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  1. 1. Replace the drop down lists with radio buttons wherever practicable. A radio button only takes one click to select, whereas a drop down list takes at least two clicks. This is not so important when doing a few images for submissions, but it becomes more important when submitting images in the double or triple digits. 2. Re-align all your keyword, caption, comprehensive, etc. categories to comform to the IPTC Standard. Additionally, provide a generic controlled vocabulary with hierarchy, with which we can initially keyword our images for quick transition to "images on sale". We can then supplement the images with greater detail when time permits. 3. Develop a "publishing service" as Adobe likes to call it for Lightroom and/or other software imaging programs so we can upload our images directly inside Lightroom without leaving the program to do so.
  2. I too am waiting for an android version of stockimo. Maybe, Alamy could provide android users a temporary increase in our sales percentage (5 to 10% or so) while we wait for the android version since they have now created unequal sales oportunities in favour of those who own an apple product. At least this would be an attempt to level the playing field financially for most of us android users. Just a thought.
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