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  1. I agree that one can never know what will sell. I've been surprised many times. But the reason for culling is to improve the customer's experience. Customers will lose interest if search results produce too many similars, or too many images that are obviously poorly conceived, poorly focused, or poorly processed. Customers will give up and turn elsewhere in their search. All of us suffer if the customer gets the impression that searching Alamy is too time-consuming and results in too many undesirable hits. In my opinion culling is a task Alamy management should undertake. It doesn't tak
  2. "There are much greener pastures out there..." ..... "I need to find these greener pastures. " We all do. Let us know what you find. Perhaps you mean "other than stock photography"? I've been looking....
  3. I'll bet you got a lot of money for that one. Please share with us the explanation you get when you query Alamy. I think that's one for Alan Capel, head of sales, to explain. alan@alamy.com
  4. That's not correct. Your statement would be true only if the licensee has requested and paid for exclusivity for that use. If someone simply downloads your image for calendar use on a non-exclusive basis nothing prevents you from licensing it again to another user for the same use. Only if the first licensee asks for exclusive use as a calendar image, and pays more for that exclusivity (since you are denying yourself other similar sales), only then would you be prevented from licensing the image to another customer for the same use. To take another example, if a publisher licenses one of y
  5. I don't understand why so many are rushing to designate their images as exclusive to Alamy before we have seen the new contract language. That will be announced in January and will not take effect for 45 days thereafter. Until then the current contract applies, i.e., we get 50% of sales proceeds for all images, exclusive or non-exclusive, except where sub-agents are involved.
  6. I've been with Pixsy for 2-3 years. I believe they allow you to upload 500 images free of charge. (I was one of the original members so I'm allowed 5000 images free of charge.) They can pursue cases in most European countries, including Turkey, but except for Japan don't seem to be able to do anything elsewhere in Asia, and nowhere in Africa or South America. I have submitted about 24 cases to them and have received a settlement on one, for which I received $160 for an infringement that occurred in England. One other case is still pending in the US. They are fairly easy to work with, but
  7. Your experience and the way you have written it up deserve to be sent to James West directly. I have written him twice in the last ten days and have received an answer each time, the most recent one being fairly detailed (though he cut and pasted part of his original reply where he asked if I would consider giving Alamy exclusive representation in exchange for maintaining the 50% commission). This tells me that he is reading and responding to personal emails. I'd be surprised if he has time to read this forum or watch YouTube comments. They are obviously giving thought to maintaining the 5
  8. I applaud everyone who is writing James West to express both their sense of betrayal at the proposed cut as well as offering suggestions on how Alamy could improve its standing in the market and how it could maintain the trust of its contributors. I do have to say, however, that I could never allow Alamy (or anyone else) to do my keywording. I travel to many out-of-the-way places around the world and photograph things that could only be properly identified by relying on good notes taken at the time, sometimes augmented and verified by Google searches during my image-processing work. I don't
  9. Speaking of unanswered questions I have yet to see an explanation of what Alamy proposes to do about dividing receipts from sub-agents. Will Alamy also cut the percentage allowed to sub-agents, in order to maintain our already-low 30% share on sub-agency sales?
  10. In case they aren't monitoring this forum closely, send this to James: james@alamy.com I think they've forgotten something.
  11. No. I received four sales like that in November (different titles). For some reason they seem to have changed their practice on what they're revealing.
  12. Peter, this is all very well stated. Perhaps James and his management team are reading this forum but, like the number of images in the collection, the longer this forum gets the less likely James will see any single post. I wrote James directly yesterday and he answered today. You should take your "bigger issues" paragraphs above and put them in an email to him to ensure he sees them. Those points are part of what should be Alamy's solution to ensure its long-term survival.
  13. Having just read all six pages of many excellent comments, let me dare to sum up the following advice to Alamy, gleaned from everyone’s postings, if Alamy wishes to find a pathway forward that does not totally undermine its relationship with its current contributors: --declare the 40% commission to be the terms for new contributors. You have a contract with the rest of us and you should honor it. --close the door to new contributors for six months. Use this period to cull poor quality images from the collection. I’ve read that you now have 70,000 contributors.
  14. What is "the other thread." What are the agencies? To evaluate our response to the Alamy action we need to know the alternatives available.
  15. Sultanpepa has said it well. But I'll add the following thoughts. If James really thinks this issue is open to reconsideration at some point in the future, I suggest we start now by suggesting ways Alamy can reduce its current operating expenses. Let’s start with whoever is working on the “What Should I Shoot?” list. This can’t be worth whatever salary that person is currently earning. It is hard to take this feature seriously; today's list lists 4454 topics. Surely, looking at the list, many of these might be requests Alamy was unable to fill, others are Alamy's attempt to predict
  16. Wim: " For that, click on Views so that the least views come first." Where do you find "Views"? And I don't understand the "%%" you used before and after Abu Dhabi. When I used that (%Abu Dhabi%) in the search box it found nothing. To see "Views" do you have to use a spreadsheet? Ollie
  17. For the first time in memory I had no distributor sales in July, while getting 17 direct sales from Alamy. Normally about 20% of my monthly sales (in numbers, not value) are distributor sales.
  18. I have quite a few Personal Use sales, but I can't recall any refunds. Nevertheless I consider such sales as highly suspicious. It is hard to figure out why some subjects would be wanted for "Personal Use". The problem with opting out of the Personal Use sales category is that if you do so, your image is then considered "restricted" by Alamy and will no longer be made available to their network of sub-agents. This could result in a loss of other sales for any other use, not just for Personal Use. I queried Alamy about this in January when I was considering opting out of Persona
  19. Hello vpics: I always include "nobody" for images showing no people but that's primarily because another agency explicitly tells its photographers to do that. But I don't make it a supertag. I don't know if including "nobody" has any practical effect with Alamy, since I also check the "0" to indicate there are no people in the image. I try to remember to include both singular and plurals where appropriate. I haven't been remembering to use "person" or "persons." Maybe I should.
  20. I always include location both in the caption and in the keywords. But I'm a travel photographer, so that's often important to the subject. I know it's impossible to predict what will appeal to an editor but there does seem to be quite a bit of duplication or near-similars in the collection. Perhaps being a bit more selective could result in a higher ranking in the search results. Several have commented about dull lighting. I had that problem last year when I hiked Hadrian's Wall. I forgot to check in advance to see what day of the year the sun shines up there.
  21. Since April 2015 Alamy have chased eight infringement cases of mine. Seven were closed without result. The eighth, recently submitted, is still active. So far I've never received a single dollar for an infringement Alamy is pursuing.
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