prevents you from adding more supertags until you have identified the image which already has ten, and then remove it from the batch.
  4. On Sept 21 I uploaded 153 images and had the same experience you describe. I asked Member Services, and they replied that they could not find the images and that I should re-submit. But I checked Track Submissions one more time before re-submitting and the submission was then shown as having been received. But today, Sept 24, the submission is still showing as Awaiting QC. In the meantime I submitted another batch on Sept 22 and they immediately appeared as usual and have already been passed by QC. So clearly something was, or is, wrong. If there's no QC approval by Tuesday morning I'll
  5. Kumar: Many thanks for this interesting analysis. I don't understand why your percentages only add up to 18%. Do you have other Alamy sales in 2015 that are not images in the A-F category? I had 105 Alamy sales in 2015, of which 25 were images I made more than ten years ago. This is not quite the same as when they were submitted to Alamy, but I see that 20 of my 2015 sales were in the "A" category. The other five were probably in the B category, submitted in the 2007-10 period. I think Armstrong makes a very good point. Today's sensors and digital software enable us to optimize i
  6. I'm currently with five agencies. I've seen lots of complaints about Alamy, but they continue to get the highest prices for me of any of those that have my material, which consists of editorial images of Third World cultures. (I've recently joined two new ones and have no sales history so far, so this bears watching.) It's been a few months since I've done any calculations but in late summer Alamy was averaging about $75 per sale of my material. Three-quarters of those sales were direct, so I got 50%. The remaining 1/4, naturally, only produced 30% for me, since they were through sub-agent
  7. Yep, I'd ask something along those lines too . . . not sure if I'd stoop down to $100 though, which is why I posed the question in the first place :-) dd Dusty: MDM summed up the reason I chose $100: there will quickly be other alternatives available to the media, and they may be free. But if you're quick, and if you're first, the media's eagerness to be first with the story photo may result in your getting several hundreds--not a large sum to them--rather than spending their time searching for those other freebies. Of course if you had reason to believe that no one else had a simi
  8. I'd have said I'm happy to help, but I'm a photographer with a lot of expenses to cover, includingn the ticket that brought me to the airport when this happened. But to be helpful, $100 payable via PayPal for non-exclusive use valid for the next seven days. You got a lot of expressions of interest there; could probably pay for your trip.
  9. Mark: My profile is similar to yours: 10 years with Alamy, 15,000+ images in the collection, average 2-3 sales per week. Since January 1 this year I have submitted 2376 new images. In April two batches from a recent trip were rejected (344 images) on the same day. I reviewed the submission, noted that it contained several images taken with my cell phone (food shots), and decided that at 100% magnification they were of marginal quality. I removed them (about six images), resubmitted, and have had no further problems. The nine submissions I've made since April have been quickly approved,
  10. Last one I got was January 5th. Never was clear to me if "the top 500" meant in terms of number of sales, or in terms of dollar receipts. Anybody know? I was surprised to make it on either count, since I average only two sales a week. Over the last year or so Alamy's selling price for me has averaged between $75-80 per image, about three-quarters of those being licensed directly from the Alamy website (hence 50% to me), one-quarter from sub-agents.
  11. A below-average month for me. Nothing the first three weeks, then a sudden spurt. 5 sales, low at $11.14, high at $187.50. Total sales: $439.72, averaging $87.94 per image.
  12. The Hartford offers worldwide equipment coverage at replacement cost for a very reasonable price. I got my policy through Hill & Usher agency, which you should be able to find online. If I recall correctly The Hartford's policy does limit you to being outside the US no more than 31 days at a time, but no limit on how many times a year. I've had my policy several years but have never had to file a claim.
  13. 15,500 images in the collection, selling about two per week for the last couple of years, averaging a little over $70 per sale. About three-quarters of the sales are made by Alamy direct (hence 50% to me), one-quarter through sub-agents, bringing me only 30%. But these averages are better than my other two agencies.
  14. Sparks: First increase the Clarity slider and evaluate what effect it has. If more haze remains, then start to gently increase the contrast slider. If the haze is primarily in the distance, rather than apply the contrast slider to the entire image, use the adjustment brush and apply the contrast just to those portions of the image where the haze is especially noticeable. Let us know if that solves your problem. Ollie
  15. 2007: $206.02 2008: $101.82 2009: $131.92 2010: $98.08 2011: $123.34 2012: $81.89 2013: $83.42 2014: $79.49 2015: $68.20 (as of March 26, 2015) In 2014 23% of my sales were through sub-agents; 77% were licensed directly from Alamy. Ollie
  16. Let me copy here an exchange of emails I had with Alamy about Cleared Balances only a week ago: My question: I wonder if you can explain the following issue. When I checked my account balance on January 1 the statement said "$541 cleared balance" with next pay date scheduled as January 2. When I got Alamy's email today telling me of the next deposit in my account it tells me that I will receive $415.78. Could you explain why I'm not receiving the "cleared balance" of $541? Answer from Alamy: A payment’s made when an invoice gets paid by the customer or after 45 days, whichever is
  17. Jason: You have described the situation perfectly. Even following the method outlined by Reimar (which it sounds like you use too), my time is about the same as yours. As for the suggestion of putting the most important keywords at the end, or even at the beginning, as far as I know you can't do that in Lightroom, since LTR automatically arranges all keywords in alphabetical order, with no way to indicate a preferred sequence based on priority. This is the most onerous and tiresome aspect of putting images into the Alamy collection. If they wanted to help photographers they would find a w
  18. In reviewing my sales for the last twelve months I see five where United Kingdom is listed as the country of use, but many many more showing "Worldwide." For purposes of the DACS claim, do we consider "worldwide" as also being considered UK uses?
  19. Robert: To answer the question, eight sales for gross (Alamy's) receipts of about $550. I've noticed that many shots in your collection are of commercial trademarks. Do you sell many of these? Has no owner of the trademark ever protested? Do you rely totally on Alamy's terms of sale to ensure that these images will only be used editorially? I had been under the impression that Alamy would reject images in which commercial trademarks occupy a prominent place in the image. Obviously not, judging from your collection. You seem to be doing very well indeed. How many images in the Alamy co
  20. I had two sales to the same magazine--one for $7.00 and the second for just under $19.00. We need to ask Alamy what it is about the Czech Republic that makes them eligible for such low prices, certainly much lower than most other European users, though Russia also sometimes benefits from prices too low to justify. These countries are not poor. What's up, Alamy?
  21. I joined Alamy in 2006. My peak number of sales was 2012, with 93, something less than two a week. 2013 was similar, with 90. So far in 2014 I have only 34 sales, so it seems unlikely I'll equal previous years. More importantly, my peak income (my share received) from Alamy was in 2011--$5124 from 72 sales. This has gone steadily downwards, to $3744 from the 90 sales in 2013. All the time the number of my images on Alamy has steadily increased to the point where I now have just over 12,000. With proceeds per sale continuing their decline the question now is how much longer will I be ab
  22. A search for "Novel Use" in the Forum resulted in no finds. Is it possible this topic has had no discussion? When the Novel Use option was offered I opted out, initially dissuaded from participating by the idea that prices obtained could be even lower than those already being obtained by Alamy through its many contracts with favored volume buyers. As I look for new sources of revenue I'm wondering if I should opt in. What has been the experience of other Alamy members who opted in to the Novel Use option?
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