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  1. Big drop for me to page 5 - first time outside the first two pages in years. It reflects the last 3 or 4 months of poor sales.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's focussed on the bus. If I had taken that I'd have done the same. It gives the light streaks relative sharpnes in te vertical direction. It's a picture of light streaks not of the Houses of Parliament. IMO
  3. I think, by Alamy's QC standards, both images should have failed. Perhaps images like these could go via the news route? (I don't know myself - I don't do news.)
  4. I noticed it after accidentally clicking it (on more than one occasion ) when I was trying to click the "next page" arrow.
  5. I thought the same when I First saw it but that's probably because I can't see the eyes. The part that is visible is not sharp. A poor choice of image given the front page layout. IMO
  6. I would say that is fine but as has been said seeing some more of the picture would help. It looks like it might be a little overexposed (assuming that is from a shadow aea) which would of course exacerbate the problem.
  7. Do you all bank online? Just wondered how you know already.
  8. Those who have a date - do you have cleared balances beyond the old $250 threshold? I have $140 cleared which is above the new $75 and previous $100 thresholds but no payment date yet.
  9. I have found that Google image search results can vary from day to day and that different sizes of the same image can produce different results.
  10. That's because RedBubble did not explain what they were doing. The whole thing looked like classic phishing.
  11. Surely not. That would be an early Christmas present for phishers and spammers.
  12. Seems to be true: http://support.redbubble.com/kb/advanced/adobe-online-safety-and-your-redbubble-account and shared with lastpass: https://lastpass.com/adobe/
  13. The email from RedBubble does indeed sugest that Adobe have made the list available to them: "Our security team has since checked a list of millions of compromised Adobe accounts" I was suspicious because this seemed odd; because I have not been notified by Adobe that my account was one of those comprimised; and because the links given in the email redirect from a domain registered by someone in US and not in Australia as is the main RedBubble site. If true who else are Adobe sharing our emails with? Should we expect mails from fineartamerica, photo.net,flickr,Alamy.Getty etc. -
  14. OK the links in that email do seem to go to the right pages although they redirect from the domain redbubblemail . com which gave me the impression it was one of those convincing looking pretend domains. I've already changed both passwords by going direct to the sites without using those links.
  15. It's always puzzled me why people would compromise the keywording of their best images by adding BHZ at the beginning. Surely better to use something that you're not so proud of.
  16. What is the relationship between Adobe and Redbubble? I got this email : Adobe has recently announced they experienced a serious breach in the security of their site. Our security team has since checked a list of millions of compromised Adobe accounts and cross referenced it with our records and we noticed that the email address you have used to register a Redbubble account was on that list of exposed Adobe accounts. As it is common for people to re-use the same password on many different websites, we thought that many Redbubble users might be using the same details on Redbu
  17. For the record I really don't care how many images anyone has or where they hide them. ..seems to have drifted off topic quite a bit.
  18. The one on their main site. http://www.burrisoptics.com/uksite/montana.html It is right-click saveable.
  19. Not me either and I don't have pop-ups blocked. Are you sure you haven't got some sort of browser hijacker adding text links?
  20. It's an option if you can't quote three books and three magazines. I found three book uses simply by searching on Amazon. but I did not have information for exact magazine uses. It was suggested by Alamy in the blog a couple of years back.
  21. I just emailed them a csv file (from net revenue) but I edited out non-UK licenses. They haven't complained (yet). I got a return email next day thanking me for the info. NB When you download the data it contains licensing info which is not displayed on the web page.
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