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  1. Here's my take on the difference between Stockimo QC and Alamy QC. I submitted a few pictures to Stockimo taken by my iphone 6 plus and only one got accepted, the rest was rejected. I sent them an email and asked why my pictures were rejected while these same pictures if taken by a camera would be accepted in Alamy. Here are their answers to me: Photos can be rejected for a number of reasons: Low rating: Photos are rated out of 4 by 3 independent people, based on emotive response, creativity and saleability. Photos that get an average over 2 are accepted. The 3 raters might have had three different reasons why they gave the photo a low score which is why we can’t give you a specific reason. Incorrect info (people or property): If you've answered the questions about people/property incorrectly your photo will also be rejected Inappropriate: If we suspect the photos been taken on an SLR, or there's a watermark, or the content is too graphic or overly editorial in nature it will also be rejected. Apparently the QC in Stockimo is based on these independent raters. If their tastes for pictures are different from yours, there's a chance your pictures would be rejected no matter how good you think the pictures are. I don't know how Alamy handle their QC, I'm glad they don't seem to have people rating your pictures.
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